My House of Horrors
363 I Knew from the Beginning
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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363 I Knew from the Beginning

At 9:20 pm, Chen Ge's taxi arrived at Jiujiang's Medical University. After getting out, he realized that the university looked more dilapidated than he thought. "It's so quiet. It's not even 10, so why isn't there a student in sight?"

After paying the fare, Chen Ge took his backpack and entered the campus. When he passed the guardhouse, he glanced at the guard. The man did not stop him. I knew I don't look like a suspicious person.

There were many trees planted by the side of the road. The university cared about nature, but it was quite scary walking down the street alone.

Where is the old education block? All the buildings here look quite old.

Chen Ge called Gao Ru Xue again. "I've reached your campus. Where shall we meet?"

"Keep walking from the southern gate. You'll eventually come across an old building that's sealed. That's the old education block, hurry." Gao Ru Xue's voice was low like she did not want to be heard. "My roommates know I'm here. I can sense them following me. They've probably discovered me."

"I advise you call the police immediately. Where are you now?"

"Behind the education block. I gotta hang up; I can see them!" The call was ended by Gao Ru Xue.

Influenced by her tone, Chen Ge shivered involuntarily. He raised his head to look at the sky. It felt like it was going to rain soon. The sky looked dark. When he entered the gate, he could see some people, but as he entered the campus, the population slowly decreased to zero. Has there always been such an isolated place at the campus?

Chen Ge took out his phone to do some investigation. He realized that Jiujiang Medical School was the old campus. The school moved to a new site, leaving the forensic science department and a few other more unique specializations back at the old campus. No wonder there were so few people around.

The last side quest for School of Afterlife is at this place? Chen Ge was not thinking of accepting this quest. At Coffin Village, he had Xu Yin's help. Now he only had Uncle Yan. If he challenged a three-star scenario, it was simply asking for trouble.

"Once something goes wrong, we'll retreat instantly." Chen Ge placed the comic inside his pocket. "Uncle Yan's third power should be the key to why he's called a Lesser Red Specter. After I'm done with this, I should focus on fulfilling his dream."

The black phone gave Yan Danian a very good review, meaning that in spite of his appearance, the uncle had great potential. Chen Ge had wandered into the campus and arrived at the location Gao Ru Xue specified.

Two buildings sat in the dark, and there was a lock on the door. Standing at the entrance, the dark windows looked like eyes.

"I'm here," Chen Ge said into the phone.

"There's a storage room at the corner of the first floor, come get me! They're looking for me!" Gao Ru Xue kept her voice lowered, but the nervousness and terror was obvious. A weird emotion appeared within Chen Ge. He frowned slightly. He did not spot anything out of place, but something was not right.

Is it because I'm worried about Gao Ru Xue's safety? Chen Ge did not hang up the phone. He reached out to pull on the lock. It broke. Pushing the door open, Chen Ge stepped in. There was no trace of light inside the building, and the closed classroom doors looked rather scary.

Ever since leaving Mu Yang High School and Western Jiujiang's Private Academy, I've not come across any scary classrooms again, but I started to panic after stepping into this place. Is it because something scary is hiding here? Could this be related to the mission at the underground morgue? Chen Ge stopped at the door and placed his phone next to his ears to facilitate communication with Gao Ru Xue.

"The corner of the first floor. You have to be careful, my two roommates…" Gao Ru Xue suddenly stopped talking. There was the sound of a door opening from the other end of the phone. The sound moved closer to Gao Ru Xue, and it caused Chen Ge's heart to race like he was experiencing the terror himself.

The corner of the first floor? Or should I go downstairs? Chen Ge did not move, but the tape recorder in his backpack turned on itself to create white noise. "Xu Yin‽"

Xu Yin finally gave Chen Ge some response after sleeping for one whole night and day after the adventure at Coffin Village. Normally, Xu Yin would only appear after Chen Ge turned on the recorder, but this time, he found Chen Ge on his own. "The breakthrough has been successful?"

Baleful Specters that were below Red Specter normally would not leave their item of possession. Their movement was limited.

"Is Xu Yin trying to tell me something?" There was a muddled voice. Chen Ge tried to listen for a long time before he understood Xu Yin's meaning. The sound on the phone kept approaching, and it sounded dangerous. Technically speaking, Chen Ge should have been influenced to be nervous, anxious, but he hugged the recorder with an unknown smile on his face. Fear did not have the chance to appear before it was overwhelmed by joy. For Chen Ge, there was nothing better than the news of Xu Yin's recovery.

"Chen Ge! Come quick! They've discovered me!" Gao Ru Xue screamed on the phone. She had already been discovered, so she screamed loudly for help. Footsteps came from the phone, but weirdly enough, the building was quiet.

Chen Ge took a deep breath after shoving the recorder into his pocket. He put on a serious expression and shouted into the phone, "Just hang on a little longer! I'll be there in a minute!"

He took out the hammer, ran to the corner of the stairs, and kicked down the door that was not locked. There was no light on the first floor, but with the aid of his Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge saw three shadows running on the other side of the corridor. "Gao Ru Xue!"

Chen Ge ran forward with the hammer. While he was running, he felt his body temperature drop, and a cold presence surrounded him. However, out of his trust in Xu Yin, he pressed forward. When he chased the shadows until the stairs that led to the second floor underground, Xu Yin warned him to stay put.

There's some problem with this floor? Chen Ge stopped moving and started to move back. Several seconds later, something scary happened.

Just at the corner, three shadows covered in blood poked their heads out! The three of them were working together, and they had been waiting for Chen Ge!

Chen Ge looked ahead. "Almost ran into your trap. Let me guess, your real trap is just ahead?"

The three shadows walked out from the corner and made the corridor turned colder. Their movement was slightly awkward like they were dead people.

"Your guess is correct, but you've missed the perfect opportunity to save your life." The voice came from the phone. It was filled with venom and resentment.

"You're not Gao Ru Xue?" Chen Ge placed the phone beside his ears but did not show much fear.

"Isn't it too late for you to discover that now?" Gao Ru Xue's voice turned shrill and sharp.

"Actually, when you called me this morning at 6 am, I knew you're not Gao Ru Xue." Chen Ge looked relaxed. "At the time, I called He San first, asking him why he called me. Not long after he hung up, you called. You told me other than my number, all the other numbers cannot be reached. However, I checked my phone history, and between 1 am to 3 am, both you and He San contacted me!

"If you were telling the truth, how did He San find out about this?

"Therefore, the answer is simple—it was you all along! You tried to trick me last night, but my phone wasn't in the service area. You couldn't reach me no matter what, so the plan had to be delayed to tonight!

"There's also one very important point. If you really did experience something this scary, you would have asked to meet me in the morning, but not only did you not do that, you even asked for me to meet you at night!

"I've been curious, why did you insist on meeting at night? It was since then that I was eighty percent certain you're not Gao Ru Xue!"

With a smile, Chen Ge pressed the play button on the recorder. "I knew I've been talking to a ghost from the very beginning. I played along with your trick because I've been looking for you as well!"


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