My House of Horrors
464 Welcome to the Maze of Terror!
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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464 Welcome to the Maze of Terror!

"You didn't see it?" Xiao Gu turned back to look, and the buildings on the side of the road seemed to change again. "That's weird; the bus was still there earlier."

Inside the dressing room of the Haunted House, after sending the bonuses to Xu Wan and Xiao Gu, he tossed the phone aside and focused on putting the make-up on the mannequins. With Mortician's Make-up, he reconstructed the cadavers' most realistic look. Their eyes were popping and filled with envy toward the living.

I should hollow out the faces for these few, maybe I can make them detachable. The face will turn and shatter when the visitors get close.

Chen Ge tried his best and worked until 2 am, when he finished the make-up on all twenty mannequins.

By then, Chen Ge was feeling tired. He set his alarm and went to sleep. He had just lain down when the phone in his pocket vibrated. In his blurred state, he sought out his phone and realized that it was a new message on the black phone.

"Congratulations for completing the third expansion! The Haunted house has been upgraded to a Maze of Terror! The maximum number of ownable Red Specters has increased! The limitation on the number of employees has increased!

"Maze of Terror's Special Effect: Lowering of sense of direction (The rest of the special effect will unlock after the fourth expansion; it will be a process of the body and the soul being lost).

"Specter's Favored, congratulations for upgrading the Haunted House to Maze of Terror. The random unique construct won is 'The Screaming Door'!

"The Screaming Door: When you're all prepared to scream, you'll be able to push open this door! Third expansion completed; three-star scenario underground morgue has been unlocked!"

Chen Ge woke up instantly from the successive messages. The expansion is already done‽

He put on his jacket and ran out the staff breakroom. When he prepared to go underground, he realized that the wooden boards next to the entrance to Night of the Living Dead had disappeared. In their place was a pure-black, steel door that was carved with the faces of various baleful Specters!

This is the new reward? The Screaming Door? The solid door blocked the only entrance and exit. Chen Ge walked to the door and touched the realistic carving, and the screams echoed in his mind. He held the door handle and pushed it open.

After the upgrade, the underground scenario looked creepier. Walking in it, it felt like someone was calling his name and he was almost convinced to follow it.

There should be other hidden effects. He walked down the stairs. The left path led to Mu Yang High School, the right led to the Third Sick Hall, the road forward led to Coffin Village, and the newly unlocked underground morgue was directly behind.

Chen Ge took a spin, and with the black phone's help, he checked all the scare points. After confirming that there were no security threats, he returned to the ground floor to move the mannequins into the scenario.

The mannequins can house several ghosts. After they get used to this tempo, this should come as quite a surprise to the visitors. Oh right, where should I put the doctors? Scaring people is not their specialty—maybe I should set up a special medic room for them to stop them from running about.

Chen Ge designed the scenario, and when he was done, it was already dawn. He slept for as long as he could, and he woke up punctually at 8:15 am. He opened the door. A new day has arrived. Hopefully, the visitors will love the new scenario.

He took out his phone and released the information on the new scenario on the app designed by Director Luo for the Haunted House. When this new introduction appeared in the app, it immediately attracted the attention of all the online users.

Many were surprised at how fast Chen Ge's Haunted House was expanding. Their clearing speed was slower than the boss' expansion. Many people left messages that they were going to challenge the new scenario, and some pointed out that Chen Ge really did love his job or else he would not have worked so fast to make such great quality content for them to enjoy.

"This system designed by Director Luo sure has its uses." Chen Ge snapped a few pictures of the new scenario and uploaded them. Seeing the reception, he logged off. "The warm reception is to be expected. Today will probably mark the return of the fervent aficionado."

Xu Wan entered the park at 8:20 am. Chen Ge helped her with the make-up, but even after Xu Wan got into the scenario, Xiao Gu was still not there. "Stuck in traffic?"

He tried to call, but no one answered. At around 9 am, Chen Ge saw Xiao Gu run into the park.

"Boss, I'm so sorry!" Xiao Gu gasped for air, and his face was rather pale.

"Did something happen to you?" Chen Ge looked at Xiao Gu and felt that something was wrong.

"I returned too late last night and did not have a good night sleep, so I woke up late this morning." Xiao Gu apologized multiple times. "Boss, I'll go do my make-up now."

"Okay, no need to rush." Chen Ge looked at Xiao Gu, who ran into the Haunted House, and could not shake the feeling that something was off. He reminded himself to pay him extra attention.

The park opened at 9 am. The visitors rushed in, and Chen Ge could clearly tell that the holiday was coming—the number of visitors had increased so much. When the holiday arrives, the real battle between us and the futuristic park will begin. As long as we do not lose too many visitors, there's a chance we can win this.

Chen Ge had seen the inside information of the park, so he was familiar with their strength.

In just five minutes after the park opened, there was already a long queue at the Haunted House. Some had even started lining up before the park even opened. They rushed toward the Haunted House when the gate opened.

"Please don't push!" Uncle Xu and the workers came to help maintain the order. Chen Ge entered the resting hall to use his phone to enter the intro that he had written for the new scenario into the screen.

"Weird noises came from the morgue, and the trolley that transported the dead bodies moved up and down the corridor. Formalin was thick in the air. To leave this place, you need to make a choice—a choice between red or white corridor.

"There is a group of immortals living under the biggest underground morgue in Jiujiang. Their eyes open when they smelled the formalin. This is the latest three-star scenario at the Haunted House—The Underground Morgue."

The intro managed to grab the attention of many visitors, but they were clever now. No one was willing to be the first test subject.

"Like usual, since today is the first day for the new scenario, the ticket price for the new scenario will be halved!"


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