My House of Horrors
551 Reason for Being Chosen
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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551 Reason for Being Chosen

The blood letters surfaced on the window. Both Chen Ge and Fan Chong saw it. However, their reactions were completely different. Chen Ge frowned slightly, but Fan Chong's legs weakened, and he collapsed to the ground.

"I will die?" If the Red Specter was really Xiao Bu, then she was not a normal Red Specter but a Red Specter who was also the door-pusher. In that case, she would be able to sense Zhang Ya's presence.

"Even with Zhang Ya and Xu Yin, I will still die, huh?" Chen Ge did not reveal his trump card to the girl. His real plan was to bring along Men Nan, the woman in the red raincoat, and the woman at the tunnel—five Red Specters in total.

Hearing Chen Ge's voice on the phone, the girl waved her sleeve again, and a new sentence appeared.

"He has already discovered you. If you come back to Li Wan City, you will die."

"He?" Seeing the sentence on the window, Chen Ge caught onto the important information. The culprit was a male, or perhaps he had been male when he was alive. The blood letters disappeared soon after. Chen Ge wanted to ask the girl more questions—he tried several times, but Chen Ge soon realized that no matter the question, the answer from the girl was the same.

"Come back to Li Wan City, and you will die."

It was devoid of emotion; the girl was merely stating a fact. Chen Ge tried to get some more information from the girl, but it was to no avail.

Several minutes later, Fan Chong, who was on the floor, finally could not resist it anymore. His arm was completely frozen, and his mind was blank. Just as he moved his body, his neck turned instinctively around. The girl did not seem like she wished to be seen by more people. Just as Fan Chong turned his neck, she disappeared and went into hiding.

"Boss Chen, did you see something in my room? How come I can't see anything!" Fan Chong had been given quite a fright. Initially, he had thought Chen Ge was purposely trying to scare him, but once the blood letters appeared on the window, he had entered full panic mode.

"Stay inside the room. I'll be there in a minute!"

"Okay, er, can you not end the call? I'm rather afraid."

Chen Ge did not hear what Fan Chong said. He charged up the stairs at one go. "Fan Chong, open the door."

The door finally opened after a long time. Fan Chong held onto the wall, and his steps were uneven.

"Boss Chen, what was behind me earlier‽ You didn't tell me anything, but it only makes it feel much scarier with my imagination!" Fan Chong was technically a witness, so Chen Ge thought about it and decided to tell him the truth. "There was a very cute little girl standing behind you earlier. I suspect that she is Xiao Bu from the game."

"Xiao Bu?" Fan Chong was stunned. "She came out from the game‽"

"Quiet down. Your big brother is still sleeping. Don't wake him up."

"What time is it? Who cares about that anymore! Tomorrow, we're going to move!" Fan Chong was really spooked. He had fainted at the Haunted House, but at least he could still tell himself that everything there was fake. However, this was his home. In the future, he would think about this every time he closed his eyes.

"Don't panic, let's talk about this first." Chen Ge led Fan Chong into his bedroom. Everything looked the same. Chen Ge walked to the computer to look at the game—there was nothing different about Xiao Bu in the game.

"Boss Chen, you don't need to advise me anymore; I have to move. This is too scary, and I will stop playing the game. Take it with you. In fact, I'll gift you my whole computer setup."

"Calm down." Chen Ge patted Fan Chong's shoulders. "The girl looks very cute. She doesn't look like a bad person."

"The key point is that she is a ghost!" Fan Chong sat down beside the computer table. Then he was reminded of something, and he nudged the chair back.

"She doesn't mean you harm. If she did, you would have been injured a long time ago." Chen Ge looked at the game. "How many tenants are there here?"

"Most of the tenants have moved away, so I'd guess, about two hundred people remain." Fan Chong was confused. "But why would you want to know about that?"

"The area has around two hundred people, so why did the girl choose you?" Chen Ge looked at Fan Chong with suspicion.

"Because I'm unlucky, that's why. Mocked, dumped, and fired. I'm a complete loser in life." The flesh on Fan Chong's face jiggled.

"I think it's the complete opposite—the girl probably wanted to help you."

"Help me?" Fan Chong slowly calmed down.

"Tell me in detail what happened during the time you came into contact with this game. There has to be a reason the girl chose you." Chen Ge felt weird. How did Xiao Bu in the game come into contact with Fan Chong?

Fan Chong gripped his hands together. He thought about it for a long time before saying, "Okay, but you have to promise me that you won't tell my brother. I don't want him to worry."

"Okay, no problem."

"Actually, I was in deep despair quite some time ago. I'd been at work for several years already, but the work wasn't going well. I'm probably the type of person who is destined to never shine. From school to work, I was always isolated. A few weeks ago, my boss came to me to ask about my real passion, something that was not related to work. I got the hint that he was hoping that I would quit, and I agreed." Fan Chong finally told the truth and revealed his secret to Chen Ge.

"When I got home, I called my girlfriend. I complained to her on the phone. She listened to me patiently, and when I was done, she told me calmly that she wanted a break-up. She said that she was tired of listening to me talk about such things. She lost the ability to even act interested in my life.

"I apologized to her and tried many ways to salvage the relationship, but no matter what I did, she did not forgive me. I bought a present and waited for her at her company, and I saw her leave the place with a man who was very tall and handsome.

"I asked her colleague, and she did not seem to know about my existence. She told me that my girlfriend had been with the guy for a long time already, and they were apparently discussing marriage."

His face was squeezed together, and Fan Chong's grip tightened. "I have no idea how I got home. My thoughts were a mess, and I hated people, but more than that, I hated myself. At the time, I thought about leaving.

"I went to the roof and stood there for three hours. Whenever I thought about making that step, I would hear someone call my name. I stood there from afternoon to dusk. My stomach growled, and suddenly, I missed my brother's cooking. I turned back and went back home.

"Then, I found this game. I locked myself in the game, and I've dedicated myself to clearing the game ever since."

"It will get better." Chen Ge attempted to console him. "I believe I know why Xiao Bu found you. It was probably Xiao Bu who pulled you back from the edge of despair. Perhaps from her perspective, you are both people cut from the same cloth, so you should be able to understand her situation."


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