My House of Horrors
450 Trump Cards
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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450 Trump Cards

"Six more minutes!"

More cadavers fell from the ceiling, and the bodies teetered as they tried to stand up. Their bodies filled the room with a disgusting stench. They were not afraid of death, and they followed Doctor Gao's orders to assault Chen Ge.

The employees surrounded Chen Ge to protect him. Among them, the boy with the stench gave Chen Ge a great surprise. As he consumed the stench of decay, he kept growing, and his own scent also became more obvious.

The smell seemed to have affected the dead bodies around him as well. They were controlled by the blood thread, but once they were inside the zone of the boy's stench, their movement slowed down, and the madness in their eyes was slowly replaced by disgust. The victims' original target was not Chen Ge to begin with, so after they felt disgusted, their resistance to Doctor Gao's orders became more obvious.

The bodies started to slow down, and the resistance against Zhu Xinrou felt became smaller. The half Red Specter showed her true power. Her arms opened, and like a large spider, she charged through the crowd, creating chaos and massacring!

"Time's up!" Chen Ge hid behind Zhu Xinrou, but his eyes were locked onto Doctor Gao. He dragged the hammer, finding the time to charge forward. Doctor Gao stood next to the blood pool, and he was expressionless, facing the sea that seemed to have no bottom.

"Chen Ge, it still came to this. Ever since I first met you, I've tried to stop us from getting to this stage, but fate cannot be changed." Doctor Gao sighed. This was the first time since Chen Ge knew Doctor Gao that he had heard him sigh. "Since conflict cannot be avoided, I will use my own way to resolve this."

Doctor Gao looked at Zhu Xinrou, who was still growing, and he raised his hand again. "It is time to end this petty game."

Zhu Xinrou got closer to Doctor Gao, but the doctor did not panic. As his arm slowly raised, the blood in the pool continued to rise. It looked like there was a scary monster living inside it.

"This is my world." The expression on Doctor Gao's face slowly changed; it spoke of absolute confidence. "This place is mine!"

The pool churned to form a whirlpool. At the deepest part of the pool lay a woman in a blood red wedding dress. Her skin was glowing red. Other than that, she looked perfectly normal, sleeping on a bed of blood and dead bodies.

She looked so pure and innocent, but underneath her were endless body parts! It felt like she was still alive and using the dead bodies as a bed and pillow.

"Chen Ge, this is my wife, the core of this door and my entire world."

When Zhu Xinrou was two meters away from Doctor Gao, the woman inside the pool seemed to have felt something. Her lashes twitched before her eyes peeled open!

The blood flushed, and everything started to boil!

The woman's presence was stronger than all of the Specters that Chen Ge had ever met. She was part of the blood pool, and when she awakened, so did the entire blood world. The organs danced, and the blood vessels expanded. This woman was the heart of this world; everything there was possible because of her. The blood red dress dragged out from the pool. The blood formed into steps as she walked toward Chen Ge.

The indescribable pressure made Zhu Xinrou stop. She did not dare move, as a single wrong step would cause her to be demolished.

"Only a Red Specter can fight a Red Specter." Doctor Gao seemed to have planned everything. Only when his eyes fell on the woman would they soften.

"Chen Ge, you'll never win. Once you stepped through that door, you'd already lost." Doctor Gao's expression returned to normal, like everything had returned to his expected tracks. "I know you well, and it's because I know you well that I felt so uneasy. The ghosts around you are growing at an unprecedented speed. If this had dragged on any longer, the situation would only have gotten worse for me."

"So, you created this illusion of leaving Jiujiang to make me lower my guard and enter the underground morgue?"

"I knew that you might have guessed this beforehand, but based on my understanding of you, even if you knew this might be a trap, you would still come. There is a demon living in your heart that will only continue to lead you deeper into the abyss." Doctor Gao looked at Chen Ge, and this was the first time that there had been uncertainty on his face. "The confusing thing is that you seem to like this experience."

"Why would you say that?" Chen Ge thought Doctor Gao was past trying to drag the conversation; he sounded sincere. Chen Ge himself was feeling nervous, being diagnosed of this illness by a top psychologist.

"You are the strangest patient whom I've met. You make me curious and excited. I will make sure to preserve your soul and then conduct the treatment." Doctor Gao thought he had the victory, and while he was distracted, Chen Ge took two more steps forward to close the gap between them.

"It's useless. No one can overpower the Red Specter."

Doctor Gao knew that there was another Red Specter on Chen Ge, and it was the strongest Red Specter that Chen Ge had.

"No one can fight the Red Specter?" Chen Ge grabbed the hammer. He did not slow down but charged full speed ahead with the Red Specter watching him!

The woman looked at Chen Ge, and multiple blood threads weaved into chains to rush out from the pool. They were like blood constrictors as they tried to yank Chen Ge into the pool. The air was filled with the smell of blood. The chains rattled, but Chen Ge did not retreat, instead continuing forward.

"Men Nan!" The blood chains that came at Chen Ge were stopped by an invisible force. A five-year-old boy came out from Chen Ge's side with a dark face.

"Using my own life to force me out, you sure are something else!" The day before Chen Ge came to the morgue, he had visited Third Sick Hall again. Using the reason that Doctor Gao would control him through his side persona, he finally convinced Men Nan.

"You throw me to fight this type of opponent immediately. Chen Ge, the biggest mistake of my life was trusting your words!" Men Nan roared as he blocked the woman's chains. He was slammed into by the chains, and with just one hit, his body lightened greatly.

"Help me hold on for three minutes!" Chen Ge charged at Doctor Gao without turning back. This was his last chance. As long as he managed to kill Doctor Gao, everything would be over. All the ghosts had been stopped, and this was a perfect chance for Chen Ge. He charged at Doctor Gao like a madman, but to his consternation, even at a stage like this, Doctor Gao was still so calm.

"Chen Ge, you've surprised me, but you have overlooked one thing." The white coat that he was wearing started to surface with blood threads to knit into a complicated picture.


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