My House of Horrors
652 Red Heart 2 in 1
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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652 Red Heart 2 in 1

Inside the hotel, the glutton monster had the undisputed advantage—that was why she was confident enough to attack all the Red Specters inside her hotel at the same time. However, she had greatly underestimated the power of the pair of red high heels and the headless woman. When their lives were threatened, both Red Specters showcased immeasurable strength.

With the ability to cut with her blood, the headless woman was not exactly defenseless even though it was true that she was on the defensive side. Whenever her blood flew past, the flesh would be cut, and blood sprayed. From the direction she was moving, she was trying her best to meet up with the red high heels.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The headless woman voluntarily moved to join the red high heels and the boy. However, it was unclear whether she was trying to share the glutton monster's aggression with them or wanted to join hands with them to defeat the monster.

The cage that was formed by the tongue and the blood veins was slowly tightening, and the space afforded to the three Specters was getting smaller and smaller. Initially, the tongues and the blood veins did not directly attack the pair of red high heels, but as time passed, more and more blood veins turned their attention to the heels. They appeared like they were going to swallow this pair of heels that carried curse and bad luck whole.

The thick blood veins lashed out from all sides like a cluster of evil snakes. At that moment, a woman's laughter suddenly rang out in the lobby. The laughter was clear and crisp. It was also seductive and mellifluous like one could picture the beauty of its owner from the sound alone.

"The laughter seems to come from the red high heels." There seemed to be a kind of unique magical power within the laughter, one that could influence the listener's emotions. After the laughter travelled into Chen Ge's ears, the blood in his body started to flow rapidly. Blood red rashes appeared on his skin like part of his blood vessels had popped from the sudden increased rush of blood.

Compared to the low snarl of the glutton monster, the laughter from the red high heels appeared to constitute an opposite extreme.

"Hungry, hungry… hungry!" The glutton monster obviously heard the laughter as well. Perhaps it was envy or some other reason, but Chen Ge could sense the anger coming from the monster.

"How come it feels like the red high heels are mocking the glutton monster? Is this some kind of provocation?" The crisp laughter echoed in the lobby and it slowly turned from a sweet melody to a maddened shriek. Near the end, a tall-looking woman started to materialize above the red high heels.

She was on the slender side and was taller than Chen Ge. Every inch of her body was wrapped in bloody bandages, so not one part of her skin was showing. There was a grace about the woman that could not be denied. She must have been a great beauty when she was alive. However, from the way she presented herself now, it appeared like she had done a full body skin transplant procedure before she died.

The bandaged feet reached into the pair of heels. The feet squeezed into the shoes, and blood leaked out from between the gaps of the bandages. It appeared as if the wound on her body had not recovered.

"This is sheer madness." Chen Ge did not even dare to imagine how seriously the woman must have been injured underneath the bandages. "If I knew this, I wouldn't have interacted with her on the bus."

The blood veins and tongues shot toward the red high heels. The woman stood where she was, showing no intention of moving. When the blood veins neared, the woman raised both of her hands. The bandage that was wound tight to her body showcased her perfect proportions, but none of the 'people' there were in the mood to admire her posture. Blood leaked out from the bandages, and an echo of unhinged laughter issued from the woman's lips. Pain was weaved into the madness and with ease, she tore down the tongues and blood veins. Then, she proceeded to move forward with quick speed.

"She's going to attack on her own?" Chen Ge could not understand what the red high heels was doing. Even though she appeared powerful in terms of presence, she was still weaker than the glutton monster in terms of strength. "Or is it because she has a very powerful special power?"

Every Red Specter had their own distinct special power, it had everything to do with their last memory during their moment of death. For example, the headless woman yielded blood that could cut through stuff; Xu Yin, on the other hand, became more powerful as the wounds on him increased; Xiong Qing, who suffered from hemineglect, had half of his body made completely out of blood vessels, and he could adopt it into any shape that he wanted.

Based on appearance alone, Chen Ge could not tell what the red high heels' special power was, but since they were technically in the same boat, the more powerful the red high heels was, the greater the advantage Chen Ge could reap.

Trapped inside the cage made from blood veins and slithering tongues, the headless woman and the boy could not escape even if they wanted to. Based on their power, they were unable to fight against the glutton monster, so their only option was to follow behind the red high heels. With the headless woman and the boy's help to deal with the attacks that came from the back, the pressure on the red high heels lessened. She tore down the blood veins and tongues in her march forward.

"What is she planning to do?" The sight before his eyes could only be described as a bloody hell as the red high heels, who looked impossibly small compared to her adversary, continued to move forward.

There were so many blood veins that some were bound to cut through the red high heels' line of defense, but strangely enough, Chen Ge noticed that even though the blood veins hit the red high heels' body, it did not seem to leave any serious impact.

It felt as if the bandages were not hiding a solid body but a glob of liquid blood. Under the control of the red high heels, when the blood veins attacked her body, she could move the structure of her body around to lower the damage received to the bare minimum.

Her attacks rendered ineffective, the glutton monster grew more agitated. The mouths on her body protruded forward like they were trying to reach toward the red high heels to tear her open with her many teeth. The glutton monster was normally hibernating in Li Wan City's hotel, and due to her size, she moved very slowly. The other Red Specters knew that she was not to be trifled with, so they rarely came to her territory. This also meant that the glutton monster rarely had the chance to feast on Red Specters.

Excited by the prospect of a rare meal, the glutton monster's body continued to grow. She turned into a mountain of meat and more blood veins crawled out from her body and they focused their attacks on the red high heels. She suddenly went on a rampage, and she controlled her blood veins to forcibly separate the red high heels from the headless woman and the boy. She used seventy-five percent of her power to focus on the red high heels while the remaining twenty-five percent attacked the headless woman and the body.

As many of the blood veins as the headless woman cut down, more tongues would take their place. This was an uneven battle. Even if she cut and slashed the blood veins until they burst, it caused no damage to the glutton monster. However, once she was captured by any of the tongues, she would lose the chance to fight back. She would be dragged toward the glutton monster and sent into her giant stomach.

"The female boss only needs twenty-five percent of her power to block the headless woman's way, and that does not seem like it's a hard thing to do either." Chen Ge's palms were slick with sweat. He was still looking for the perfect opportunity.

The threat posed by the red high heels was far greater than the headless woman. Even if she was surrounded by the majority of the glutton monster's forces, the red high heels still managed to slowly close the distance between them.

Initially, the glutton monster still had some caution around the red high heels, but later, her mind was probably taken over by the desire to feed. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she abandoned her previous caution. With a scream, she charged toward the red high heels. All the mouths on her body were gaping. It was as if she wanted to tear the woman before her into pieces and stuff her right into her mouths.

A silvery tingle of a laugh reappeared in the lobby of the hotel. The woman opened her arms. Her perfect body formed a great contrast to the unyielding sight of the female boss. The bandage around the former's body started to fall, starting from the top of her head.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" This simple question was like the most horrible curse. The red in the glutton monster's eyes dissipated immediately. The large body reared backward, but it was already too late.

The bandage came off completely. Every drop of blood on the woman's body carried intense hatred. They splashed onto the glutton monster. The blood acted like a burning flame. The blood haze was seared through, and all of the mouths on the glutton monster's body were wailing in pain.

"Each drop of blood represents a curse. Just what happened to this woman when she was alive? How could she manage to gather such a deep-rooted sense of hatred?" Chen Ge was thankful that he did not provoke the woman. Perhaps with just a drop of her blood, she would be able to curse a person for life.

Black and red smoke came out from the glutton monster's body. Her large body was dwindling at an observable speed. The cursed fire was still burning, and they left behind ugly wounds.

"Hungry! Hungry!" As the body withered away, the glutton monster's twisted head was screaming madly at the red high heels. It appeared like feasting was the only way for the monster to alleviate the pain. She did not care about the thing that she had just sent into her stomach. Even if it was a curse, she wanted to swallow it whole.

The blood veins tore away from the walls and formed a cage around the red high heels. The glutton monster leaned her still large body toward the red high heels, her mouths still open as she crashed toward the human shape that had previously been wrapped inside the bandage.

The glutton monster's physical body was incredibly strong because she was able to resist the curse. Even with the curse burning, she was able to move freely.

"The red high heels' curse is slowly making its way through the female boss' body. It'll take some time before either party will be able to take the other down." Chen Ge paid close attention to his surroundings. He was worried that the red high heels' blood might accidentally splashed onto Xu Yin, so he did not order Xu Yin to join the fray.

The glutton monster was weakening, and some of the blood veins were decaying. The walls started to crease, and a black liquid leaked out from them. The pressure on the headless woman decreased. Without any hesitation, she decided to abandon the red high heels and escape while she still could. The boy who wore the patient's garb next to her had the same idea on his mind.

The two Specters combined their strength to tear at the weakest part of the wall formed by the blood veins. The layers of tongues and blood veins were torn down. The glutton monster wailed from pain. After all, those blood veins and tongues were an extension of her body. Pain and uncontrollable hunger mingled together, which introduced a change on the glutton monster's body.

The large body started to shrink. The limbs that were previously covered by flesh and blood started to show. It turned out that the female boss had been crawling on the ground. There were dark chains tied around her four limbs. Perhaps they had been there for so long that the chains had practically grown into her flesh, and they could not be removed unless the limbs were chopped off.

"Wait, so the monster is actually forcibly detained here?" The monster tipped her head back and yelled into the sky. The chains that were connected to the hidden room inside the kitchen were yanked straight. Unable to move freely, various negative emotions coursed into her mind. She had gone on a complete rampage.

Her skin cracked open, and endless blood vessels poured out from her body. The thick blood veins on the walls also opened their lips. A normal person would have a hard time imagining a scene where everywhere was red, and amid the shade of red, there were endless mouths opening and closing.

"Hungry! Hungry!" Like Chen Ge suspected, the glutton monster possessed a super powerful digestive ability. The blood vessels that she had collected over the years had reached an impossible level. She let go of them all at once, and instantly, a crimson wave swept and swallowed the hotel.

The blood wave tore away half of the headless woman's body, and her most important skull was bitten down on by the lips that were appearing on the blood veins. The boy who wore the hospital gown turned practically invisible; he would be dispersed with the slightest blow of the wind.

Even with Xu Yin and Bai Qiulin blocking before Chen Ge, when the red wave reached him, the air in his lungs was sucked out of his body. It felt like if the wave persisted for another second, he would die from asphyxiation.

"This is such a scary opponent." Chen Ge bit on the tip of his tongue to use the pain to supercharge his mind. Chen Ge turned to look at the red high heels who was closest to the glutton monster. She suffered the most when the red wave hit.

The red high heels were toppled on the ground, and the bloody bandage disappeared into nothingness. A blurry shape was lying on the ground, coiled by several blood veins. Even though the blood veins that dared to get near her would decay at lightning speed, the glutton monster did not care about it anymore. Hunger had taken over every faculty in her mind, and she swore to send everything into her stomach.

"Hungry! I am so hungry!" After unleashing all the blood that she had collected over the years, the female boss' body started to shrink like a deflated balloon.

"Temporarily, she won't be able to unleash another attack." Chen Ge looked at the glutton monster whose attention was captured by the red high heels, and he realized that now was his chance.

He flipped through the comic he was carrying, "Men Nan!"

A boy who looked about five years old in a red shirt appeared beside Chen Ge. There was endless animosity in his eyes.

"There are three heavily injured Red Specters—consuming any of them will allow you to digest them for a very long time! I'm very generous toward you, aren't I‽" Chen Ge knew what Men Nan was going to say, so he cut to the chase first.

"Three Red Specters‽" When Men Nan first appeared, he noticed the atmosphere was not right, but when he poked his head out from behind Chen Ge, he almost collapsed to the ground on his butt from shock and fear. "Greater Red Specters? Have you lost your mind? Why did you go after things like that‽"

"After you consume her, you'll become a Greater Red Specter yourself!" The opportunity was fleeting, and any hesitation would lead to a loss. Chen Ge knew that very well. He grabbed Men Nan and started to charge forward.

"Let me go!"

When Chen Ge stood up, the glutton monster immediately noticed him. She controlled the last few remaining blood veins that she had to stop Men Nan. At that moment, she was in desperate need of rejuvenation. The blood veins dragged the woman inside the bandage slowly toward the jaw that was waiting.

"Xu Yin!" Men Nan blocked the blood veins, and Chen Ge finally showed his trump card. Due to his personality, Men Nan was not a good attacker. So, Chen Ge's initial plan was only to use him to distract the glutton monster's attention, and the real source of his attack was Xu Yin.

"Head! Her weakness is her head!" Static appeared in his ears. Blood dripped, and the melancholic Xu Yin slithered through the intertwining blood veins like a sword. He leaped high into the air before landing on the female boss' shoulders. He poked his ten fingers that were sharp like blades into the glutton monster's neck!

Looking down on his prey, into the female boss' eyes that were dominated by gluttony and hatred, his arms started to pull!

"Is it painful?" The blood sprayed, and instantly, it started to rain blood as all the blood veins started to collapse. Fighting two Red Specters at the same time, and if counting Men Nan and Xu Yin, one would take four Red Specters to deal with the glutton monster.

"Men Nan, go take a look at the Red Specter whose head was separated from her body. Bai Qiulin, I need you to go capture the boy in patient's garb who was close to scattering!"

The female boss was dead, so Chen Ge started to take over the scene. Half of the headless woman's body was shattered, and wounds covered the remaining half and her head. The situation of the red high heels was not much better. The body that was wound inside the bandage was slowly disappearing, and the shoes that once looked so bright started to lose their luster.


The glutton monster's enormous body collapsed to the ground. The red high heels' blood curse was still burning. Xu Yin evaded the curse and returned to Chen Ge's side

He opened his palms before Chen Ge, and sitting inside it was a red-colored heart that was still pulsing.


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