My House of Horrors
423 Apple
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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423 Apple

Could he be the one who left these blood letters?

Chen Ge decided to ask the person directly. He held the hammer and took out the recorder from his backpack. When he pressed the power button, the person before him suddenly disappeared. Only Chen Ge's footsteps echoed in the corridor. He turned the corner and a sentence was left on the white wall—You'll regret this!

Is that a threat?

There was nothing else on the wall other than the ugly handwriting. Chen Ge slowly put the recorder away.

Now is not the time to get hung up over these things. The crucial thing is to get to the morgue's central hub within the time limit.

Chen Ge knew very well, for a three-star scenario, the real terror started after midnight. Chen Ge walked down the white corridor, and he found more strange things. There were water stains on the painted walls, and it was unclear where the water came from. If one looked closer, one could find human hair on the ground—some were long and others short. Chen Ge picked one up, and it smelled faintly of formalin. The smell had soaked into the hair, not something that had been slathered on.

Other than that, the most confusing thing for Chen Ge was definitely the blood letters on the wall; the person seemed to understand that the white corridor was specifically for transporting cadavers only, and they kept warning outsiders of that fact. Are these letters used to warn the medical students?

The staff and students would use this corridor to enter the morgue to retrieve cadavers. The words felt like they had been written by cadavers, as they carried warning, threat, and a hint of hopeless compromise. Chen Ge could see new letters appearing every few steps, and the handwriting got worse like something happened to the author's wrist or hands. At some points, the handwriting stopped halfway like the brush had fallen out of the writer's hand.

These sure are strange.

Until now, Chen Ge had no idea what kind of monsters were hiding inside the underground morgue. The mission was just starting, and he still had many places to explore. The white corridors had slopes to them, and when Chen Ge reached the end, he was already at the second underground floor or the outer perimeter of the morgue.

This is simpler than I thought.

Perhaps due to Xu Yin's appearance earlier, everything went smoothly. Chen Ge only got a taste of danger; there was nothing really threatening. The end of the corridor was another split. One was unpainted, but it looked dark and creepy; the other corridor was still painted white, and there were signs of drag marks on the ground from the trolleys.

These should have been left behind by the staff when they moved the bodies.

There were carts specialized for moving dead bodies in the morgue. They looked light and convenient, which intrigued Chen Ge.

The trolleys made by Uncle Xu are a bit too rough around the edges. After the underground morgue has been unlocked, perhaps I can use these to transport the fainted visitors.

Being moved out of a morgue in a cart used to transport dead bodies, that would be a unique experience.

Taking out his phone, Chen Ge referred to the map. He was at the edge of the morgue and would reach the outer perimeter if he followed the white corridor. About seven meters down the path, there were three small morgues and a medium-sized morgue; beyond that, it was unknown. Chen Ge looked at all the map, but he could not find any more information. Brandishing his hammer, Chen Ge walked to the first small morgue. The steel door was not locked, and the door did not have any dust. The morgue had recently been accessed.

Should I go in to take a look?

Chen Ge had come up with a plan before he arrived. He planned to leave no rock unturned—that way, it would be safer on his way back. In this type of underground situation, the most dangerous thing was being cornered. The door creaked noisily, and there were four body freezers in the room.

The freezers were working normally and had notices saying things like 'please do not touch without permission'. The room was small. Chen Ge walked around the room with the cat, and the cat showed no visible response. Exiting the morgue, Chen Ge entered the other few small morgues, and they were all fine.

The marks on the floor stop at the medium sized morgue. Looks like the staff from the school will not go further than this. Chen Ge tried the door of the medium-sized morgue, and he realized that it was not locked. There's a no entry sign on the door, but the door isn't locked. Is this a slip-up by the staff, or did someone open the door after the staff left?

Chen Ge pulled the door open a sliver and glanced into the room. Other than the freezers, there were a few metal tables along the corner. When his eyes caught the tables, Chen Ge's gaze changed. The few tables were joined together, and there was something human-like lying on it.

It was both humanlike and not human—the thing had a human shape, but its four limbs were all twisted at impossible angles. The white cat elicited a soft growl, and Chen Ge slowly moved along the wall. He walked past the row of freezers, and they were not shut. The cooling air covered Chen Ge, and he shivered. Are these freezers filled with bodies?

Chen Ge moved away from the freezers, and when he got close to the table, he saw that it was a human plastic model that was picked apart which was on the table. It was probably a teaching aid in class, but it was abandoned there. The stomach was cracked open, and all the organs were arranged on the side neatly. This was fine, but the model's eyes were open, and they looked so real, like a human's eyes had been sewn into the model. There was a desire in that pair of beautiful eyes. Following his gaze, next to the model's head was a rotten apple.

The rotten apple with the bruised, splotchy skin was a contrast to the shiny model. It was a work of art in a way. Chen Ge stood next to the table and was about to lean closer to take a look when there was a weird sound coming from the outside corridor. It sounded like mud falling from great height.

Something is coming?

Chen Ge did not have time to look. He took out the hammer and hid behind the door. He turned off the flashlight on his phone and used his Yin Yang Vision to focus on the white corridor outside.


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