My House of Horrors
565 New Special Visitor
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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565 New Special Visitor

"Zhang Wenyu?" Feeling the cold from the palm, Chen Ge revealed a sincere smile. "I've remembered your name. I will help you complete the victims' wishes, so we will certainly interact more in the future."

The man thought that Chen Ge was quite a good person. He took back his hand silently and suddenly did not know what to say. In all his life, he had not met anyone who could understand him, but he had found one after death.

"Do you have any wishes that can be completed around Jiujiang? Let's start with those that are closer to us. We need more preparation before we can tackle things that are further away." Chen Ge had said that he would help the man, and he was not joking.

The man did not answer. He was not sure whether he should do that or not. After all, he was the one who shouldered all the pain of the victims.

"Don't worry, I don't have any hidden intentions and will not ask anything from you as compensation. I'm just helping you out of convenience. You have to understand that you'll have difficulty completing some of these wishes, but I'm different. I'm a living person, just leave those things that are not that convenient for you to me." Chen Ge was telling the truth, and the man was slowly convinced. He had realized that he would face many problems on his journey due to his unique identity.

"Okay, how about we do it like this?" The man looked at Chen Ge, and the red in his eyes completely disappeared. "If you help me complete the wishes of these victims, in return, I will help you do some favors that are not in violation of my principle."

"You'll help me?"

"Yes, if you help me then I'll help you, isn't that fair?"

Chen Ge did not expect the man to be so upright. At the man's insistence, Chen Ge was 'forced' to agree.

"The author's wish is to shoot a horror movie that is beloved by many and has great ticket sales.

"The Doraemon costume's actor's wish is to make sure the landlady receives the utility bill that he left on his luggage.

"The wish of the cancer victim is to find someone to look after his family.

"After you complete these three wishes, I will tell you the wishes of other victims so that they can leave this world without regrets," the man said and walked away. "If you want to reach me, just call that number."

"Okay, I've memorized the number."

Chen Ge watched the man walk away. He walked down the track before disappearing into the darkness.

That went smoother than I thought. I should make some time to complete these wishes. In that case, if some danger comes to me in Eastern Jiujiang, the man should come out to help me.

Before the futuristic theme park opened for business, Chen Ge planned to deal with everything in Eastern Jiujiang. He did not waste any time and found his backpack, leaving in the opposite direction from the man.

Of the three wishes, the simplest is the theme park worker's. The cancer patient's is not that difficult either; the most challenging is the author's. He wants to shoot a movie that is both popular and well received by the critics.

Chen Ge did not get why an author's last wish was to create a movie.

A qualified Haunted House worker is also a good actor, so I'll have no problem with casting, but the problem is, who will my viewers be? How can I guarantee both popularity and quality?

Not knowing anything about movie making, Chen Ge fell into deep thought.

Yan Danian's wish to become a bestselling comic artist has not even completed, and now I have to shoot a movie. I'm just a Haunted House owner, do I have to go attend some movie making classes?

It was really difficult to make a horror movie famous, and for the time being, Chen Ge did not plan to try that.

I have enough actors, but I lack a professional director and budget. In the future, I should focus on talents like that. If the movie is famous, it can also serve as a good promotion for the Haunted House.

After taking a taxi back to the children's theme park, Chen Ge knocked on the landlady's door again. "Big sister, I'm still here for my friend. Have you found the money that he left on his luggage?"

The door was opened, and the middle-aged woman looked at Chen Ge with extreme guardedness. "What's your goal here? The man left us so long ago, and now you're coming to ask me whether I've received his utility bill payment?"

"It's like this. Before my brother left, he didn't have much worry…"

"Wait, I'm not going to lie to you. I've dumped all of his luggage. You know it's a taboo." The landlady sounded impatient.

"You've dumped it?" Chen Ge was startled, but he soon recovered. "Then how much was the bill that he owed you?"

"280, why? Are you planning to pay me on his behalf?" The middle-aged woman looked at Chen Ge coldly. Then she saw Chen Ge take out three hundred from his pocket.

"He was worried about this before he left, so he purposely reminded me about this. Take this money. I hope you won't mind. No matter what choice he had made, he did not want to owe anyone."

After paying the lady, Chen Ge took the cab back to New Century Park. Chen Ge opened the door to the staff breakroom. When he sat down on the chair, he finally relaxed, and his expression slowly changed. Chen Ge thought about what had happened that night, and there was one problem that confused him.

When I ran into the operator, I tried to call Zhang Ya, but there was no reply. Did she already know the man was not threatening, or has her injury worsened?

Zhang Ya had refused to leave his shadow, so Chen Ge had no idea how she was doing. He wanted to help but could not.

Is she hungry? Should I capture some ghosts to feed her?

Chen Ge thought he had to do something.

Xiao Bu told me that if I return to Li Wan City, I will be in mortal danger, but I can go to other places at Eastern Jiujiang. I should complete the two-star missions given by the black phone first.

With a plan made, he removed his jacket and lay down in bed to sleep. At 8 am, Chen Ge walked out from the Haunted House. He pushed the gates open and looked at the rising sun. "A new day has begun."

Before he could immerse himself in the beginning of the new day, the black phone in his pocket vibrated.

A message at a time like this?

Taking out his phone, Chen Ge clicked open the unread message.

"The special ability of the Midnight Ticket Booth has been activated! A special visitor has arrived!"

Chen Ge was gobsmacked looking at the phone. I'm not even open for business yet, where does the special visitor come from? Is the phone broken?

Holding the phone, Chen Ge looked around. Suddenly, he noticed that the guard at the gate was in the middle of an argument with someone.


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