My House of Horrors
356 Promise Me Something
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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356 Promise Me Something

Uncle Xu's hands shook, and he almost dropped Sister Mao. "Three more stretchers‽ But only five visitors entered the scenario!"

Not only Uncle Xu, but all the nearby visitors took a step back.

"I also didn't expect Haunted House reviewers to be so easily scared." Chen Ge shrugged helplessly. "Help me get the stretchers here and I'll go get the rest of the visitors."

After saying that, Chen Ge turned to walk into the Haunted House, leaving a group of visitors that were stunned.

"Five people entered, and all five fainted, meaning that the three-star scenario has a 100 percent chance of making people faint." The team who planned to challenge the Third Sick Hall stopped to have a discussion. Without refunding the ticket, they ran to the spot in the sunlight. They formed a circle and started to reassess the danger of challenging Third Sick Hall.

"Both the Third Sick Hall and Coffin Village are three-star scenarios, so I think we need to reconsider this." The one who spoke was Yang Chen, who had met Chen Ge before. This student from Jiujiang's Medical University seemed to be the core member of the team. "All the information on the Third Sick Hall was mostly rumors. Apparently, they were claimed to be testimonies from visitors who had visited the Third Sick Hall themselves, but the authenticity can be challenged. I just asked an insurance company—there's no claim for accidents that happen inside the Haunted House.

"The risk is still too high, we haven't even cleared the two-star scenario perfectly, so I personally suggested that we finish the two-star scenario before we even consider three-star scenario."

"But someone has to take the first step. We stayed up late until three am to discuss this last night to come up with eleven emergency plans. Are you willing to give up now that we're at the door?"

"Let's have a vote." Yang Chen raised his arm. "I don't agree that we should challenge a three-star scenario today."

"I support you." The group of thirteen formed a circle under the sun. They seemed like they were discussing something important, and the nearby visitors thought they were quite mysterious.

"Seven votes for no, two surrendered their votes, four yes. Majority wins, so I announce that we'll be giving up on this challenge for today!"

The team members returned to the resting tent to discuss the next course of action. Other people had no idea what they were up to, but they felt the group look rather impressive.

By then, the five visitors had been retrieved from the Haunted House. They were hauled onto the stretchers and sent to the medical room by the park workers. "The park workers are getting more and more professional. Last time, when Fei Youliang fainted, it took them more than half an hour to send him to the hospital. They're much faster now."

Chen Ge saw the fear on the other visitors' faces as they saw the workers walk away with the stretchers, so he consoled them. "Don't worry, our Haunted House come with full medical protection. We've already come to an agreement with a famed hospital, so you can visit without worry. It'll be fine."

Part of the visitors did feel better hearing that, but others were confused. Why would a Haunted House have an agreement with a hospital? These were not supposed to be places that were related!

After the promotion done by the five reviewers, many visitors who intended to visit a three-star scenarios all retreated, and the terror of three-star scenarios rose in their heart once more. That was probably human nature. Thing that they could not get, they wanted it the most; places that they could not go to, they were curious about it.

After making sure there were no visitors, Chen Ge returned to the Haunted House to look through the pictures on his phone. As he looked through them, his eyes turned serious.

Gu Feiyu and Xu Wan were each responsible for a one-star scenario, and the two-star scenario had the twenty or so mannequins. Only when visitors wanted to challenge three-star scenario would Chen Ge follow behind them to protect them from the shadows. The afternoon flew by. It was six pm, but there were still many visitors at the Haunted House.

In comparison to the service provided by the Haunted House, the ticket price was not expensive, so some of the visitors wanted to try out other scenarios after they finished one. This was one of the reasons the lines in front of the Haunted House had not reduced.

The Haunted House operated until 6.30 pm, and Chen Ge stopped selling tickets due to security concerns. After sending away the last batch of visitors, Xu Wan and Gu Feiyu strode out from their scenarios.

"Nice work today." Chen Ge helped Xu Wan remove her make-up and called the two workers to join them in the dressing room. "We'll have a short meeting. Starting with Xiao Gu, today, you've done a wonderful job. I didn't receive any complaint from the visitors, meaning you have talent for this job."

"It's because I have a good boss who knows how to teach." Xiao Gu removed the Doctor Skull-cracker's outfit and placed it neatly back at the corner of the room.

"Playing a ghost for a long time inside a Haunted House may take a toll on your psyche, so stay away from oily food and depressing movies or drama. Let yourself get used to the environment first."

"Yes, boss."

"Okay, you can go now. If you come across any problem in your life, you can come to me. I hope you won't treat the Haunted House only as a working space; this is also a home that you can come back to," Chen Ge said flatly, but it was filled with warmth and strength.

Xiao Gu nodded heavily, feeling truly touched.

After Gu Feiyu left, Chen Ge started to remove his own make-up. "Xiao Wan, have you noticed any changes in the Haunted House recently?"

"No, but…" Xu Wan sat beside Chen Ge. "Boss, I feel the biggest change has happened to you."

"Me?" Chen Ge turned to look at Xu Wan. "What kind of changes you're talking about."

"I can't put my finger on it." Xu Wan passed a make-up sponge to Chen Ge and sat quietly. "For some reason, I feel like you're different from before."

"Perhaps I'm getting older." Chen Ge smiled as he continued to take off the make-up. He looked at himself in the mirror and suddenly said, "Xiao Wan, on the off chance that the Haunted House closes down, will you promise me one thing?"

"What is it?"

"I'll tell you when the day comes." Chen Ge let Xu Wan go, and he cleaned up the Haunted House. When he was done, it was seven pm. He locked the door to the Haunted House and headed for theme park's office building. Due to the recent business at the park, Director Luo had moved into the place.

He knocked on the door and realized that Director Luo was skyping with someone. He was in formal wear and sounded like he was discussing something very important. After several minutes, the meeting stopped. Director Luo waved at Chen Ge. "Xiao Chen, are you here for those few visitors? I've handled that for you. Just be more careful in the future."

"It's about something else." Chen Ge took out his own phone and showed Director Luo the pictures that he had taken.


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