My House of Horrors
364 Missing a Hear
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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364 Missing a Hear

With the sound of white noise, an extremely cold presence radiated from Chen Ge. The blood dripped, and in the dark, a dark red arm grabbed Chen Ge's phone. The blood vessels grew to envelope the machine, and the Gao Ru Xue on the phone screamed from sheer pain.

"Is it painful?" The familiar voice echoed beside Chen Ge's ear, and the red Xu Yin walked out from the shadows. Without the order from Chen Ge, Xu Yin rushed at the three shadows down the corridor. His voice seemed to possess a powerful spell; whenever he spoke, the three shadows would pause, like their minds were seriously affected. Is this the new power Xu Yin gained after becoming a Red Specter? His voice can affect other ghosts?

Chen Ge held the cold phone. After the phone was cleaned by Xu Yin, Chen Ge escaped the influence of the phone. The world in his eyes returned to normal, and the fear in his heart gradually calmed down. Looking at the phone in his hand, Chen Ge started to get worried about the safety of that phone spirit. It wouldn't die just like that, right? Xu Yin is good, but he's too reckless. This phone spirit can heighten the fear in people's heart and even take over their phone, isn't that the perfect addition to my Haunted House?

There were going to be more people who would be like that Brother Wong. There were guides and pictures of the Haunted House's low-level scenarios online. Even though visitors were not allowed to use cameras inside the Haunted House, many of them still refused to listen. Chen Ge was one person; he had no time nor the right to stop these visitors. But with the aid of the phone spirit, things would be a lot easier.

It should still be alive. Even though they were enemy, Chen Ge worried about the phone spirit. He gave himself a like for his kindness. People like myself who are so kind to others will often ignore themselves. That is not good. Perhaps I should learn to be more selfish.

The result of the battle in the corridor was obvious. However, the scene was rather bloody. Chen Ge looked at Xu Yin tearing the ghosts apart coldly as he thought about something else. The phone spirit purposely led me here but didn't set a powerful trap. Looks like the society's real concern is the door at the Haunted House. They didn't want to kill me, but of course, that could be because their power has been greatly decreased, and they didn't have that many people left to spare.

Five murders surrounded New Century Park—the society's target had been the door at the haunted House since the very beginning. They seem to be planning some kind of special ritual. Luring me away is because they're afraid I might disrupt their ritual?

Chen Ge was not sure about anything else, but he had full faith in his ability to create chaos. The thing that they don't want to let me see, I'll have to see it.

Chen Ge called Xu Yin's name as he prepared to return to New Century Park. He called several times, but Xu Yin showed no response. After swallowing the three ghosts, Xu Yin stood at the corner of the stairs like he was in confrontation with something. Wounds started to form on his body.

Once he got near, Chen Ge also realized something was wrong.

The underground first floor and second floor were separated by a steel door, but the lock on the door was forced open. Cold wind kept coming from underground, and there were several wet footprints on the stairs. Squatting down, Chen Ge used his finger to touch the stain before sniffing it.

"Formalin?" Chen Ge had no idea how many floors there were in total, and he did not want to create trouble for himself. "Xu Yin, let's go."

There was something underground that made Xu Yin feel threatened. This was not good news for Chen Ge. He called several times before Xu Yin turned. When he faced Chen Ge, his expression was more relaxed, and he did not seem to be in as much pain as before. This was the first time Chen Ge had seen Xu Yin closely after he transformed into Red Specter.

Blood oozed from his wounds to knit together with the bloody shirt. However, one thing that confused Chen Ge was that the blood seemed to move away from the spot where Xu Yin's heart would sit. The shirt had a conspicuous spot around his heart that was not dyed red.

"Why is there a lack of change around the heart?" Chen Ge looked at Xu Yin. He inspected the black phone, but there was no change to Xu Yin's tab. Chen Ge could not even tell whether Xu Yin counted as Red Specter or not.

"This is different from Zhang Ya. When she first appeared, she was already in a full red costume. Is there a second trigger to becoming a Red Specter?" Chen Ge tried to communicate with Xu Yin, but the man was even more confused than Chen Ge.

"Could it be related to the door? The society only used several days to make Xiong Qing into a Red Specter. Can only the black blood found behind the door make a ghost into Red Specter? Then how did Zhang Ya become a Red Specter?"

Chen Ge realized he still knew too little about that world. After Xu Yin returned to the tape, he ran out of the building. The coldness surrounding his body had dissipated. Chen Ge took out his phone to call Gao Ru Xue. His phone had returned to normal, but Gao Ru Xue's number was still busy.

"The society used Gao Ru Xue's name to lure me to the campus, so they definitely wouldn't let Gao Ru Xue meet up with me." The phone spirit could affect people's emotions. Worried about Gao Ru Xue's safety, Chen Ge called Doctor Gao directly. Without the influence of the phone spirit, Chen Ge managed to successfully reach the real Doctor Gao. He told him what might happen to Gao Ru Xue.

When he heard his daughter might have been targeted by a group of mad killers, Doctor Gao dropped everything. He called the police and the school. The counsellors found Gao Ru Xue's roommates, but they had no idea where she was either. They said that Gao Ru Xue had looked disturbed that day, and it might be related to a new boyfriend.

At about 10 pm, one of the guards provided some valuable information. About half an hour ago, a kind-hearted taxi driver came to the school gate to return a water bottle and a textbook with Gao Ru Xue's name. The driver said that the girl left in such a hurry that she forgot her bottle and book. He had no idea which block she stayed in, so he could only return to the school and hope that the guard would return the girl her stuff.

The driver's kindness revealed an important detail—Gao Ru Xue was home. Chen Ge got the address from Doctor Gao, and he quickly called a taxi to get to Xi Xia Hu. The area was nice but rather isolated.

After getting out of the car, Chen Ge kept the phone on to communicate with Doctor Gao as he ran to the building where Gao Ru Xue stayed.


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