My House of Horrors
651 Clearing the Scene 2 in 1
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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651 Clearing the Scene 2 in 1

As an occupant of Li Wan City, the headless woman had to know that the hotel was the glutton monster's territory. However, she probably did not expect the ghost to awaken from its slumber the moment that she stepped into the hotel.

Assuming that they were not too far away from their prey, a Red Specter only needed one second to kill a normal person in ten different ways, and that was why she had been so willing to step into the hotel. From her perspective, she would have done the deed and retreated from the scene before the glutton woman woke up. She was unable to match the glutton ghost's strength, but the glutton ghost was definitely going to have a hard time chasing her across town.

The plan was indeed perfect, but unfortunately, her opponent was Chen Ge. The moment that she treated Chen Ge as a normal person was the moment that she had lost the game. In a Red Specter's eyes, a normal human was nothing more than food that could provide them with resentment, and in Chen Ge's eyes, a normal Red Specter was food that could improve his employees' power level. It went both ways, and that was the fairness in Chen Ge's eyes.

With the exceptional handling of the timing, the headless woman was so focused on Chen Ge that she charged to the spot where the kitchen led out to the corridor, and that was the moment that the glutton monster chose to leak out from the kitchen.

They were so close that the headless woman lost her chance of evading, so she had no choice but to suffer the first blow from the glutton monster. Then, she tried her best to escape.

The glutton monster seemed to have seen through the headless woman's plan. The enormous body that was possessed by hatred and hunger barreled forward like the stampede of a giant elephant. The haze dispersed, and the whole building rocked as if coming alive. The blood veins on the walls pulsed with their specific rhythm, and they detached from the walls like threads of chains. They intertwined over the entrance of the hotel, sealing up the headless woman's retreat.

Without attempting to shield the resentment in her eyes, blood poured out from the stump on the headless woman's shoulders. She knew that she did not have the upper hand, so she did not blindly go up against the glutton monster. Instead, she gathered her strength and pooled the blood vessels around her body.

The decapitated skull was sewn back to her body. This should be what she had looked like at the moment of her death. She was wearing a pajamas, every inch of the clothes dyed red by blood.

The lash of blood veins aimed at her. The woman tried to evade, but the blood was moving too fast for her. Unable to escape, she used her own blood to wreath her body to shield herself from the impact.

Without even moving a finger, the glutton monster only needed to manipulate those thick chains of blood veins to give the headless woman a hard time.

"The difference in power is so big!" The best possible result for Chen Ge was an evenly-matched situation, best if the two Red Specters were equally weakened after the battle. However, based on what he was seeing, the glutton monster was going to experience a landslide victory. She could easily torture the headless woman and kill her without suffering an injury.

In Xiao Bu's game, Chen Ge had controlled Xiao Bu to leave once the two Red Specters started fighting each other. He had no idea what had actually happened later.

"Should I try to help the headless woman even the playing field somewhat?" Now, three choices were placed before Chen Ge. One was to help the headless woman fight the glutton monster. After the glutton monster was apprehended, he would turn to deal with the headless woman. There were too many extenuating factors to this plan. For one, the headless woman could use Chen Ge as a shield and escape when he tackled the glutton monster. After all, there was no sign that she was willing to work together with Chen Ge.

The second choice was to do nothing. After the glutton monster heavily injured the headless woman, he would have Zhang Ya deal with the glutton monster. That was the safest plan, but the biggest issue was that Zhang Ya had given no indication that she was willing to show herself. No matter how hard Chen Ge tried to summon her, she gave him zero response.

The third choice was to turn and leave. Other than Zhang Ya, Chen Ge did not even have a complete Red Specter. He could rely on the advantage of numbers to take down a Red Specter, but when the enemy was a Greater Red Specter, his only choice was to run.

"Perhaps I've come too soon. If I had one week, I might be able to help Xu Yin find his heart, and Bai Qiulin might have successfully digested Xiong Qing's heart. By then, I would have two Red Specters on my side, and the options given to me would be much greater." Chen Ge lamented over the short number of hours in a day even though he had used every moment that he could to the maximum potential. He worked day and night—any other person in his place would have collapsed already.

Chen Ge stopped to consider for one or two minutes, but the situation inside the hotel had started to change. The large body of the monster started to split open to reveal many small gaps, and a woman's voice could be heard coming from within.

"Hungry…" It was impossible to tell which of the gaps first issued this voice. Initially, the voice was very weak, but gradually, all the mouths started to make this voice. Endless mouths opened and closed in unison on the large body. It was a scene that was hard to describe. The headless woman felt the pressure, and she started to move even faster. From the beginning, she never thought of fighting—her goal all along had been to try and escape.

"Hungry, hungry, I'm so hungry!" The glutton monster wailed, and the mouths on the body tore open. A large number of blood vessels weaved together, and it appeared like numerous slimy tongues were reaching out from inside the many mouths.

"This thing is too powerful." With his Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge managed to clearly see the minute differences of the many mouths on the monster's body. It appeared like they belonged to different people. "She keeps the 'mouth' of the 'food' that is sent into her stomach? The mouths on her body belong to her victims?"

The blood red tongue slithered toward the headless woman. The space for the headless woman to evade was getting smaller. She was forced into the left corner of the lobby, but eventually, one of the tongues managed to curl around her leg.

"This is not good!" Chen Ge stood up. The power level between the two Red Specters was too drastically different. The battle might end in the blink of an eye. It was time for him to make the choice. "Even if I help the headless woman, she might not accept my help. However, if I escape, the glutton monster will only become stronger after consuming the headless woman."

A normal Red Specter might go into a long slumber after consuming another Red Specter, but Chen Ge felt like this glutton monster might have the ability to shorten that hibernation time down to its minimum. She had been claiming that she was hungry. The monster's body was like a black hole that could never be filled, so it was not crazy to assume that she might possess a digestive power that was far greater than other Specters.

"The gluttonous woman is tasked with protecting the hotel, and the hotel is placed at the middle of Li Wan City. Obviously, the shadow has great trust in her—that is the only reason he has given her such an important location to watch over. She'll become scarier after consuming the headless woman, and that will not be good for me when I fight the shadow in the future." Chen Ge looked far into the future. He did not limit his sight to the situation that was only before him. "If only Zhang Ya was here, this wouldn't be that complicated then."

Chen Ge turned back to look at his shadow. He had originally only intended to glance at it, but he noticed with a shock that his shadow was shifting at an incredibly slow speed.

"Zhang Ya has been hiding inside my shadow. What is she up to?" Chen Ge did not have the time to stop and think because the headless woman's scream echoed throughout the lobby. Chen Ge turned back to the battle, and he saw the headless woman voluntarily break off her left leg that was caught by tongue. After it detached from her body, the leg dissolved into a mass of blood vessels, and they were dragged by the tongue back into the glutton monster's body.

With the taste of fresh blood, the monster became more crazed. Her whole body was shaking with pure excitement. The lips kept opening and closing as more blood tongues reached out toward the headless woman.

Forced the corner, the headless woman knew that there was no way that she would be able to escape. The blood vessels on her body started to shrink and travel to the area around her neck. It appeared like she had decided to abandon her body and only escape with her skull.


At the most crucial moment, the hotel entrance that had been locked by the gluttonous woman was suddenly shoved open. A little boy wearing a patient's garb ran into the lobby, crying and yelling. He looked just over four years old, and the shirt that he was wearing was tattered and torn. He looked so pitiable.

Chen Ge was about to make his move, but when he saw the boy, he stopped. Even in this situation, Chen Ge still maintained his superhuman calmness. With one glance, he realized that the boy was wearing a patient's garb that was different form the ones that he had seen at Li Wan City's hospital. Therefore, this boy should be the patient that had transferred over to Li Wan City from the cursed hospital, the scariest existence in Li Wan City's hospital.

"With those blood stains on his body, he has to be a Half Red Specter, but since the boy has appeared now, it means that the pair of red high heels shouldn't be too far behind!"

The hotel was the most dangerous but also the safest location in all of Li Wan City. To be able to push a Half Red Specter to such a state, that went to show the power level of the red high heels.

After the entrance of the hotel was broken down, the boy ran into the lobby without stopping to take a look. From his perspective, the thing behind him was the scariest presence, but to his despair, after he strode into the building, his understanding of terror was given an update.

The thick, large blood veins interconnected, and not far away from him, a monster with many mouths was rampaging. Tongues slithered out from the blood veins like they were trying to consume all the living organisms inside the building. The boy's face blanched instantly. He wanted to retreat, but that chance was deprived. A pair of red high heels was placed just outside the hotel entrance.

Compared to the pulsing blood veins and the disgusting monsters inside the hotel, the pair of red high heels looked so elegant and pretty.

Chen Ge did not expect the red high heels to show up at a time like this. However, to his greater astonishment, even when the red high heels had noticed the glutton woman, they still stepped into the hotel without much hesitation. He had no idea whether this was because the red high heels had such great confidence in her power or because she desperately needed to get some information from the boy, which compelled her to commit to such a rash act.

The hotel door opened, and this gave the headless woman the chance to escape. The blood vessels that had gathered on her body exploded, and her skull dragged her lifeless body out of the door. The headless woman had been holding back her power. She was not as strong as the gluttonous woman, and she was in her territory, so she did not have the geographical advantage. This was the best solution that she could come up with.

The needles of blood vessel pierced into the blood veins and tongues like knives. The gluttonous woman and Chen Ge had greatly underestimated the headless woman. Knives seemed to present a great torture to the headless woman when she was alive, and knives were related to her cause of death. That pain and hatred were strongly seared into her soul. Even if she was dead, she could not forget that sensation. She channeled that feeling into her blood vessels, and that made the blood vessels that burst from her stump take on a different quality compared to the blood vessels wielded by other Red Specters. Hers were exceptionally sharp.

This should be her trump card. The blood veins and tongues were sheared away, and the headless woman cut herself a way out.

For a food aficionado, having their feast interrupted was a very unpleasant experience. The glutton woman had just tasted blood, but someone had come to interrupt when she was about to feed. From her perspective, those who dared disturb her meal had to possess the realization that they would eventually be served on her table. She needed extra comfort from food to console her ugly, twisted heart.

"Hungry! I'm so hungry!" The walls peeled back, and Chen Ge discovered with a shock that the layout of the hotel was not so different from Doctor Gao's underground morgue. The ceiling, walls, and ground were all made from flesh and bones.

"The walls of the underground morgue were made from dead bodies, and the walls of this hotel should be made from the remnant of the female boss' meals." From a certain perspective, the glutton monster's hotel was like a miniaturized underground morgue. It was truly ironic that a restaurant had been combined with a morgue. If Chen Ge did not witness this in person, if he had just someone else tell this story, he would not have believed it.

The glutton monster possessed absolute control of this building; the whole hotel was like her second body. The ground was shaking, and the stairs were collapsing. All the decoration in the room toppled over, and the front door that the boy had crashed through was shut again. Blood veins crawled over the entrance to completely seal the exit. In other words, if they did not deal with her, none of them were going to leave this place, figuratively and literally.

"The only option now is to fight our way out; the situation now is more advantageous toward me!" Chen Ge was someone who could find the silver lining at any moment. If there was a single positive attribute about the man that was praiseworthy, he was able to find hope no matter how deep the abyss that he had sunk into. "With the red high heels' appearance, if she works together with the headless woman, it should be enough to hold back the glutton monster. If I aid them from the side, even without borrowing Zhang Ya's power, there should be a fair chance for us to take down this female boss!"

Chen Ge hoped that these Specters would live to appreciate his timely rescue. In any case, Chen Ge did not show himself instantly. He stood in preparation, hiding in the dark, waiting to strike when the time was right.

"It was little wonder that Li Wan City was deemed a 3.5-star scenario. Just the Red Specter inside a single building is this impossibly powerful. I wonder what the strongest monster here looks like."

Whether the glutton monster was the shadow's ally or not, Chen Ge decided to kill her. This monster had been consumed by her hunger. She could not be communicated with at all; in other words, the chance of her becoming an employee was zero. "Her life must have been incredibly painful; it's time for her to find salvation."

After locking the hotel, the glutton monster attacked the boy, the headless woman, and the red high heels at the same time. The ginormous body nudged forward, causing the entire building to shake. The monster and her disproportionately small head screamed in unison. The mouths on her body tore open at the same time, revealing teeth that were tainted by blood.

The blood veins inside the hotel continued to pulse. The glutton monster moved forward. She seemed to intend to use her many mouths to chew up the food before her eyes.

The situation grew dangerous, but from his hiding spot, Chen Ge's eyes lit up. "This female boss is not completely immune. Based on everything so far, she has at least two weaknesses. First, her movement speed is very slow, and she is not agile; second, even though there are endless mouths on her body, all those mouths listen to the command of the mouth on her head. Compared to that impossibly large body, the small head appears much too fragile!"

Chen Ge was unsure if the glutton monster kept any trump cards that she had not shown. He silently summoned Xu Yin and Bai Qiulin, planning to find the opportunity to attack the female boss' weakness.


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