My House of Horrors
682 Nameless Town
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My House of Horrors
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682 Nameless Town

After Scissors put on the costume, Chen Ge looked at him and did not feel anything, but Zhang Jingjiu subconsciously moved backward.

"This outfit suits you quite well." The coat blocked his face, and the bloodied scissors flitted in and out of sight with the movement of the sleeves. From afar, it gave people a strange feeling. He was standing a distance away, but it felt like he was constantly moving closer and would jump at the others at any moment.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'll find you a pair of shoes to change into later. What you're wearing doesn't quite match the rest of your outfit."

Overall, Chen Ge was satisfied with Scissor's get-up. Unlike Xiao Gu, Scissors had been training at home, watching videos and dramas on how to play the role of a madman. He also had firsthand experience at Li Wan City. Now, in terms of both presence and mannerisms, it was very similar to a real madman.

It was hard to describe in detail, but there was a fear that would form when one was in his presence. After a while, Xu Wan and Xiao Gu arrived.

Inside the dressing room, Chen Ge made the official introduction. "We're going to be colleagues in the future, so we should help each other. Xu Wan is my most experienced worker, so if you have any questions, you can ask her."

After putting the make-up on Xiao Gu and Xu Wan, Chen Ge had them enter their scenarios to prepare before going to the main control room to find the walkie-talkie and ear-mics and handing them over to Zhang Jingjiu and Scissors.

"There's surveillance in the control room, so if there's an accident, I will give you orders through these devices. Now, you should follow me to enter the scenario." Chen Ge led them into Li Wan City. Walking down the street, Scissors and Zhang Jingjiu had a surreal feeling, but based on their trust in Chen Ge, they did not ask too many questions.

"Jingjiu, I need you to stay inside the hotel to play the boss for now. You still need more training in scaring customers, so do not actively engage them unless necessary." Chen Ge had confidence in his Haunted House, so he knew that those who had managed to clear three-star scenarios would not be easy scares. They were more experienced than his new employees.

"Then what should I be doing?" Zhang Jingjiu rubbed his hands together. It was his first day of work, and he felt like doing something. He was quite excited.

"Just listen to my orders, I will arrange tasks for you to do," Chen Ge said that and turned to look at Scissors. "Temporarily, you should stay around the residential area. Just be free, but be mindful of these three things. One, do not make any physical contact with the visitors; two, the safety of the visitors is the most important; three, remember to protect yourself."

"Protect myself?" Scissors had a bad feeling forming in his heart.

After assigning them their roles, Chen Ge exited the underground scenario. He purposely changed into new clothes. He looked clean and sharp, like the sunny big brother from next door.

"Uncle Xu, you sure are early today!" Chen Ge exited the Haunted House and ran into Uncle Xu outside. He greeted the senior worker cheerfully.

"Director Luo said that you might some new ideas, so he had me come here to assist you as much as I can." Uncle Xu saw the new get-up on Chen Ge, and for some reason, he felt weirdly unsettled. "Now is the crucial period for the contest between us and the futuristic theme park, so you'd better not do anything that's too over the line!"

"Don't worry." That was all the assurance Chen Ge gave Uncle Xu. Then, he pulled out the wooden board that he had placed at the resting hall. He had used the same board to announce the opening of Coffin Village, and this time, he was going to use it again. "Naming the scenario Li Wan City might cause some dissent with the locals. Perhaps I should leave it nameless, that is quite a catch as well."

Chen Ge called the new scenario Small Town and leaned the board against the ticket booth. It was simple and to the point, exactly what Chen Ge was known for.

"You're planning to open a new scenario?" Uncle Xu saw the two words on the board, and he frowned. Chen Ge had been releasing new scenarios too fast for the support team to catch up.

"Yes, it won't be too scary. You can see it as a kind of buffer—the difficulty is only 3.5-star. The main purpose is to lay the foundation for the later four-star scenarios." Chen Ge took out his phone and logged into Director Luo's app with the admin account and released a new announcement.

"New Scenario open to public! When fear soaks into your marrow and nightmare becomes reality, you'll realize that you are unable to find the way to leave this small town."

In the few minutes after Chen Ge released the announcement, there were already more than three thousand clicks. Some loyal people even shared the announcement on various sites, and the comments kept coming. With each refresh, the page was covered in new comments.

"Wait! Wasn't a new scenario released a few days ago? How come I feel like I just came back from your place? Don't you lie to me!"

"You're pumping these out like crazy! There's no time to waste. Secretary Liu, get me a ticket back to the country immediately!"

"This introduction is rather general! I wonder what kind of theme this new scenario will be based on."

"I will enjoy the demise of you people from the safety of my home."

"This is an advertisement: Young boys and girls who like to visit the Haunted House, perhaps Jiujiang Medical University is where your future will shine!"

The theme park opened like usual at 9 am. Once the gates opened, many young people rushed toward the Haunted House.

"Whenever I feel the passion on these visitor's faces, I feel so lucky that I am in such a business." Chen Ge helped Uncle Xu sell the tickets at the entrance. Most of the visitors that had rushed forward were first time visitors, and they asked to visit the low-level scenarios. They were excited because this was their first time.

Chen Ge's target was the 'senior' visitors who had cleared the three-star scenario. These people were well-trained already. Even if they came earlier, they would not line up so soon. They would instead go to the resting hall to observe the situation.

Even though Chen Ge had been missing from his livestream lately and it had been some time since he last uploaded a video, those who had read through the Haunted House's info knew who he was.

After all, in the poll set up online for the character that the visitors did not wish to run into inside the Haunted House, the first place winner was not some kind of Specter but Boss Chen. Of course, that was probably a joke.

When they saw Chen Ge selling the tickets outside the Haunted House, they huddled closer to look. They realized that the Chen Ge in their imagination was totally different from the Chen Ge in reality. How could this young man who had a comfortable smile be the character that people were most unwilling to meet inside the Haunted House?

"Please do not push. There are many scenarios, please line up nicely." Ever since the Haunted House became popular, Director Luo had done many things for Chen Ge. He even set up a series of QR codes for Chen Ge. By scanning them, he could tell what level scenario they could visit. It was very convenient.

By 10 am, the first batch of visitors had finished their tour. The 'senior' visitors who were still observing showed signs that they were going to move soon. They finally could not hold it in anymore. They walked out from the resting hall and joined the queue.

"There are quite a few familiar faces today. Is it because the opening of the new scenario?" Nothing escaped Chen Ge's sight. He maintained the smile on his face, hoping that his new project would be well-received by the visitors.


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