My House of Horrors
762 Xiao Lin
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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762 Xiao Lin

Was it Chang Gu who pushed open the door from under the bed? Why didn't the door bleed like the rest?

There were too many questions in Chen Ge's mind. He had not attempted a four-star Trial Mission before and thus had not seen a door to a four-star scenario before. He had too little information, and all he could do was keep a low profile and try not to garner other people's attention.

All my workers are inside the backpack—Xu Yin, Yan Danian, and all the preparation I've done.

Without any back-up, it would be impossible to say that Chen Ge was not worried, but he had been through too much to be defeated just like that.

Currently, things haven't reached the worst state. At least I know what this identity I've assumed is—Lin Sisi.

Chen Ge parsed through the information in his mind and then settled on a bone-chilling reality.

In the diary, Xiao Lin died from his classmates' prank. Since he liked to prank others so much, in the end, the other students all worked together to play a 'prank' on him.

Now my deskmate calls me Xiao Lin, but could the name itself be a code? Like all the targets that everyone gangs up on are called Xiao Lin?

That was a scary thought, but it did not show on Chen Ge's face. Without being exposed, the rest would not directly threaten his safety. The slow process of being led to the inevitable might be the safest moment for Xiao Lin.

Once a prey is cornered, to defend oneself against the predator, one has to be more vicious than the predator.

Even though Chen Ge had no back-up, he still tried his best to appear in control.

Calm down. The black phone would not give a mission that you'll only fail. Even though I'm inside a four-star scenario, there must still be hope.

Chen Ge turned around subconsciously to look at his shadow; his last hope was hiding in there. Under the reflection of the pale light, there was no change to Chen Ge's shadow.

My shadow and appearance haven't changed—even my outfit remains the same—but the deskmate referred to me as Xiao Lin. That is a strange thing. How did he recognize me?

Memorizing this question in his heart, Chen Ge slowly arranged his thoughts.

The most urgent task now is to identify this place and see what dangers are lurking and try my best to fit into the surroundings.

Chen Ge's idea was maddeningly brave. Any other person would have tried to escape first, but he was different. He wished to mix into the world and find himself a way out through it.

Asking random questions might cause suspicion, and I cannot confirm that they will not lie to me. So, to understand everything, I need to do my own investigation.

Chen Ge ceremoniously placed the old flip phone back into his pocket.

Some important information is probably hidden inside this phone, but finding out the password is rather difficult at the moment. I should take a look through Lin Sisi's daily objects and various books. I might stumble across some clues.

To get to know this scenario, one had to know oneself first. Rationality and calmness were Chen Ge's only weapons. He leaned on the table for a while. Then he straightened himself and stretched lazily as if tired from maintaining the same posture for too long.

He sat on the last row, nearest to the window. This was a Feng Shui location because, be it teachers or other classmates, no one paid him any attention during class. Chen Ge nudged his hand toward the curtain. He used his pinkie finger to lift up a corner and turned his head slightly to look out the window.

His pupils narrowed. Beyond the window was an abandoned school shrouded in darkness. Chen Ge called it an abandoned school because there was no light inside the school.

This place is so big! It is even bigger than Mu Yang High School, Western Jiujiang Private Academy, and Jiujiang Medical University combined!

Even with Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge could not see to the edge of the school compound.

I am most likely at the School of the Afterlife, but why aren't there any blood vessels? Shouldn't the world behind the door be a despairing world covered in red?

The incident at Li Wan City had left a deep impression on Chen Ge. However, even though the door was almost out of control and practically consumed half of the small town, the scenario was merely a 3.5-star scenario. What kind of secret was hidden at the School of the Afterlife for the black phone to have judged it a four-star scenario?

Staring at the school compound in the dark, Chen Ge's palms started to get wet with cold sweat. He had no idea why, but he felt like, when he was looking into the darkness, the school in the dark was looking back at him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

I need to get to the bottom of this!

Chen Ge took out the notes and books from the drawer and tried to find some clues from them. There was a black bag inside the drawer, and it was stuffed with many books related to market research and marketing.

"How to manage a sales teams", "Confidence, the source of your success", "Creativity and the market"… Those titles had been popular a few years back, and most of the content had been made obsolete by time.

Why would the school teach such things?

Chen Ge took out the notes and flipped through them. Slowly, the picture started to manifest in his mind. This school's full name was Jiujiang University, and it was split into two campuses, eastern and western.

The western campus recruited normal students; it was a normal university. The eastern campus, where Chen Ge was, was a night school; it was opened specifically for adults who wished to further their studies.

The programs were mainly on subjects and courses that might help the students find a better job opportunity, like marketing, transportation, real estate, management, and so on.

Xiao Lin studied marketing, and from his notes, one would realize that he was really a hardworking student.

Chen Ge found a study schedule at the back of one of the notebooks. This schedule provided Chen Ge with some useful information.

Wake up at 7 am, breakfast, work at the factory from 8 am to 5:30 pm. The break can be used for revision and studying. School from 6 pm to 9 pm, co-curricular activity from 9:30 pm to 10:10 pm, deal with minor tasks from 10:30 pm to 11 pm, go back to the bedroom at 11 pm.

If the schedule had ended there, it would not have surprised Chen Ge, but the main problem was that the schedule was only beginning—there were still other tasks after that.

Prepare the tools from 11 pm to 11:20 pm; inspect locations like the elevators, corridors, toilets, libraries from 11:20 pm to 12 am; finish homework from 12 am to 2 am, go to bed at 2 am.

The first part of the schedule was normal, but the latter part was very strange.

Why would he go to these locations in the middle of the night? Did it have to be after midnight? Doing homework at twelve to 2 am is also very strange.

Chen Ge knew that in other people's eyes, he was currently Xiao Lin. So, in other words, to mix into this class, he had to play the role of Xiao Lin well.

This is going to be difficult; the man does not appear to be normal.


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