My House of Horrors
455 I Cannot Lose Unless I Don“t Want to Win
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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455 I Cannot Lose Unless I Don“t Want to Win

<p>Doctor Gao hugged his heavily-injured wife and leaned against the blood pool. He reached his hand into his white coat. He was barely standing, and Chen Ge knew that he had no energy left to pose a threat. Yet, in that condition, Doctor Gao still had a smile on his face, and that smile made Chen Ge uncomfortable. The blood world was collapsing, and the flesh that made up the walls and floor lost its color. Even the blood rain was drying up.</p><p>"I am familiar with every single Specter that you have, including Men Nan from the Third Sick Hall. I've predicted everything, and this scenario did cross my mind a few times." Doctor Gao took out a sticky notebook that was covered with blood from his pocket and tossed it at Chen Ge.</p><p>For the sake of safety, Chen Ge did not reach out to grab it and allowed the notebook to fall to the ground. The book fell open, and the draft flipped through the many pages. It was filled with the predictions of what might have happened. Looking at the date, they had been written a few days ago.</p><p>"Why are you showing me this? To prove that you did not lose in terms of intelligence?" Chen Ge also had a habit of recording important stuff, and in that regard, he was really similar to Doctor Gao.</p><p>"I just want to tell you that everything is part of my design. I want to force myself into a decision. Only when you have no other options and no hope will you make the most correct choice." Doctor Gao reached into his coat again to pull out a sharp scalpel from his pocket.</p><p>"In these five years, I've done multiple experiments, but I cannot find a way to awaken my wife. She has lost all of her memory, and I cannot find her soul. I can only order her to do something to lie to myself. I know that when she was pushed into the emergency room, I'd already lost her." Doctor Gao looked at the reflection on the scalpel. He hugged his wife, whose expression was rather dumb without an order from Doctor Gao. "Everything I did was to bring her back. Is that not a simple wish?"</p><p>When Doctor Gao spoke, black threads crawled out from the cadavers around him, and they drilled into his body. The black threads carried with them heavy negative emotions. They were formed from pure negative feelings.</p><p>"This day has finally arrived. It is sooner than I expected; I originally planned to make this decision after Xiao Xue's wedding."</p><p>"What are you trying to say?" Doctor Gao's emotions were very unstable, and Chen Ge silently called after Zhang Ya.</p><p>"Actually, in his blood world, there is another hidden Specter." Doctor Gao's eyes were so emotionless that it was quite scary.</p><p>"Another Specter?"</p><p>The black threads kept crawling into Doctor Gao's body. These were more than one hundred human lives that had been taken by the ghost stories society.</p><p>"Chen Ge, you've been to Coffin Village, so you should know, after death, the door-pusher will become the scariest Specter." Doctor Gao raised the scalpel, and the black threads danced in a maddened frequency in his eyes. The whiteness in his eyes was completely eclipsed, and his eyes turned as black as onyx. "Actually, I'm curious about what is above a Red Specter!"</p><p>As a doctor, Doctor Gao knew which part of his body to hit to deliver a fatal blow!</p><p>The silver blade plunged downward, and no one was close enough to stop him. This happened so suddenly. Chen Ge did not expect Doctor Gao's last trump card to be himself. No wonder he was able to keep his cool. Like he said, he was already prepared for any eventuality.</p><p>"The last Specter in this world will be Doctor Gao, who pushed the door open." Chen Ge looked at the man from afar. When Zhang Ya's hair curled around Doctor Gao's arm, the blade had already punctured his skin. No one could stop him. Just as Chen Ge was about to give up, there was a scream of a girl coming from the door. "Dad!"</p><p>The familiar voice reminded Chen Ge of someone, but said person had not used such a tone in her words before. In his mind, the girl was calm in the face of everything. She used the hardest shell to protect her heart.</p><p>Turning back, a fair girl stood at the entrance. She looked at Doctor Gao with red-rimmed eyes, her fingers tightly intertwined. Behind the girl were two crematorium workers. They slowly walked out with shaking legs.</p><p>"Gao Ru Xue?" Chen Ge thought back to the fact that he had visited Gao Ru Xue before he came to the underground morgue. When he left, he had even covered her with a blanket.</p><p>Hearing his daughter's voice, Doctor Gao's hand paused, and the blade stopped moving. However, he did not stop completely. Two different types of emotions battled in his black eyes, and the blade inched down his skin little by little.</p><p>When Gao Ru Xue saw this, she screamed and cried as she ran toward Doctor Gao. The scalpel was still reaching toward the heart. When it was a third of the way through, five slender fingers reached out from Doctor Gao's embrace to lightly curl around his hand that held the scalpel.</p><p>His body shook—there was a shock and clarity in Doctor Gao's dark eyes. He turned to look at the woman in his embrace with disbelief. At that moment, he had not given the woman any orders. The man and the body seemed to have frozen in time. Gao Ru Xue finally caught up to them. Her warm hands gripped Doctor Gao's hand tightly.</p><p>"Please follow me home." Feeling the warmth on the back of his hand, Doctor Gao looked at the wife in his embrace. That five slender fingers were between his hand and Gao Ru Xue's like she wanted to grab hold of both of them at the same time.</p><p>The black threads in his eyes were temporarily suspended, and the pupils slowly returned to normal. Doctor Gao released his hands that held the scalpel. He held his wife's hand and then turned to look at Gao Ru Xue.</p><p>"This is the first time you've called me…"</p><p>"I know what you've been doing, and I wanted to help you keep the secret, so I didn't dare tell anyone anything. I couldn't even sleep peacefully at night because I was afraid that I might say something wrong in my sleep!" Gao Ru Xue was detached and disliked human interaction. She finally revealed the reason why; she had been hiding this secret for so long.</p><p>"I know." Doctor Gao did not touch Gao Ru Xue, as if afraid that he might curse the girl with his touch.</p><p>Gao Ru Xue held Doctor Gao's white coat, which was dyed with blood, and used a pleading tone to beg, "Dad, let's go home."</p><p>Shaking his head, Doctor Gao tightened his embrace to pull his wife closer. "From the moment I pushed the door open five years ago, it has been destined that I cannot go back."</p><p>He moved his gaze to look at Chen Ge, and he grabbed the scalpel stuck in his chest again.</p><p>Blood flowed out from the wound, and the madness in the doctor's slowly receded. The way he looked at Chen Ge reminded Chen Ge of the first time he met the good doctor at Fang Hwa Apartments. He was confident but mature, a man with a story. "I should be the only one who can understand you. All of your reactions, I've predicted them one week ago. I cannot lose unless I have no intention of winning from the very beginning."</p><p>His grip tightened and slowly pulled the scalpel out of his chest.</p>


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