My House of Horrors
546 Persuasion
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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546 Persuasion

After the hearse connected Western Jiujiang to Eastern Jiujiang, Chen Ge did not expect the black phone to unlock two 4-star scenarios and one 3.5-star scenario.

The few missions are probably related, and the culprit in Eastern Jiujiang might be hiding at one of the scenarios.

Chen Ge looked at the mission information on the phone and had a hard time calming down.

Xin Hai Central Hospital, I have not heard of this place. And the ghost fetus, there's no way I can tell the mission content from the name alone.

Conflicted, Chen Ge thought about the situation. The previous three-star scenario had led him to face a weird individual like Doctor Gao, then the four-star scenario might have a presence more powerful than a Red Specter. Chen Ge was familiar with the difference between a normal spirit and a Red Specter.

Similarly, the ghost above Red Specter would be far more powerful than a normal Red Specter. Even a top Red Specter like Zhang Ya might not be able to fight them. Chen Ge thought back to all the ghosts that he had encountered since obtaining the black phone to try to speculate the power of a ghost above Red Specter.

Lingering spirits cannot be communicated with—they're just a thought that refuses to leave. They are even afraid of people with too much Yang energy.

Normal baleful Specters will not appear in broad daylight, and they normally possess a certain object for survival. However, rare-type Specters are completely different. Each of them possesses a special power, and even though their spirit might be limited, they are able to toy with human beings with their power.

Above that will be a half Red Specter—these are baleful Specters that have the potential to become Red Specters. All of them are cruel and violent monsters. After finding their heart, half Red Specters will become real Red Specters, and they can control these weird blood threads along with many other weird powers.

I've seen the way Zhang Ya fights people—it was similar to other Red Specters, but the only difference is that her black hair appeared endless, like once touched, you'd be dragged into an endless blackened sea of despair.

Zhang Ya was undeniably the strongest Red Specter that Chen Ge had currently; however, her attack method was still quite singular. She was merely the strongest among the Red Specters, and there was no tactical change about her.

The black blood stain that the ghost stories society obtained from behind the door seems to be useful to Zhang Ya. However, Zhang Ya became obviously more ruthless after she consumed it. If she continues to consume those black blood stain, she might one day run amok.

Regarding this top Red Specter that lived in his shadow, Chen Ge really did not know what kind of attitude he should use to face her.

There's no use cracking my head over it now. I'll think about it when I chance upon the black blood.

Li Wan City's mission was 3.5 stars—it was half a star more difficult than the underground morgue. Zhang Ya was injured, and Xu Yin still had not found his heart. Chen Ge thought about it and decided that it was not yet time to start this mission.

I should try to finish the first few three-star missions first and come back to this mission after I obtain more Red Specters.

Chen Ge looked at the empty space where the bus was parked. The driver had said that there was supposed to be a bus stop there, and he had seen it in the game. However, in real life, the bus stop had disappeared. This went to show many things. The ghosts that were hidden deep inside Li Wan City were probably cautious of Chen Ge as well.

The driver said that his mission is to send living humans to Li Wan City because the shadow is rearing something at Li Wan City. The culprit is probably afraid that I might show up to ruin his plan completely.

The plan had been started several years ago, to siphon all the despair to a small town and then purposely make a door go out of control. To commit to such a large scale, this was definitely more than cultivating a Red Specter.

Chen Ge was suddenly reminded of the many children who had met grisly ends in the game at Lin Wan City. His eyes moved to the four-star Trial Mission—Ghost Fetus. "These two missions are probably related—could the ghost fetus be the thing that the shadow is cultivating in Li Wan City?"

The ghost fetus was rated a four-star mission by the black phone, so there had to be something scary about it. However, Chen Ge currently had too little information to come up with a useful hypothesis.

I need to find Xiao Bu first! Before clearing the game, I shouldn't start the trial mission in Li Wan City.

The game reflected reality, and the plot in the game reflected the actual murders that happened in real life. Chen Ge believe that by completing the game and mastering all the side quests, it would be greatly helpful when he tackled the mission in Li Wan City in real life.

But I'm still lacking power.

His heart was unsettled. The appearance of two four-star scenarios made Chen Ge feel a sense of danger.

I cannot give up any chance to improve the Haunted House's power.

Reminded of something, Chen Ge picked up the unconscious child to return to the bus. Sitting at the driver's seat, Chen Ge tried to operate the bus. He realized that the bus was seriously outdated like it could crumble at any minute.

Stepping on the pedal, Chen Ge turned the bus around. The large Li Wan City had no trace of light. Chen Ge drove the bus alone down the road. He drove the bus to the entrance to Li Wan City. There was a singular red shadow standing at the bus stop by the roadside.

The bus stopped, and Chen Ge had Xu Yin escort the middle-aged lady off the bus. Once the middle-aged lady was carried off the bus, the woman in the red raincoat's eyes turned red immediately, and she almost lost control.

"If you kill here, the clue to your child's location will be lost." Chen Ge stood before the woman, the desire to kill that radiated from the woman overwhelmed Chen Ge. "She sent your child into Li Wan City, so we need her to give us the exact location."

The woman slowly calmed down. Her eyes moved from the middle-aged woman to fall on Chen Ge.

This was the first time that Chen Ge had seen the woman's face up close. There were small nicks on her cheeks and neck. Her lips were sewn shut by blood threads, and they would tear whenever she wanted to speak.

"Life sure is hard for you as well, and I sincerely want to help you. I will leave you to deal with this middle-aged woman—I hope you can get the location of your child from her." Chen Ge sighed. "I know that you have your own reason for not entering Li Wan City, but if you wish to find your child, you will have to enter it. I don't ask that you listen to my command—I just want to tell you that I will accompany you to help you find your child."

The woman in the red raincoat was shaken, and Chen Ge added while the iron was hot, "After you get your child's location, you can come find me at Western Jiujiang's New Century Park. I promise you in the capacity of the chairperson of the ghost stories society, no matter how dangerous Li Wan City is, I will accompany you into the city to help you find your child."


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