My House of Horrors
580 Do You Think I Will Let You Escape?
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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580 Do You Think I Will Let You Escape?

Different from the expectation of the monster in the mirror, the woman rushed to the sink without hesitation. At that moment, she seemed to have forgotten fear. The skirt fluttered in the wind, and it was stained by the water. The woman reached the girl's side, and without stopping to consider anything else, she pulled the girl's head out from the sink. "Are you alright?"

Water slid down the girl's face. Her face was white, and her purple lips were pulling into a smile. She had been pressed into the water and almost died from drowning, but the girl did not cry or make any noise. Instead, she revealed a strange smile, which made the woman feel very unsettled.

She did not notice that the monster in the mirror was slowly becoming clear, and the face in the mirror was showing the same strange smile as the one on the girl's face.

"Let's get out of here."

The woman carried the girl in her arms and retreated out of the bathroom. The faucet was not closed, and the water that came out was darkening like it was not water but blood that was pouring out from the pipe.

The sound of dripping water echoed from the small toilet. It sounded like something moving on the ground, creating a rustling sound. The woman did not dare turn her head around. She hugged the girl and ran down the corridor.

The flashlight on the phone swung up and down the corridor. She could not see where she was stepping clearly—she only knew that there was something else on the flat surface, and her feet felt something soft when she stepped on it. She used several seconds to run down the corridor, but when she reached the door, she realized that it was locked.

"Are there other people at the school‽" The woman put the girl down. She turned to look back down the corridor. The water leaked out from the toilet, and there was something long that looked like seaweed floating in the water.

"Did you see anyone else coming here?" The woman shielded the girl with both hands. She was worried when she saw how pale the girl's face was. "There should have been two teachers who were here. You should have seen them, right‽"

The girl stood next to the woman quietly. Her pupils narrowed, and her purple lips slowly opened. She told the woman, "Mo… mother."

"Mother? Are you calling me that?" The woman's hands that held the girl subconsciously loosened. She noticed that everything in this space was different from the world that she knew. "You've got the wrong person, child, I'm not your mother."

The girl did not correct herself and continued to call her mother. Then, she raised her hand to grab the woman's arm.

"Wait a minute, you…" It was not until then that fear started to consume the woman. The woman stood up, and her body leaned toward the exit. However, before she could get close to the door, the girl who stood where she was suddenly exclaimed with vehemence, "Do not go there!"


Before the girl could finish, the glass near the girl shattered and exploded! The stench of blood drifted into the room, and a large hammer that looked very scary was poking through the windowsill.


With the woman and the girl watching, the hammerhead was yanked out from the window, and then it was swung again. This time, it shattered the window completely.

"This thing sure is not sturdy." A backpack was tossed into the room from outside, then a young man jumped onto the windowsill. The moon was shining on his back, so they could not see his face. However, they could clearly see the impossibly large hammer that he was holding.

Without saying anything, without even an exchange of the eyes, the woman and the girl next to her took a step back involuntarily. The girl who had her pupils narrowed started to return to normal after she saw the young man. A low growl escaped from the toilet like the monster in the room could sense the thing that could threaten the girl's safety. She told the girl to run but not go too far away from her.

"Don't be scared, I'm here to save you." The young man also heard the growl from the end of the corridor. He jumped down from the windowsill and activated the recorder in his backpack. Then he touched the top of the girl's head kindly. "Wen Wen, I'm Chen Ge, the Haunted House boss that led you around the theme park yesterday."

The woman was totally stumped. She had no idea why the worker at a theme park would show up in such a manner at a place like this. This was too much for her to handle.

"Take the child out of this place." Chen Ge nudged the girl toward the woman and then stood in the middle of the corridor.

"We can go now?" The woman still could not believe it. She hugged the girl and planned to hop out from the window, but to her surprise, the girl suddenly grabbed Chen Ge's leg and refused to let go.

She looked much better and healthier, but her expression was worried. Her lips quivered, and she repeated the few words in her stutter, "Sis… big sister…"

"I know, I will not harm her. I just think she deserves the chance at a better live." Chen Ge peeled the girl's hands gently off his body. "Please take her away."

No matter what, Chen Ge was not going to let Wen Wen's sister go that day. Based on all the information that he had gotten, he had confirmed that the strongest ghost in the mission, Twin Water Ghost, was Wen Wen's sister.

If she was hiding inside the dam and he was unable to summon Zhang Ya, there was no chance that he would be able to enter the dam to deal with the girl because no one had any idea how many water ghosts were trapped inside the dam.

Before the mission even started, I've already killed the boss. This kind of mission experience is not so bad.

Gripping the hammer, Chen Ge stood between Wen Wen and the toilet. The monster in the toilet saw the girl being taken away, and she started to scream again. The black hair in the water rushed toward Chen Ge.

"You both use hair as a weapon, but your hair is too weak compared to the one inside my shadow."

The hair in the water was stepped on before they even had the chance to get close to Chen Ge.

Xu Yin seemed to see something hiding inside the room at the end of the corridor. His head was tilted to the side, and he asked the half-open door of the room softly, "Is it painful?"

Without waiting for Chen Ge to say anything, the blood vessels tore open the black hair on the ground. Xu Yin, who was almost fully red other than his heart, lashed out like an arrow. The black hair crawled out from the water to wrap around Xu Yin's body, but they were unable to stop him; at most, they slowed him down.

"Stop struggling, I will not make it too difficult for you on the account of your little sister."

Chen Ge flipped through the comic and released Bai Qiulin. The man and ghost also charged forward. The monster in the toilet already had a hard time dealing with Xu Yin. When she saw Bai Qiulin's heart, which was almost dyed red, she gave up the resistance immediately.

The black hair was pulled back into the toilet. Chen Ge chased after her, but when he reached the toilet, the faucet was closed on its own, and the water stopped flowing.

"Do you think I will let you go so easily?" Using both Yin Yang Vision and Ghost Ear at the same time, and the echoing sound appeared in Chen Ge's ears. The ghost was still inside the pipe, but she was slithering down the pipe at an incredible speed.


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