My House of Horrors
446 I“m Also a Doctor!
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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446 I“m Also a Doctor!

"These dead people hate everything living. They are not satisfied with their current state and desire to be reborn. Their eyes are filled with nothing but venom and hate. Following that, their bodies also start to twist, reflecting the ugliness of their heart!"

After getting all the information from the old man, Chen Ge had a gauge in his heart. The blood door at the central hub had already closed, so if they wanted to leave, there was no other option than to capture the door-pusher to get him to open the door.

If Doctor Gao is the door-pusher, there's a great chance that he's currently not inside this world, so capturing the door-pusher is impossible. Then again, the door-pusher is the scariest presence here. If he's not around, doesn't that mean I can do whatever I want here?

Chen Ge looked down the red corridor, planning to search through the rooms one by one. Perhaps he might run into 'potential employees'.

After clearing away as many obstacles as possible, when the door-pusher returned, Chen Ge would have one less thing to worry about.

"Our power is pooled at one spot, but our enemy hasn't realized that; their people are spread at various corners. With the old sir leading the way, I still have the greater winning of chance." Chen Ge still had trump cards that he had not used yet, so he was confident. "Sir, let's go to where the headmaster could be. Perhaps there might be a surprise reward."

The old man could not persuade Chen Ge otherwise, so he agreed. The blood vessels on the ceiling started to crack, and the blood dripped on their bodies. This blood looked different from normal; it was formed by the smaller blood threads.

"Let's move fast." The old man's shirt was soaked. "I once saw a general staff accidentally cut a blood vessel when he was fixing it. The blood splashed on him, and although we didn't think much of it initially, when I returned about one hour later, I realized that his body had become a warm bed for the blood threads. Innumerable blood threads crawled out from his body and dragged him into the cracks on the wall."

"Meaning at most we have forty minutes left?" The burst blood vessels caused the whole world to rain—they could not avoid it. "This feels like a planned cleansing. The whole world will probably be affected."

Chen Ge and the old man walked away while the other ghosts protected Doctor Chen, who was at the back. Soon, they walked past the several morgues and reached the end of the outer perimeter.

"The headmaster could be in any of three places—the lab, surgery room, and office. I know the location of the lab and surgery room, but I've only heard about the office from the general staff."

"Meaning the general staff might know the location of the office? No problem. In that case, we can go to the other two places first. If there's nothing there, we'll catch a few general staff to interrogate them." Chen Ge twirled the hammer in his hands. The old man trusted that he had enough power, but he was afraid that they did not have the time. The group ran down the corridors and soon arrived at the lab.

No one could tell what the room had originally been. The blood vessels covered the door, the blood and flesh squishing together. The old man pushed the door open, and the blood vessels on the door was pulled apart. The room was big and had a lot of medical equipment.

When the door was open, there were two doctors arguing in the room. Their eyes were red, and they looked unhinged. The old man coughed, and hearing that, the two doctors turned around. When they saw that it was the old man, they stopped arguing, and the blood in their eyes lessened.

"Doctor Wei? Why are you here?"

"You came at the right time; the experiment has failed again." The two doctors pulled Doctor Wei into the room. Chen Ge wanted to stop them, but the old man waved his hands. The two doctors pulled the table in the middle of the room open, exposing the blood vessels and trough that was made from flesh.

There was a living person encased in the trough. He had many wounds on his body, and he still had his last breath in him. His chest rose and fell, dancing on the line of death. The two doctors pointed at the person like they were saying something, but the old man ignored them as he studied the person in the trough.

To ensure that he stayed on the brink of death, the doctors would rescue him and control his injury while adding wounds to his body. Chen Ge looked from a far with his Yin Yang Vision. He seemed to have seen the man on the wall of victims before. He was a victim of the ghost stories society. The man had enjoyed bullying his classmate when he was twelve. He had used a pencil to poke his friend's leg and pull on the friend's hair. These were just pranks, but in his friend's eyes, he was a monster; it had deeply affected his growth.

"The picture looked new, but with the recent movement of the society, they completed this 'hunt' at least three weeks ago, meaning the guy has been stuck in the trough in this state for three weeks already."

The two doctors were still talking, but Doctor Wei ignored them. He turned to Chen Ge. "The aorta has been burst, so there's nothing I can do. I planned to save him."

The two doctors also noticed Chen Ge. They followed behind the old man and looked at Chen Ge cautiously. "Who are you? How come we haven't seen you before?"

Chen Ge ignored them and asked the old man, "Are you familiar with them?"

"These two have already lost their humanity, I remember now." The old man still had not looked at the two. "The tall one is Wei, a renowned surgical specialist. However, after he was exposed to be involved in selling organs on the black market, he spent his life on the run. The short one is Wang, also a brilliant doctor. He has an explosive personality, and while he looks kind on the surface, he's really a creep. I have no idea where the headmaster found these people."

"So, two madmen." Chen Ge heard the disgust in the old man's voice, and he knew what to do. "Sir, do you mind leaving first and giving me one minute?"

"What do you plan to do?" Before he got an answer, he was pushed out by Chen Ge.

Actually, the old man's question was the exact question on the two doctors' mind. They looked at Chen Ge as he closed the lab door and felt the temperature in the room dropping.

"Are you one of the general staff? How come you look different from others?" The two doctors were unnerved. The man felt off.

Chen Ge shook his head. He pointed at the lab coat that he was still wearing. "I'm also a doctor."

"A new doctor?" The two were even more confused.

"You can say I've invited myself." Chen Ge called Xu Yin and raised the hammer. "My treatment method is simple. Many of my patients like to call me Doctor Skull-cracker."


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