My House of Horrors
400 He Is... Mine!
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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400 He Is... Mine!

The slowly red disappeared as did the resentment in the woman's eyes. She felt her body getting lighter. Perhaps this was how it felt to be given salvation. If only I run into him when I was still alive.

The things that had happened to her at the time of her death appeared in her mind, and whenever that happened, the woman had the urge to destroy every living thing that she saw. She did not need to die that day, but no one had been willing to extend a helping hand, and that had led to the later tragedy.

A weird tone escaped from the throat, and the woman's body turned cold. Her bone structure was shifting, and it sounded like her body was falling apart. Chen Ge's spine was numb, and he knew that something scary was happening behind him, but he did not plan to put the woman down.

If possible, why don't I save her?

Carrying the poor woman, the other ghosts hiding in the dark did not dare come any closer. Even the large spider following Chen Ge gave up unwillingly. Following the rustling that came above him and the following of peddles, the large shadow that looked like a spider climbed deeper into the tunnel.

Just what kind of monsters are living here?

Treating the woman as a shield, Chen Ge carried her slowly out the tunnel. The white cat had already jumped ahead of Chen Ge. It would turn around to look at Chen Ge occasionally, the respect in its eyes seemingly saying, "You're really something else."

When he entered the tunnel, Chen Ge only took forty-four steps, but when he tried to leave, Chen Ge realized that the tunnel was exceptionally long. The woman's impression of him changed due to his words, but that did not mean that she had given up the murderous instinct. Chen Ge knew that the more he spoke, the greater the chance of him screwing up. Since he was not the type to waste time on words, he would use actual action to prove to the woman that he really wanted to save her. As he stepped toward the exit, the darkness was banished, and the air felt fresher.

The shape of the tunnel exit was getting closer. Wind blew in from the entrance, and the smell of blood became lighter. Starlight shone down on the woman's face, and her crumbled head and twisted body slowly returned to normal. The weight on his back slowly lightened. When he turned to look, Chen Ge saw the woman looking at the night sky.

Chen Ge tried to take another step, but when he tried to leave the tunnel, the woman on his back experienced a great change. Her head and limbs kept shattering as if her body would break into pieces should he move any further.

What's happening? Is she not allowed to leave the tunnel?

There were only two choices then. Put the woman down and run away before she recovered was the safest option. Based on the black phone, Chen Ge had already completed the Nightmare Mission, and Chen Ge would not be returning to this place until he had full confidence. The other option was to stand and wait until the woman's body recovered and then ask her for her opinion.

Chen Ge turned to look at the woman and took back his advancing step, standing at the mouth of the tunnel. Before him was the star-filled sky, and behind him was the dark tunnel that seemed to have no end.

Several seconds later, the woman gave up her struggle, and with the starlight shining down on her, she returned to her original state. The red coat hung on her misshapen body. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she slowly released her hands. "Alas, I no longer need anyone to come save me."

She climbed off Chen Ge's back and slowly retreated. Only by hiding inside the tunnel could she maintain her presence.

"Hey!" Chen Ge called at the woman. "I really want to help you."

The woman could be a great help, so Chen Ge arranged his emotions to come up with a speech that was quite sentimental. When the woman in the tunnel heard what he had to say, she smiled at Chen Ge before turning to jog back into the tunnel.

How come it feels like she is in a hurry to run away? Is she sealed inside the tunnel? The closer she is to the entrance, the bigger the exhaustion?

The tunnel was not as simple as it appeared—the presence of a Red Specter proved that. Under Chen Ge's gaze, the woman disappeared into the tunnel, and when he prepared to leave, he noticed the white cat was running away from him before finding a hiding spot a few meters away, shivering.

"It's okay. She has already left. At least we know each other now, so we will have more friends in the eastern part of the city in the future." Chen Ge walked toward the white cat, but that one step seemed to trigger some bad feeling in the cat. When it saw Chen Ge coming close, it immediately ran in the opposite direction.

Why is it acting this way? Chen Ge also noticed the problem. When the white cat saw the woman in the tunnel, it had not run off. This meant that there was something scarier than the woman around Chen Ge!

Taking a small breath, Chen Ge exited the tunnel cautiously. He did not sense any scary ghosts until he lowered his head to look down at his feet. He froze where he was like his body was struck by lightning. The place where the woman released her hold on Chen Ge was the place where Chen Ge's shadow fell, and someone had carved a few words in the ground. Each letter was filled with endless bloodlust and resentment. His legs shook involuntarily, and with trembling, pale lips, Chen Ge read out the few blood letters. "He is… mine!"

His breathing became difficult, and Chen Ge glanced at his shadow. He noticed his shadow's shape was changing like the person hiding in the shadow had sensed something and was forcing herself awake!

"Calm down, Zhang Ya! It's just a misunderstanding!" Chen Ge did not expect there to come a day where he would need to yell at his own shadow to explain his situation. However, teetering between life and death, Chen Ge did not have much choice. He made the correct choice, using his largest voice and the sincerest words to explain everything that happened. If anyone else saw him like this, they would think that he was crazy.

In the middle of the night, he ran to the tunnel to shout at his shadow.

Chen Ge did not hide anything, and when he provided the explanation, his shadow finally returned to normal. His back was soaked wet, and Chen Ge collapsed to the ground. He swiped the sweat from his forehead and sighed. That pressure is even greater than facing a Red Specter. Zhang Ya seems to have grown stronger.

He looked at the shadow who was recovering and whispered to himself, "It is not a good thing for Zhang Ya to keep hiding inside my shadow. If it stays like this, I will have no free…"

Before he finished, his shadow started to boil again!

The numbness crawled to his scalp, and Chen Ge bit on his tongue. His trembling hand held his forehead, and he chanted in a melancholic voice, "It is not a good thing for Zhang Ya to keep hiding inside my shadow. If it stays like this, my heart will feel very empty. If possible, I wish for her to move into my heart."

The boiling shadow calmed down instantly. The person in the shadow appeared like she did not expect to hear Chen Ge say that, and she disappeared like she could not deal with the shyness.


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