My House of Horrors
454 The Last Red Specter
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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454 The Last Red Specter

The black hair dragged the monster and the woman into it. It looked like a suspended black ocean from outside, completely barring the blood world. The people on the outside had no idea what was happening inside.

"Don't mind them!" Chen Ge was straightforward. Since he had no power to intrude into the fight between Zhang Ya and the other two Red Specters, if he wanted to help Zhang Ya, he had to figure out a different method. Xiong Qing, who was isolated, was perhaps the opening.

Xu Yin and Xiong Qing's battle had reached the climax, and Xu Yin's body had started to crack with wounds. Blood flowed out, but the more intense the pain, the stronger he became. In contrast, things were not looking good for Xiong Qing. After Doctor Gao stole all the blood from the world, Xiong Qing had lost the blood world's support, so he no longer had the home field advantage.

Hearing Chen Ge's call, Men Nan pouted and controlled the blood mist unwillingly as he walked toward Xiong Qing. The boy had no choice. If he did not help Chen Ge, after Doctor Gao dealt with Zhang Ya, he would be next. Turning back to sneak a look at the endless black hair, fear crossed his eyes. If he helped Chen Ge deal with Doctor Gao, he was afraid that he would be Zhang Ya's next meal. He lamented his weakness. He had brought shame to the name of Red Specter. However, with no better solution, he could only try his best to help Chen Ge and pray that the man would say a few good words for his sake before Zhang Ya.

"I must have lost my mind back then! Why would I tell him that the best way to become a Red Specter is to consume a Red Specter‽" Xu Yin and Xiong Qing continued to trade blows. They fought like they had no use for their lives. Men Nan tried to find the opportunity to sneak in some attacks, and the other employees also surrounded them.

The pressure on Xiong Qing increased. There were no fewer wounds on his body than Xu Yin's, and his wounded body was almost at his limit.

"Do not give him the chance to rest! Get him!" Chen Ge was out for blood. Xiong Qing had tried to kill him so many times, so of course, he would not show the man mercy. From Chen Ge's perspective, Xiong Qing was the key to winning this battle. If Xu Yin could consume Xiong Qing, their chance of winning would increase tremendously.

Compared to a one-on-one fight, Chen Ge was more familiar with swamping his enemy with numbers. He grabbed the comic, looking for an opening. Xiong Qing was very familiar with Chen Ge. If anyone was targeted by this man, regardless of whether they were a ghost or a living person, their ending would not be good. The man was like misfortune incarnate—only by killing him could he sigh in relief.

The ghosts assaulted him, and the wounds on Xiong Qing's body increased. He felt like a lamb surrounded by wolves. The most horrible thing was that the ghosts had no honor and exploited tactics like ambushing to their maximum. They kept picking his blind spots to attack.

"Too slow! Don't hold back!" Chen Ge urged his people. Men Nan finally made his move. His body slowly morphed into the blood mist and hid behind Bai Qiulin. A few ghosts were swept away by Xiong Qing's blood wing. Bai Qiulin skipped upward and used this opportunity to bite at Xiong Qing's neck.

He was too slow, at least much slower than Xiong Qing. Before he got close, Xiong Qing had already responded. The blood curled together to form a needle to pierce at Bai Qiulin. Just as the needle was about to puncture Bai Qiulin, the blood mist moved him away, and it slipped through the attack to cover itself around Xiong Qing's head.

"Such trouble." The mist condensed into Men Nan's shape. He stood on Xiong Qing's shoulders, and his fingers pierced directly into Xiong Qing's neck!

"I disliked you when you were at the Third Sick Hall. Kept telling me ghost stories about the broken hands under the bed, and now look, we're both ghosts! I have no reason to be afraid of you anymore!"

His eyes turned red, and his expression twisted. Men Nan did not reach his fingers deeper into Xiong Qing's neck. Instead, it looked like the boy plan to yank the head right off. Facing two Red Specters and on the brink of death, Xiong Qing unleashed his full potential. The half of his body that was covered with injuries exploded, and the blood threads slowly reknitted themselves in the air.

"This world is uneven and unfair; it should be given the necessary correctional treatment!" Xiong Qing's remaining eye stared straight at Chen Ge. "All I ever wanted is fairness!"

Xiong Qing had turned from a doctor to a patient because he suffered from hemineglect. Everyone knew he was sick, but no one knew why he was sick—perhaps only Doctor Gao knew his actual diagnosis. Chen Ge realized that he had underestimated the power of the Red Specter. The fact that Xiong Qing had been selected by the society and transformed into Red Specter meant that there had to be something special about him.

This specialty might not be physical but mental. The blood threads expanded, and Xiong Qing's other half was also slowly unraveling. His body had always been uneven—he had looked like half human and half ghost, but at that moment, his body was slowly turning into a full ghost.

"Stop him!" Chen Ge used Yan Danian's power again to create the opportunity for Men Nan and Xu Yin. Just as their battle was about to reach its climax, the sea that was created from black hair boomed with an echo!

The black hair expanded, and many carcasses fell from the sky. The blood rained, and in that whole area, only a red shadow stood. Other than her, no one else was standing. The ceiling above them cracked like it would collapse at any moment. Chen Ge wanted to deal with Xiong Qing to help Zhang Ya, but she had already won the battle.

"Already won?" He glanced toward the blood pool. The red dress stood in the middle of the blood rain. Zhang Ya was facing away from Chen Ge, and he could only see her back. "Zhang Ya's dress seems to have deepened in color—her arm is bleeding!"

With Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge could see these things clearly. He had Men Nan and Xu Yin continue to attack Xiong Qing while he slowly approached Zhang Ya with the hammer. He wanted to check personally because that Red Specter that was shining like a red sun seemed to have been injured.

The black hair fluttered on the ground. When Chen Ge got close enough, he saw the seriously wounded Doctor Gao sitting next to the blood pool with his wife in his arms. His wife's body was severely damaged, and he seemed to have exploded the cadaver monstrosity to escape from Zhang Ya's black hair because he was worried about his wife's safety.

"Zhang Ya, is your arm injured?" Chen Ge stood next to Zhang Ya, but the latter's reaction was weird. She turned her head away like she did not hear Chen Ge, and when he looked again, the blood stain on her arm had already disappeared.

Chen Ge moved his gaze to look at Doctor Gao. "Follow me to the police station. Regardless of whether you're right or wrong, there has to be someone who answers to the loss of more than one hundred human lives."

"Answer?" Doctor Gao lifted his head. With one hand holding his wife and his other supporting his body, he slowly stood up. "Chen Ge, you might not believe me when I say this, but I foresaw this possibility as well. Everything that has happened, I predicted it all a week ago."


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