My House of Horrors
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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Xiao Bu stayed at a normal apartment; her stepfather did not appear to be that well-off.

"Shall we knock?" Standing in the corridor, Chen Ge held the murderer that he had caught from the bush and wondered aloud. "This is after all Xiao Bu's place, so it doesn't seem right for me to break the door down."

Chen Ge tried the doorknob, and to his surprise, the door was not locked. As the lock clicked, the door was pushed open. A faded stench drifted out from inside the room. Chen Ge narrowed his eyes, and his pupils constricted, a sign that he was using Yin Yang Vision.

Coffee table, sofa, television cupboard… All the furniture looked normal—there was nothing unique about them.

"Someone has died here; you'd better not go in." His hands tied behind his back, the murderer uttered with his head lowered. He looked like he was talking to himself.

"How do you know that? Did you kill the person living here?" Chen Ge pushed the murderer from behind and entered the room with him.

"There is the smell of dead here; it is unmistakable." The gray spots on his skin creased together as the man's nostrils wiggled. He turned to look at the bedroom. "The smell came from that room; the victim should have been dead for a long time already."

The ruffled hair covered the man's face, and he kept his voice low. Instead of saying he was guiding Chen Ge, it was more like he was trying to make use of Chen Ge's curiosity to create a chance for himself to escape.

"Inside the bedroom?" The only possible victim there could have been Xiao Bu's stepfather, but when Chen Ge was playing Xiao Bu's game, Xiao Bu's stepfather died in the living room and not the bedroom.

The location of the dead body has changed. Has someone else been inside this room? Was it the raincoat man or Xiao Bu herself?

Chen Ge opened the bedroom door and peered inside. All the books on the shelves were arranged neatly, there was no trash on the ground, and several abstract paintings hung on the wall. There was no dust on the frame, and it appeared like this place was regularly cleaned.

The thing that appeared out of place was the wooden bed. Strangely enough, the bed had been moved away from the walls so that it sat perfectly in the middle of the room. A thick, comfortable bedsheet was spread on the mattress, and on top of it lay a middle-aged man.

"Xiao Bu's stepfather?" Chen Ge walked to the bed, and when he saw the man at a closer distance, his fingers gripped the hammer involuntarily. A large part of the man's skin had been replaced by cloth. He looked like an abandoned rag doll that had been roughly sewn.

In Xiao Bu's game, such a choice was given. It was to sew the stepfather's wounds together, to transform him into a doll.

Seeing the man before him, Chen Ge finally understood that when faced with the choice, Xiao Bu had chosen not to ignore her stepfather and figured out a way to make sure that he would stay by her side forever.

Such a cruel method of body preservation.

The murderer got closer to take a look as well. There was excitement dancing in his eyes as he admired the sewn skin on the middle-aged man's body. "This man should be the most precious piece of art in this room. The person who created him must be a complete maniac!"

The murderer led to an unhinged laugh. He did not stop until there was a knocking sound that came from the wall adjacent to the neighbor's home.

"Your assessment is wrong." Chen Ge pointed at the edge where the skin connected to cloth. There was gray color on the edge of the skin. "The killer probably removed all the gray skin from the man's body. She was trying to figure out a way to rescue this man, or rather, she did not want this man to turn into a monster like you."

"Monster?" The murderer started to laugh wickedly. "It wouldn't take long for you to turn into a monster that you've mentioned. Despair has already taken root inside your heart, and when the mind of a heavily determined person breaks, they will turn into the craziest spectacle!"

He was like a ready cobra. After he recovered his strength, he was ready to retaliate against Chen Ge.

"You should spend more time worrying about yourself, because if I really go insane, my first target will be you. I will use this hammer and whack it endlessly on your fleshy body until I feel better." Chen Ge was just saying that to scare him, but the murderer took his words at face value because he really thought that Chen Ge would do something like that.

"But that will be useless. When you start to lose your mind, no matter what you do, your heart will never return to how it once was, so while you still can, you'd better take control of yourself." The murderer's eyes darted about the room to search for something useful. He felt like it was too dangerous to stay around Chen Ge—he might die at any moment.

"Even if you can't do it, it doesn't mean other people can't. I once met this girl, she should be the most despairing existence behind the door, but she has not lost herself." Her stepfather was made into a doll, but Chen Ge was still defending Xiao Bu. He desperately wished that the child who was threatened by the shadow retained her kindness.

Dong, dong…

A strange noise came from the wall. It was not loud, but it had attracted Chen Ge and the murderer's attention.

"Looks like someone is complaining about the noise," the murderer whispered. He caught the shine of a fruit knife left on the coffee table from the corner of his eyes, and he silently moved toward it.

"If you ask me, I think you're complaining that you've lived for far too long." Chen Ge smiled at the murderer. He did not tell the man what this knocking sound represented.

The bed was placed in the middle of the room, away from all the walls. This strange arrangement hinted at many things. The knocking sound grew. Chen Ge calculated the time in his heart and started searching for useful things in the room. After a few minutes, he felt like the headless woman next door was about to go berserk already, so he grabbed the murderer and raced out of Xiao Bu's home.

"What are you doing?" A bad feeling entered the murderer's heart.

"The neighbor kept knocking on the wall. They might be asking for help; we should go take a look."

"Even if the whole family is dead, what has it got to do with you? Stop minding other people's business. There are no innocent people here. All your kindness will only be repaid with sinful retribution!" The murderer's heart was racing due to a reason that he could not understand.

"There are no innocent people here?" Chen Ge was suddenly reminded of the mission requirement on the black phone. By saving every innocent life, he would be given an additional mission reward. Looks like it won't be so easy to get the reward from the black phone.

"We cannot stay here. After we leave this place, you can do anything you wish with you. Kill me if you want."

"Perfect, after making sure the neighbors are fine, we'll leave immediately." Chen Ge dragged the murderer to the neighbor's door. He twisted the doorknob and realized that the door was not locked.

Dong, dong…

The strange sound echoed from the deeper part of the house. Chen Ge and the murderer stood at the door. They looked down the dark corridor, and neither dared to make the first move.

"There appears to be something inside this house…" The murderer started to mumble, and that caused Chen Ge to become tense.

As the knocking sound grew, a heavy stench of blood came out from the bedroom. The blood slithered on the ground, and from their point of view, the whole place was dyed a crimson red!

A pair of bloodshot eyes opened in the dark. The skull that leaned against the bedroom wall, slowly turned around to stare at Chen Ge and the murderer who stood at the entrance. At the same time, a headless female voice walked out from behind the living room door. Her clothes were completely drenched by blood, and the red was blindingly stark in the dark.

"A Red Specter!" When they saw the woman, Chen Ge had already turned around and run. When the murderer recovered from his shock, Chen Ge and his hammer were already five meters away.

"You…" The blood weaved into a net, and it dragged the murderer into the room. Several seconds later, that scary female skull rolled out of the house. Covered in blood, it started to move toward Chen Ge!

Afraid to take the elevator, Chen Ge burst through the security door and flew down the stairs. He yelled loudly at the passengers who were waiting for him, dull-eyed. "Run! Turn left once you leave the residential area! Hide inside the hotel!"

The murderer only managed to buy a few seconds for me—this is completely different from the game! That Red Specter is also impossibly powerful. With only Xu Yin, I won't be her match! There's no other choice now but to lure her to the hotel!


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