My House of Horrors
483 Boss Chen“s Personal Charm
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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483 Boss Chen“s Personal Charm

His hands in the pockets, the sun extended Chen Ge's shadow. This was a man who had normal looks but oozed charm. After Chen Ge returned to the Haunted House, the stunned visitors exploded. The sound of discussion threatened to swallow the whole theme park.

"All nine visitors have been pushed out‽ This is a wipeout!"

"This has to be a four-star scenario, right?"

"My legs are already weak even though the game hasn't started, what do I do?"

"Listen to yourself, it's just nine fainted visitors, what is so surprising about that? Boss, I just bought the ticket to the underground morgue, but can I change the ticket? I'm really not afraid. I just think the Third Sick Hall is more suitable for me."

The visitors crowded around the entrance, and the situation was getting out of control. Uncle Xu was swallowed by the wave of people, and he could not move even if he wanted to. He yelled at the top of his lungs, "Where are the doctors? You don't need to bring the stretcher—just roll them away like this!"

"Boss, can we swap our tickets here?"

"This is too much!"

"Can we take a picture with the nine visitors?"

"Yang Chen! My god, I saw people from our school!"

"It's really our school's students! Wait a minute, why do these trolleys look so familiar‽"

The crowd rushed forward, and Uncle Xu screamed, "Chen Ge! Chen Ge! Get out here!"

The heavy curtains were already closed. Chen Ge sat next to the table and poured himself a glass of water. This time, they really misunderstood me. Technically, the place shouldn't be that scary. Is it because the Haunted House has been upgraded to Maze of Terror? Does that make it easier for the visitors to get scared?

Unlocking the black phone, Chen Ge found the explanation for Maze of Terror. As the Haunted House continued to expand, the visitors would get lost both physically and mentally. After the House of Horrors upgraded, it became a Maze of Terror. What is after Maze of Terror? A scary theme park? How come it fits my aim of creating a terror-based theme park so perfectly?

The appearance of the underground morgue gave Chen Ge a breather. This one scenario was enough for Chen Ge to explore for a long time.

All nine visitors who have survived two-star scenarios were taken down. In the future, this three-star scenario might become a local legend.

This batch of visitors were powerful, but they had all fainted before they reached the central hub. All the scares that Chen Ge had prepared there were wasted.

Temporarily, I have more than enough scenarios to use. The thing that I need to focus on is to expand the other functions to unlock the Haunted House's full potential to deal with the futuristic theme park.

Chen Ge pretended to not hear the noise coming from outside and studied the black phone. I haven't gotten the chance to see the item that I got from completing the Third Sick Hall's hidden mission. I should make use of this chance to go take a look.

After the ghost stories society was eliminated, Chen Ge got the reward from the black phone—the chairperson's letter of appointment. He entered the Props Room and found an envelope inside the wooden box left in the corner. He opened it to see a letter written with familiar handwriting.

"When I'm walking in the darkness, I'm the scariest ghost story in this city."

It was not signed, but Chen Ge believed that it had been written by Doctor Gao. Chen Ge placed the letter next to the patient's list, and he could clearly sense the mad souls of these patients calming down.

All these patients have unlimited potential. I should try to summon them in the future.

Putting away these things, Chen Ge returned to the entrance because there was a new batch of visitors waiting.

The visitors woke up at around 2 pm. Everyone felt like their head was heavy, and they were tense. The cute girl among them smashed her phone after she woke up. The few others seemed to have some scars left in them about doctors. Whenever they saw people in white coats, they would subconsciously shy away.

Chen Ge cared about his visitors. After he heard that they had woken up, he immediately ran to the infirmary.

The three editors woke up first. They chatted for a long time with Chen Ge and invited Chen Ge to come to their office in Eastern Jiujiang. They believed that the designer behind such a Haunted House had to be a storied person.

The three medical students' situation was not that serious. In fact, when they were still inside the Haunted House, they had already been checked by the group of doctors. Doctor Wei and Mr Liu had only let them go after confirming that they could still go back to class like usual and did not need to take a day off.

"Boss Chen…" Yang Chen was young, and he was naturally arrogant. He was the top of his class, and he had always been praised since he was young. He rarely got beaten like this, and that was why he was so adamant to clear the Haunted House.

"What is it that you want to tell me?" Chen Ge had no idea what the child had experienced in the Haunted House.

Yang Chen opened his lips but did not know what to say. Finally, he gripped his fists and stared at Chen Ge. "This is just a temporarily set back. I will definitely return!"

"I admire your courage, and I will give you a twenty percent discount for your future tickets, but remember you're still a student, don't lose sight of that." Chen Ge also considered that Yang Chen was a student and thus had limited funds, so he added that.

Hearing that, Yang Chen's fists slowly released. He looked at Chen Ge, and his heart was conflicted. He knew that the man had toyed with him for the whole day, but facing Chen Ge, Yang Chen was unable to hate him.

Walking past the three students, Chen Ge turned to look at Xiao Lee. "You cleared all the one-star and two-star scenarios alone in just one morning, then you quickly followed them to challenge the newly released three-star scenario. Actually, I noticed you when you came in for the first time—you are different from others. Other people came to enjoy the experience—they were either nervous or excited—but you look like you're forced."

When Xiao Lee was challenging the one-star scenario, he had already been detected by the phone spirit, so Chen Ge had known about him from the start. Since the guide for the earlier scenarios was already on the internet, Chen Ge did not mind him.

Xiao Lee did not dare to raise his head to meet Chen Ge's eyes.

"The reason you're here should be related to the futuristic theme park, right?" The smile on Chen Ge's face had not changed. He sat down next to Xiao Lee. "Don't worry, I will not expose you. No matter your intention, as long as you're in my Haunted House, you're my guest, and for that, you deserve the best service we have to offer."

Chen Ge looked out the window. "Haven't you people been wondering why my Haunted House has so many visitors? The answer is actually very simple. I sincerely want to give my visitors their best experience, and to that end, I do my best every time."

Xiao Lee nodded like he somewhat understood it. Then he quickly shook his head. The clumsy way that he reacted made Chen Ge smile. "If you were my worker, I would have followed you to do the visitation, not dumped you to face the ordeal alone and refused to show up to bring you back."

Standing up, Chen Ge still did not mention the word 'phone'. "Take good care of yourself."

He turned to walk to Fan Dade and Fan Chong. Xiao Lee looked at Chen Ge's back, and he held the phone that was hidden under his pillow, feeling uncomfortable.


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