My House of Horrors
617 Welcome, Passengers
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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617 Welcome, Passengers

The honest Tang Jun opened the door, took the seat at the driver's spot, and felt that everything was so surreal. "I didn't think I'd get back to my old career so soon."

"That is what you're best at, but I'll never force you to do anything you don't like. We're colleagues, so if you have any requests, do voice them." Chen Ge placed the heavy backpack at the last row. "Tonight's weather is not bad. The rain is very heavy, which is perfect for an outing."

"Where are we planning to go tonight?" Tang Jun was still a bit cautious around Chen Ge for reasons that he could not understand.

"Li Wan City, just take the route that you're familiar with."

"We're really going there?" When he heard the words 'Li Wan City', a bad omen arose within Tang Jun's heart. "Boss, that place is really dangerous. I'm not doubting your ability, but I simply think there is no reason for us to provoke them."

"I'm not doing this to provoke anyone." Tang Jun was about to sigh in relief when Chen Ge added, "I plan to cleanse Li Wan City from top to bottom, to rescue those that need to be rescued and to find out the truth."

Since Chen Ge had said that, there was nothing more for Tang Jun to say; they were on different wavelengths.

"There's still time for you to bow out. We'll only depart at 11 pm." Route 104 was very long, and it connected Eastern and Western Jiujiang. If they left at 11 pm, if there was no delay, they would arrive at Li Wan City after midnight.

"I won't run; you've underestimated me." Tang Jun's legs shook unnaturally, and his hands gripped the steering wheel a bit too tightly. The rain continued to pour, and it was complete darkness outside of the bus.

At 11 pm, a broken bus exited New Century Park and slowly disappeared into the rain.

"Is this how you normally drive?"


"Have you been blocked by traffic police before?"

"No. The shadow has done something to the vehicle. In a way, you can see this vehicle as a hearse in service of dead people and people in despair." Tang Jun answered Chen Ge's questions seriously as he piloted the bus, and soon, they arrived at the first bus stop.

The stop appeared blurry through the heavy rain. There was no one there, but Tang Jun still chose to open the door and waited by the stop for three minutes.

"Even if there is no visible passenger waiting by the bus stop, it's better to wait for three minutes and perhaps a special passenger will arrive. That is what the shadow told me."

The rain flew into the car. Chen Ge, who was seated at the second last row, observed everything silently. There were many ghost stories related to the bus in this city, but who would thought that it would one day turn into something like this? However, this was in line with the ghost stories society's goa.

When I walk in the darkness, I am the scariest ghost story this city has ever heard.

Tang Jun continued to move after three minutes. After many stops, Chen Ge finally saw someone waiting at the stop after they left Western Jiujiang.

"He's waiting for a bus at 11 pm. This sure is an interesting character." The bus slowed to a halt. The driver did not say a word as he opened the door. The man at the stop shuffled his way up the vehicle.

He was wearing a cheap suit, radiating a heavy stench of alcohol. His cheeks were red, and he was slurring his words. Both his shirt and pants were wet.

"Do… do you take card…" He took out his wallet and tapped it multiple times at one of the spots on the bus. He was getting agitated because he still had not heard the beep that signified payment had been deducted from his card.

"Why don't you go there and rest? I'll pay for your ticket." Chen Ge went to support the drunkard who almost fell. He scanned the man with his Yin Yang Vision. This passenger should not be a 'passenger' that he was waiting for. "Take a good rest and don't move."

"Thank you. I've been so unlucky recently, but tonight, everything's going to change! I just got a huge contract, managed to catch the last bus, and even got the help from a kind person like you. Thank you so much!" the drunkard said. He slumped into the third row and took up two seats.

"You are indeed quite lucky." Chen Ge turned to look at Tang Jun, and the latter understood his meaning. He shook his head. He also was not sure whether this was the special passenger that Chen Ge 'needed' or not.

"Boss, where are you going? I'll wake you up when we've arrived."

"Just ignore me, I don't want to hold you up! My home is at the last stop. When the bus stops fully, it's time for me to alight." Then, the drunkard collapsed on the row of seat.

"The final stop? You're going to Li Wan City?" Chen Ge studied the man closely but still could not see anything wrong with him.

The bus continued to travel through the rain. After entering Eastern Jiujiang, the surroundings became conspicuously more deserted—not many cars could be seen on the road. They passed a few more stops, and one hour later, Chen Ge saw a pair of red high heels on one of the platforms.

There was no one around, just a pair of heels placed at the spot where the rain would not drench them. Chen Ge glanced toward the driver's seat. Tang Jun did not seem like he knew anything—he kept staring at the steering wheel.

No one got on the bus, and after three minutes, the doors closed. Just as Chen Ge was checking whether the heels were still there, Tang Jun suddenly laughed. Following his voice, Chen Ge noticed a pair of red high heels being placed on the seat just behind the driver's seat. The blood red shoes were placed side by side—it felt like a person was sitting behind the driver.

When did she get on?

Still there was no one there, just a pair of shoes. Chen Ge walked forward and exchanged a look with Tang Jun through the mirror. In the mirror, he noticed that Tang Jun was trying his best to smile even though he was probably about to cry.

"Your attitude is very nice, keep that smile on your face." Chen Ge acted like he did not see the red high heels and returned to his seat. He opened the travel bag to try to appease the kidnapped white cat. Crawling out of the bag, the cat did not seem to be used to the atmosphere inside the bus, and it took a quick tour before returning to Chen Ge's side.

"You should be happier on an outing." Seeing the cat's reaction, Chen Ge understood many things. He grabbed the backpack that contained the recorder and placed it next to him. It was totally silent inside the car. Other than Chen Ge, no one spoke. This bus that travelled through the darkness and rain was a like mobile coffin.

The rain was still turning heavier. Just as the bus reached the next stop, Chen Ge saw someone in a black raincoat running away from the platform. The man had originally been pacing back and forth, looking like he was in a hurry. However, once the car really pulled up, he left instantly like he had seen something that he should not have.

"Did the person recognize me?" Chen Ge studied the man's frame and thought that he looked very familiar. He instantly signaled for Tang Jun to chase after the man with the bus.


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