My House of Horrors
444 Who Has More People?
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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444 Who Has More People?

Memories flooded his mind. The headache was mounting but his gaze was peaceful. Blood vessels squeezed out from the walls and ground to curl around his body. The old man did not move, still standing before the glass tube. The blood drilled into his body and pulsed under his skin. They looked like snakes travelling to his brain. Just from the look of it, Chen Ge could imagine how painful it must have been, but the old man did not even frown. Chen Ge wanted to go help the old man, but he was in a less than positive situation himself. The monsters slammed crazily into the wall, and the arms with sewing marks tried to reach into the room to grab his body.

"Sir, you have to make it!"

The blood vessels still made their way to the old man's brain, but unlike before, the old man's eyes did not get overtaken by the blood immediately. He retained his consciousness. His face was filled with popping veins; the pain was unimaginable. However, the old gentleman suffered through it, standing quietly next to the glass tube.

His not-so-tall frame stood upright like nothing in the world was going to make his body bend. The organs on the wall vibrated crazily, and the blood vessels above them expanded. The blood rushed through them, and endless blood threads leaked out.

The blood world did not expect an accident like this, and it was trying its best to fix itself. More blood came out from the corners of the room, and the place looked like hell. Compared to those blood vessels, the old man was slender and thin, like an inconspicuous rock caught in a heavy storm.

More blood curled into his body, but the old man seemed to have noticed them—no one could tell what was going through his mind then. Standing from afar, Chen Ge noticed that the old man kept his gaze on the glass tube. His body looked like it was about to be torn open by the blood vessels, but he was unfazed. His palm still on the cold glass surface, his gaze was complicated. He was yearning for life, but he was not afraid of death.

"Looks like I should be in here." The old man finally remembered everything about himself. His fists tightened, and a low growl came out from his throat. The pain and torture faded to the background, and his eyes glowed brightly.

The blood expanded his body, making him look scary, but his expression was so peaceful and kind. Other people definitely would not have expected the stern old man to have such a side to him. He moved his eyes away from the glass tube and shook his head lightly. "What are these kids up to? I donated my body not for them to prop me up like a display, how pretentious! After I'm out, I'll have to go teach them a lesson!"

With anger in his voice, the old man suffered through the endless pain and recovered all his memories. When the blood vessels realized that they could not influence the old man, they upped the ante. The whole room was shaking, and the organs in the wall and the blood vessels above them creaked open, blood dripping everywhere.

Standing in the downpour of blood, the old man maintained the same pose. It was clear that he was in great pain, but he did not surrender. If anything, there was condescension in his eyes!

The blood world and the old man's will were battling within the old man's body, a battle that could not be intervened in by outsiders. Chen Ge could not help; all he could do was block the door to prevent the security from harming the old man.

Chen Ge gritted his teeth and gave it his all. There were cracks forming on the walls next to the door, and the organs above him leaked. The surface was wrinkling, and like leaves in fall, they started to fall. The cracks on the wall widened. It did not take long for one of the security guards to poke one of his arms and head through.

Its stomach split open, and it was heaving heavily. When it saw Chen Ge, the heaving became rapid just like a glutton finding its favorite food.


The door shook, and two monsters rammed at the door. Chen Ge was in a dire situation, and it almost reached the end for the old man as well. Due to the rapid acceleration of the organs on the walls, the blood vessels on the ceiling had expanded to their maximum size, but even so, it could not bend the old man's will. Compared to the power of the blood world, the old man was nothing. However, he had somehow managed to stop the blood world from controlling him.

His short life flashed across his mind, and the old man's eyes glimmered. The blood vessels reached their limits, and they started to crack before exploding with a snap. A rain of blood occurred in the room, and the room made of flesh started to darken. The vessels that curled around the old man lost their life, and they collapsed to the ground like died vines.

"Is that all?" The old man stepped over the dried vessels, his will as strong as diamond. When the old man forced the vessels to explode and shielded his own memory, the blood membrane on Chen Ge also disappeared. Chen Ge took a deep breath, and air thick with the stench of blood entered his nostrils. He had never felt better!

Like someone who had been submerged in water for a long time breaking through the surface, that feeling could not be put into words!

The door was slammed open, and the monsters tried to squeeze their way in. The body made from flesh and blood was pulled apart and the arms reached for Chen Ge. Seeing this, there was a smile on Chen Ge's face. He knew that, from that moment onward, he was no longer fighting alone. Activating the recorder, when the static noise appeared, Chen Ge gripped the hammer and opened the morgue's door.

"Xu Yin!" The blood red shadow appeared beside him, and Xu Yin's murderous gaze studied the monsters that approached Chen Ge. The red shirt was dripping with blood, and he flexed his arms with his knuckles cracking. There was now a third breathing sound in the corridor; the monsters had started to gather.

"Flesh and blood make up everything; nothing here is right. So, I've been living in a place like this." After the old man recovered his memory, he no longer saw the fake view. He soon understood everything after combining the memories he had before and after his death.

Walking next to Chen Ge, the old man softly reminded him, "We should leave now. I know a way out. There are too many monsters here—there's no need to fight them head on."

Moving his limbs, Chen Ge felt so refreshed after the blood membrane was shed. He looked at the monsters behind the door and had no intention of running.

"More monsters will gather; it'll be too late for us to run then." The old man was calmer.

"Don't worry, leave this to me." Chen Ge put the white cat aside and took out the comic. Then many figures appeared around him. "In terms of numbers, I don't believe I'll lose!"


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