My House of Horrors
420 Departure!
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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420 Departure!

"Sure, but the bangle only seems to work when I'm wearing it." Fan Yu removed the bangle given to him by the ghost in Coffin Village. When the bangle left his wrist, the red blood vessels disappeared, and it looked just like a normal bangle. When he put it on again, the red blood returned. "If you need my help, you can bring me with you."

"I don't think so." Chen Ge did not want to put Fan Yu in danger and had to take care of the boy. He scratched his chin and moved his gaze to settle on Jiang Ling. After the ghost from Coffin Village left her body, she was just a normal child. When Chen Ge looked at her, the girl almost cried.

The girl hid behind Fan Yu, and this made things awkward for the two adults there. Chen Ge did not know how to make his request, and the nurse felt like she had been ignored. After a small cough, Chen Ge had the nurse leave the room first. Then he came up with the kindest expression that he could. "Jiang Ling, I'm going to do something big tomorrow night. Please can you lend me your sister?"

Chen Ge tried his best to sound nice, but when Jiang Ling heard him say that, she still cried.

"Am I that scary?" Chen Ge did not know how to deal with kids. He felt children like Fan Yu and the phone spirit were easier to communicate with. Jiang Ling cried louder, and eventually, it was Fan Yu who leaned into the girl's ears and made her stop crying. Her teary eyes looked at Chen Ge.

"Is that a yes? What did you tell her?"

"I said you're her sister's best friend. You're a nice person and can make her sister happy."

"Well said." Chen Ge nodded. He felt like Fan Yu was picking up the good quality from him; the child was improving fast. Jiang Ling jogged to the sofa to pick out a plastic can from behind the cushion. Unwillingly, she handed it to Chen Ge.

"Don't worry, I just needed her to fill up the numbers; I will not let her get injured." Chen Ge accepted the can. There was a very small spider inside. "Is your sister inside here?"

Jiang Ling nodded with uncertainty. She felt like she had been tricked. His goal completed, Chen Ge did not stay any longer. He left the Children's Home and returned to the Third Sick Hall. He waited until midnight and sneaked into the door after it appeared.

When Chen Ge showed up next to the old director, the lonely human head was about to cry because he noticed a different ghost behind Chen Ge. Chen Ge did not waste time with the old director but went directly to find Men Nan. He exaggerated the story and told Men Nan everything. After Men Nan heard him, he started feel conflicted. After leaving the blood door, his power would greatly decrease, and from his perspective, the threat that Chen Ge represented was no smaller than Doctor Gao. Men Nan was afraid that he might escape from a wolf's den into a tiger's cave. "Let me think about it."

Chen Ge left the Third Sick Hall at 1 am. He turned back to look. If everything was fine, this would be the last time that he visited the place. Returning to New Century Park, Chen Ge arranged all the information on the underground morgue.

"Be careful of red corridors, and be extremely quiet inside them.

"There are only seven morgues—do not enter the 8th morgue."

He memorized all the details before going to bed. The park opened at 9 am. At almost the same time, Zhang Li sent the map to Chen Ge. There were ten pictures and two one-minute videos. Did the man really think I'm a police informant?

Since Doctor Gao was not in Jiujiang, Chen Ge planned to activate the Trial Mission in the underground morgue that night. He sent the visitors into the scenario and sat down to study the pictures. The underground morgue was large, and it had been updated thrice. The first expansion's date and blueprint could not be found anymore, the second expansion was when the two medical schools at Jiujiang joined together, and the third expansion was the one Zhang Li was a part of. This place covers the entire western side of the campus. It's so damn big.

The underground morgue could basically be categorized into three parts. The outer perimeter was for various transport corridors and two storerooms as well as five morgues. The middle section was where the abandoned cadaver pools were; this place had been abandoned years ago. Based on what Zhang Li had said, there was a central hub at the deepest part of the morgue. It was recorded on the paper, but no one could find the path that led that way. Zhang Li noted specially that he suspected that something had happened there before, and that was why the paths leading there had been fully sealed.

Chen Ge looked through all the videos and pictures. There was only a map for the outer perimeter; the middle section's map was not there. It had probably been removed by someone already. "The underground morgue's biggest secret should be hiding at the central hub; I need to find the way to get there."

He memorized the map in his heart, and he looked through it for the whole afternoon. Chen Ge worked for the whole day until 6:30 pm. After Xu Wan and Gu Feiyu left, Chen Ge locked himself inside the staff breakroom. He took several deep breaths. After making sure he had everything, he took out the black phone.

The underground morgue is the eighth side mission to the four-star School of the Afterlife. After completing this, I have the right to unlock the four-star mission.

Sitting next to the table, Chen Ge's finger danced over the screen before he pressed on that mission.

"Do you accept the 8th side mission for School of the Afterlife?"


"Side Mission 8: Eternal Life (In an undisclosed underground morgue, there's a group who seek eternal life).

"Mission Location: Western Jiujiang Medical University.

"Mission Hint: Life's meaning is not whether you can breathe or not but something else.

"Mission Requirement: Enter the underground morgue's central hub before midnight and survive until dawn!"

Based on the information on the black phone, Chen Ge's expression was dark. If I need to get into the central hub before midnight, I'll need to get moving now.

Chen Ge's eyes focused on the last few words. This kind of requirement that needs me to survive until dawn normally means a hard mission. Thankfully, I'm fully prepared.

Picking up the backpack, Chen Ge exited the room. Like his visit to the Coffin Village, he planned to take all the employees with him.

Even without fighting power, at least they will be able to fill up the numbers.

Pen Spirit, Xiaoxiao, Xu Yin, the hammer—Chen Ge poured everything that he could think of into his back, and when the white cat was not paying attention, he also picked it up.

Have I forgotten something? Right, there's still that statue in the underground scenario.


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