My House of Horrors
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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"Before Men Nan moved in, Doctor Gao once spent a night in that room?"

"Yes, don't you think that's weird? He has so many assets at Jiujiang, so why would he purposely stay a night at a cheap apartment?" Zhang Li's words caused alarm bells to ring in Chen Ge's mind. The first person to discover something wrong with Men Nan was Doctor Gao; the person who took care of Men Nan was also Doctor Gao. That could all have been a plan set up by Doctor Gao. Men Nan had moved into this place due to a thread that he had seen on the school forum, and now that he thought about it, that thread was also highly suspicious.

People from Hai Ming Apartments would not have purposely come to the medical school's forum to post a thread. The thread was probably published by Doctor Gao, but why would Doctor Gao do something like this? What is he trying to accomplish? What is he trying to get from Men Nan's second persona?

After giving it some thought, Chen Ge realized that the only thing that could have attracted Doctor Gao's attention was Men Nan's connection to his main person. When the ghost stories society was at its full glory, they could have easily killed Men Nan's main persona, but they did not do that—they just made him fall into a coma.

Is Doctor Gao trying to figure out how to control the door-pusher? Chen Ge repeated the conversation that Doctor Gao had with Men Nan in his mind. If Doctor Gao is really No. 10 from the ghost stories society, did Men Nan's main persona know about that?

Chen Ge wanted to complete the Trial Mission at the underground morgue, but that was hard with his power alone. If only he could drag Men Nan down with him, after all, Men Nan's main persona was also a Red Specter.

Whether Doctor Gao is the chairperson or not, I can make use of this point to convince Men Nan. He won't want to see his other persona fall into the hands of the enemy.

With his mind made, Chen Ge planned to return to Third Sick Hall that night. "Zhang Li, you need to fetch me the map as soon as possible—it's very important."

Chen Ge was about to leave when his phone rang. It was from Lee Zheng.

"Do you need me to give you some privacy?" Zhang Li asked.

"No need." Chen Ge answered the phone before Zhang Li. "Inspector Lee, how can I help you?"

"Doctor Gao is the most cunning and careful person I've met in my years of being a cop! He has already noticed our plan, and two hours ago, he left Jiujiang."

"He left Jiujiang? Are you sure?" Doctor Gao leaving Jiujiang was good news for Chen Ge—it meant that there would be one less variable to worry about when he visited the underground morgue.

"How come I hear excitement in your voice?" Lee Zheng was confused. Doctor Gao's sudden departure meant that all their preparation had been wasted.

"This only means that he is really hiding something, looks like he's scared." Chen Ge said that on his lips, but his real plan was to make use of this opening to complete the mission at the underground morgue.

"I don't think you understand the situation. Based on our investigation, we've discovered more and more problems with Doctor Gao." Lee Zheng lowered his voice. "There is no one around you, right?"

"What's wrong?"

"Based on our investigation, Doctor Gao might be related to several murders. He was not a direct participant, but he was always involved somehow."

"Several?" Chen Ge still had a hard time believing it. "Could it be that he was framed?"

"With his intelligence, all over Jiujiang, the only person who could frame him is himself." There was a tiredness in Lee Zheng's voice. "I cannot deny the fact that he is a good doctor, but under that façade hides a madman. There is some information that I cannot reveal to you. the main reason I'm calling you is because I want you to prepare to make contact with Gao Ru Xue tomorrow night. Other than that, I'll send you some information. I want you to take a look at it."

"Okay, no problem." Chen Ge hung up and left after telling Zhang Li a few more things.

Doctor Gao leaving Jiujiang is the perfect chance for me. When I get the map, I'll start the mission.

For this mission, Chen Ge had prepared a lot, but he was still worried. Compared to completing a mission by the breath of a hair, he preferred to have a landslide victory.

Looks like I still need a few helpers. The door at Third Sick Hall would only open at midnight, so Chen Ge did not rush there. Instead, he called a cab to get to Jiujiang's Children's Home. When the guard saw Chen Ge, he was agitated and stood up to lock the door.

"Uncle!" Chen Ge ran over and forced his way in. "Are Jiang Ling and Fan Yu around? I have something important to discuss with them."

"The police just dropped them back here yesterday. The two children are tired, so please just leave them be and let the children's home have some time to recuperate." Before Chen Ge's arrival, the children's home had been so peaceful. However, after his appearance, two kids had gone missing, their only doctor had disappeared, and they were now under great public pressure.

"It won't take too much time." Chen Ge strode in after that. The Children's Home was the same as before. There were flower pots along the path and paintings of cartoons on the wall. The uncle could not stop Chen Ge, so he called the nurse to come help him.

However, the nurse had a good impression of Chen Ge. She told the uncle, "He was the one who found Fan Yu and Jiang Ling in the mountains. If not for him, we would have closed down already."

With the nurse leading the way, Chen Ge came to the room where Fan Yu and Jiang Ling stayed. He pushed the door open, and the scene was quite friendly. A single table lamp was open in the bedroom, and Fan Yu sat at the table drawing while Jiang Ling watched him draw while standing on her tip-toes.

"Fan Yu, look who came to visit you." The nurse called into the room. If this was other children, they would have run out happily, but to make things awkward, Fan Yu and Jiang Ling ignored her. The nurse smiled embarrassedly at Chen Ge. She wanted to say something but was stopped by Chen Ge. "Let's go in and take a look."

Inside the room, the warm light fell on Chen Ge. Everything here felt comfortable and warm until he saw the painting on the table. On the white paper, a black man walked ahead while various scary red shadows followed behind him.

Fan Yu's painting ruined the friendly atmosphere, and when he finished the painting, he turned to look at Chen Ge. "You're here."

"Hmm." Chen Ge had never treated Fan Yu as a normal child. He squatted down beside Fan Yu and glanced at his wrist. "Fan Yu, I have something to discuss with you. Do you mind if you lend me your wrist bangle for one night?"


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