My House of Horrors
701 Ghosts Look Like That?
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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701 Ghosts Look Like That?

Lee Changyin was the 'most popular actor' at Nightmare Academy. There was an air of madness around him that did not need to be faked. He only needed to be himself to get the madness required of the character to come to life. Standing in the shadow of the hotel entrance, he put on the pregnant woman's outfit that he had found in one of the buildings and took out the make-up tools from the waist bag that he wore on him at all times. With just a few strokes, he looked completely different from before.

With his naturally soft features and the help of make-up, even though he still had short hair, Lee Changyin looked quite like a woman already.

There's no wig, I'll have to make do with a cap.

He ran into the nearby building, found a bedsheet, rolled it up into a ball, and shoved it under his shirt, not caring about how dirty the bedsheet was.

When all his preparations were complete, Lee Changyin returned to the hotel entrance. He studied Zhang Jingjiu inside the hotel from the corner of his eyes. After he prepared his emotions, he uttered in a voice hoarse with tears, "Can you help me? I've lost something."

His voice was completely different from before, sounding very much like a girl. Zhang Jingjiu was still studying acting, but when he heard the cry for help, he quickly put the phone down.

Is it a visitor? He thought that it was finally time for him to shine. He stood up and walked toward the entrance.

Seeing that Zhang Jingjiu was hooked, Lee Changyin immediately retreated to an alley between the hotel and another building. He stood deep inside the alley so that the people outside could only see his shadow.

"Is there anything that I can help you with?" Zhang Jingjiu saw the person hiding in the alley, and he thought it was because the person was like Wang Dan who treated everything that they saw in the Haunted House as a ghost.

"I have lost something very important. Can you please help me look for it?" It was still a very pitiable female voice that said that, but Lee Changyin's expression was quite venomous at that moment. After he shed his disguise, that was how he looked for real.

"Of course." Even though Zhang Jingjiu was suspicious, he gave it some thought and realized that there was nothing to worry because this was their own territory. He entered the alley and noticed the bump on Lee Changyin's stomach when he got closer.

A pregnant woman?

A page of the worker's manual flashed across Zhang Jingjiu's mind. Due to safety considerations, pregnant women were not allowed entry into the Haunted House.

If it's not a visitor, then it has to be an old worker here…

Zhang Jingjiu slowed down. He knew very clearly what kind of 'things' took up the roles of actors in Chen Ge's Haunted House.

Noticing the man slow down, Lee Changyin's eyes narrowed, and he became more cautious. They both suspected that the other was a ghost, and both started to act strangely because of it.

"My stomach is very pained. Can you please help me? I lost the thing around here." Lee Changyin continued to speak in his fake voice.

"What have you lost?" Zhang Jingjiu was almost certain that he was dealing with an old employee, so it did not cross his mind that a visitor might have put on a disguise to scare him. Even though he was afraid, considering that he would need to work at the Haunted House for a long time, he naturally had to form good relationship with his seniors, so he suppressed his fear and did not run and leave.

Hearing Zhang Jingjiu's answer, Lee Changyin's expression darkened further. When a normal person encountered a pregnant woman that said her stomach was painful and she was searching for something inside a Haunted House, should their first reaction not have been to call the ambulance or contact the owner?

But the man took him seriously like he was sincerely going to help him find the thing that he had lost.

"I've lost something very important. He has accompanied me for nine months. I was about to see him soon, but I accidentally lost him," Lee Changyin 'cried' even harder.

Just hearing the description was enough to make the hair on Zhang Jingjiu's arms stand. He grumbled internally, So, the important thing that she has lost is none other than her child!

Zhang Jingjiu reached his hand into his pocket and silently pressed the walkie-talkie's button, but no one gave him a response telling him what to do, so he could only rely on himself.

If she's not a madwoman who has sneaked into the Haunted House, then she will be an old employee who ran into some trouble. Even though I'm new here, at least I've been through a lot with Boss Chen, so I will not be looked down on by the old employees.

Thinking back to his experience in Li Wan City, Zhang Jingjiu's jaw set with determination.

No matter how scary it might be, can it be scarier than Li Wan City?

With that in mind, Zhang Jingjiu walked to the 'pregnant woman' and volunteered his help. "Don't worry, I'll help you look for it."

The way that he walked over to help without hesitation caused Lee Changyin some panic; things were not going as expected. Is this man really a ghost?

As Zhang Jingjiu got closer to him, Lee Changyin immediately adjusted his emotions. He tried to regain the upper hand so that he could siphon useful information out from Zhang Jingjiu.

"Did you lose it around here?" Zhang Jingjiu asked. The light was dim. Since he believed that the other person was a ghost, he did not switch on the light, but he did place his hand inside his pocket, holding the walkie-talkie, so that he could call Boss Chen for help should the need arise.

"Yes, I dream of him every night. He said that he's very cold. He wishes to climb onto the bed, to share the warmth of the cover…"

"Fine, fine, you can stop now." Zhang Jingjiu shrugged helplessly. "I'll help you look for him. After all, I have nothing better to do at the moment."

Zhang Jingjiu's answer stunned Lee Changyin's once again. The man did not get scared by his scary story but promised to help him solve his problem. This man is truly abnormal!

Lee Changyin felt like he had stumbled across the final secret of Chen Ge's Haunted House. The place could get so popular probably because none of his actors were actual people!

As Zhang Jingjiu got closer, Lee Changyin's whole body tensed; he wished to get further confirmation. He lifted his made-up face. Their eyes met, and Zhang Jingjiu shivered, but he also confirmed his previous thought; the thing before him was definitely the Haunted House's old worker.

"Big Sister, don't worry, no matter what you've lost, I will help you find it. If we cannot find him today, we'll continue the search tomorrow. After all, we have plenty of time." Zhang Jingjiu forced himself to calm down.

Hearing that, Lee Changyin's pupils shuddered. What does he mean by that? We have plenty of time? After you hear a pregnant woman tell such a scary story, the response is that we have plenty of time? Is it because I've been discovered, or does he wish to harm me? That shouldn't be—this is just a Haunted House visit.

The distance between the two closed. The light was dim. They seemed to be purposely getting close to each other, both parties wanting to prove something.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Don't worry, I've come to help you." Zhang Jingjiu walked to Lee Changyin's side. He studied Lee Changyin's face like he was trying to memorize the man's features so that he could complain about 'her' to Boss Chen after work.

Lee Changyin also studied Zhang Jingjiu closely. This was his first supernatural encounter in his life, and he wanted to remember what a ghost looked like.


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