My House of Horrors
471 Chance to Struggle
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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471 Chance to Struggle

The atmosphere in the corridor changed tremendously compared to before. The people that stood at the entrance of the warehouse all turned to look down the junction. The sound of the bouncing head became clearer, and the lights went off one by one. Fan Dade, who stood at the forefront, could clearly see a human shadow standing in the dark.

The body swayed, and the head that was attached to the shoulders looked like it could fall at any moment. There was also a pair of arms of different length. It looked like they had hurriedly been sewn on. It hid in the dark and jumped up and down on its tiptoes.

A woman's mumbling drilled into his ears. It was soft and sad. No one could hear exactly what she was saying, but it sounded like pleading and also complaining. The content was about how she wanted to borrow something.

Anxiety, fear, and pressure injected into their souls, and terror crawled out from the corner. Fan Dade's legs were weakening, and a chill ran up his neck like a pair of icy hands leaning out from his shirt to caress him. Sweat trickled down his forehead, and his legs shivered. All the lights in the three remaining corridors at the junction went out; only darkness remained.

The sound of a beating heart and bouncing head slowly acclimated to each other's rhythm. The lights were still going off, and the light several meters in front of Fan Dade was extinguished without warning.

The teetering body was closing in on them.

His legs shook even more. As Fan Dade was about to turn, the light next to him went out. Half of his body was shrouded in darkness, and his large body was like a wall, bordering on the edge of light and darkness.

His neck turned colder and colder. The shivers crawled up his leg like millions of ants had crawled into his clothes. His energy was slowly drained, and he tried to scream, but his throat was locked. His pupils almost narrowed into dots.

A pool of darkness reached out from the shadow toward Fan Dade. Soaked in formalin for so long, their skin was as tough as cows hide. It stuck to Fan Dade's body, and the shadow was darkening before the face revealed itself.

The skull was hollowed, and when it appeared, it shattered Fan Dade's mind. In that moment, it felt like his heart had stopped beating and the blood in his body ran the other way. It was something that was hard to describe. Fainting or screaming became a luxury.

Who can save me? Who can save me?

It was unclear who made that noise or the place that it came from. Fan Dade's frame started to shake, and his skin color slowly turned abnormal.

"Bro? What's… wrong with you?" Fan Chong's voice appeared behind Fan Dade. It gave the man some semblance of light in the whirlpool of darkness. He was reminded of the sibling whom he had grown up with. Fan Chong had said something similar when they were young.

The blood rushed to his brain, and Fan Dade slowly turned his head around. His face was filled with popped veins. His expression was twisted, and his quivering lips slowly opened. Standing in the darkness, Fan Dade used every ounce of energy he had to scream, "They're coming! Run!"

His back was chilled, and liquid came out from his ears. His ears were dominated by the sound of nails scratching in the dark. He felt like the faceless monster had crawled onto his body in the dark and the hands that were dripping with formalin covered his ears.

His mind was blank. He saw his little brother's lips open but could not hear his voice. Fan Dade screamed at the top of his lungs. He was like a spooked bull. He grabbed his little brother, who was also shaking, and ran down the corridor whose lights were still on.

"Run! They're coming! They're just behind us!" His scalp felt like exploding, and his every strand of muscle was shaking. Fan Dade did not turn around and did not care about the other visitors; his mind was filled with the image of that face!

"Brother!" His arm was grabbed, so Fan Chong could not struggle, only allowing himself to be dragged by Fan Dade.

"Where are you two going‽ Come back here!" Ol' Zhou called after them. His voice could be heard by everyone inside the warehouse.

Bai Qiulin was the first to run after them. Behind him were Xiao Lee and the medical students.

"Come back!" Ol' Zhou screamed again. With an anxious expression, he pulled Duan Yue to make chase as well.

"Follow them!" Bai Qiulin, Xiao Lee, and Yang Chen's group chased after the two. Things happened too suddenly—no one expected a visitor to suddenly go insane. Fang Dade and Fan Chong reached the end of the corridor and rushed down one of the split paths without looking. Ol' Zhou was the closest to them, but after Ol' Zhou got into the corridor, he paused.

Before him was a T-junction, and the curious thing was… there were footsteps coming from all three corridors!

"Should be this way." Ol' Zhou grabbed Duan Yue's hand and ran down one of the corridors, but he only took few steps when Bai Qiulin held him back. "Stop, we mustn't lose our stability at a time like this!"

"Let me go!" Ol' Zhou swung Bai Qiulin's aside. He could not watch their friends disappear into the darkness!

Ol' Zhou shoved hardly, and Bai Qiulin staggered backward to knock into the wall. Xiao Lee and the medical students who followed behind them saw this clearly.

"Brother! Don't act so impulsively! We cannot chase them anymore!" Yang Chen said quickly. His mind moved fast, and he realized that this was a trap. "Calm down, we need to calm down!"

He was afraid that Ol' Zhou would run off and stopped him with Xiao Lee's help, but right then, the only light in the corridor went out!

The whole corridor was plunged into darkness.

"Squat down and stay where you are! Don't move!" Yang Chen shouted.

No one could tell what happened in the dark. The footsteps of the Fan siblings slowly disappeared, and they were replaced by the wheeling sound of a trolley.

Something was following behind the brothers!

Thirty seconds later, the light came back on.

The group of people slowly came up from the ground. They looked at each other and saw terror reflected in each other's eyes.

"The lights went off, and two visitors disappeared. What about that trolley sound? What is chasing after the brothers? What did they see?" Yang Chen's mind was filled with questions. The more he thought about it, the more unsettled he became. What happened earlier was like a pail of ice water that fell on him, making him chilled from head to toe.

All that preparation was for nothing, and the feeling of helplessness was worse than despair!

Yang Chen gripped his hands and took in a cold breath. "Are we not even given the chance to struggle?"


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