My House of Horrors
567 Sister
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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567 Sister

Chen Ge had been watching the father and daughter closely, wanting to confirm who the special visitor was.

"The left leads to Mu Yang High School, a large haunted school. To the right is the Third Sick Hall, a scenario based on a scary mental hospital. The road in front leads to Coffin Village. It's a scary scenario based on an isolated village that is unique to our country. The road behind us leads to the underground morgue. Its inspiration is one of the district's medical university." Chen Ge personally introduced the scenarios to the pair and stayed with them, afraid that they would run into an accident.

Since theme park had not opened, he was not afraid of being seen by other visitors. After the man entered the underground scenario, his body kept shivering. This should be his first time visiting a place like the Haunted House, and he looked suitably nervous. His daughter's reaction was comparatively stranger. Her eyes widened, and if not for the man holding her hand, she would have wandered away already.

"Which scenario would you like to visit?" Chen Ge gave them the choice—this was a test as well. The man opened his lips and a 'wu, wu' sound came out. It sounded like he was asking his daughter's opinion.

After spending some time with them, Chen Ge noticed that the girl was actually quite cute. But in a way, he could sense the regret. Due to genetics, the girl appeared mentally-challenged as well. The girl did not know where to go, so she looked at Chen Ge shyly.

"How about we visit them one by one? Since the park has not opened, I can be your personal tour guide." Chen Ge walked ahead and led them into Mu Yang High School.

Eerie winds blew on the dark corridors. The empty test papers fluttered in the air, creating a scary sound like hands caressing one's heart. The classroom doors on the sides were left half-open, and old tables and chairs were arranged within. Soon, they arrived at the door to the last classroom. Without any preparation, many human faces showed up at the door, and in the classroom, many 'people' were seated.

The man obviously did not handle that scare well. He staggered back, and due to the unevenness of his body, he fell. Chen Ge, who had been watching them, quickly reached out to help the man. He had underestimated the scariness of his Haunted House, especially for those who had not been inside one before.

"Be careful." The man's reaction told Chen Ge that he was probably not the special visitor, so he focused his attention on the girl. When the man was falling, the girl had escaped from his grasp. She stood at the window and looked at the mannequins.

They looked into each other's eyes. After a while, she leaned against the window and reached out her hand to touch the mannequin's face through the window. The mannequin inside the window cooperated. It slowly leaned forward to push its face toward the window.

Realizing that the mannequin could move on its own, the girl's eyes widened even more. There was fear in her eyes, but more than that, there was also curiosity.

Standing to the side, Chen Ge caught this. He thought that the girl was similar to how Fan Yu was when he first came to the Haunted House, but they were not completely the same.

She should not be able to see the ghosts and is not as clever as Fan Yu.

After interacting with Fan Yu, Chen Ge had realized that the boy had a maturity that was way beyond his age. He knew many things, but mostly, he kept it to himself. The girl's situation was different. She gave off a feeling of purity and innocence. She got close to the mannequin not because it was hiding a homeless soul but because she was curious.

Since the boss was standing there, the mannequins naturally would not scare the girl. They put away their scary expressions to reveal welcoming smiles. They appeared so harmless and obedient, different from how they were in front of other visitors.

They moved deeper into the scenario. When they passed the Pen Spirit's room, Chen Ge stopped. "This is one of my Haunted House's famous scare point, the Pen Spirit. Many people with questions come from other cities to ask the Pen Spirit, and the spirit will sometimes answer."

Chen Ge picked up the pen that was on the table. "Do you want to give it a try? This is the chance to ask the question deep inside your heart. The Pen Spirit might answer it."

Squatting down, Chen Ge communicated with the Pen Spirit before handing the pen to the girl.

The child accepted the pen, but it was unclear if she understood what Chen Ge had said. She mirrored Chen Ge and squatted down beside the chair, gripping the pen like how she would hold a knife.

The tip of the pen fell on the paper. The girl's brows were furrowed, and she looked cute.

"Follow your heart and ask the question." Chen Ge sounded like a devil seducing a child. The girl thought for a long time before writing out the term 'Big Sister' on the paper. The handwriting was awry.

"Big sister?" The girl did not ask the Pen Spirit any questions, and Chen Ge was sure whether it was not the Pen Spirit who had written it because the spirit, Chen Yalin, was currently floating behind the girl to braid her hair and not in contact with the pen.

The girl wrote this herself?

Is this the question she wants to ask the Pen Spirit?

Or is this the answer she gave herself?

If this was any other person, Chen Ge would not have cared, but this girl could be a special visitor. So, Chen Ge tried to read her every movement deeper.

"The child has a big sister? Why didn't she come along to the park then?" Chen Ge turned to ask the man, but when he heard Chen Ge, he appeared to be greatly shocked. He stopped the tour and went forward to grab the girl, pulling her away.

The girl was spooked, and like a startled pigeon, a shrill voice escaped from her lips. Before Chen Ge could stop him, the man already dragged the girl out of the girl's dormitory.

"Don't rush. If you want to leave, I can escort you out at any time." Chen Ge believed that if they continued the tour, he might affect the pair's relationship, so he sent them out directly. The sun fell on them again, and the strange pair finally calmed down.

"Drink some water, rest here for a while. The park will open officially after thirty minutes." Chen Ge just deposited the pair at the resting hall when he saw the guard rush over with a woman who looked about thirty.

"I'm sorry to give you so much trouble." The woman was in a pantsuit. She appeared to be a worker at some company, and she gave off the feeling of a powerful businesswoman.

"You are?"

"I'm his little sister." The woman pointed at the man rather embarrassedly. "He sneaked Wen Wen out when I was working. I'll bring them back now."


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