My House of Horrors
342 Who Stole My Memory
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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342 Who Stole My Memory

"Seamstress' Wedding Dress. My bone as the needle, my blood as the thread, my skin as the cloth—hopefully, you won't mind my blood red wedding dress.

"Congratulations for obtaining the special-type baleful Specter—Seamstress' lingering spirit!

"The three-star mission for Coffin Village has been completed. Completion rate: seventy percent—unable to obtain the hidden item."

Chen Ge looked at the message on the black phone twice to make sure he did not see incorrectly. The completion rate is only seventy percent? I've run through the village several times already tonight, and I've been to all the places. How come the completion rate is only seventy percent?

The black phone would never make a mistake, so he started to think. The ghost stories society's interruption caused the Coffin Village's ceremony to fail. Could that be a reason why?

The key to completing the mission should be the female ghost. Either help her complete the ceremony or killing her will bring two different results—that should be the core of the mission. The woman said, since they refused to let her be a human, she wouldn't give them a chance to be ghosts. This shows that the Red Specter's desire has changed; she wants a rebirth!

Either helping her or stopping her would increase the completion rate, but due to the arrival of the society, before Chen Ge could commit to any choice, he had to start running for his life.

Safety first. As long as I'm alive, there's a chance to raise the completion rate in the future. Chen Ge leaned against the wall and slid the phone in his pocket. But what shall I choose in the future? Help her get her rebirth or stop her?

Coffin Village was hiding a large secret. The whole village could be seen as a tomb—all the villagers were paper doll sacrifices, the Zhu woman was the tomb guard, and the only dead buried here was the Red Specter!

Rebirth is impossible. Possessing others to create a nightmare is more likely, but if I stop her, we'll turn into enemies, and it will be an endless battle. Chen Ge turned to look at Fan Yu. The boy had his head lowered as he toyed with the jade bangle on his wrist. Inside the jade bangle were lines of red blood.

The ghost seems to value Fan Yu a lot, and she has given him a precious bangle. She is Fan Yu's friend, and Fan Yu is my friend, so in a way, I'm also her friend. That's not so bad. Even though the woman is a vengeful spirit, she knows right from wrong, and she deserves the help. Furthermore, as a Haunted House boss, isn't it my job to befriend souls from the other side?

Chen Ge very quickly convinced himself. He told Fan Yu to try to keep that Red Specter big sister as happy as possible. For today's Trial Mission, Chen Ge was just an observer. Zhang Ya was asleep, and Xu Yin was in the middle of his transformation. That meant that he had lost the right to join the battle. Thankfully, the result was not so bad. The scenario was unlocked, and Xu Yin had a high chance to become a Red Specter. Even the white cat that swallowed the society's blood might experience some special change in the future.

I've been running for a whole night, but how come I feel I've been heavily rewarded?

The day was starting. It was 5 am. Chen Ge calculated the time. Even if he rushed nonstop, it would be hard for him to reach New Century Park before 9 am.

Director Luo has given everything for this promotion; I cannot let him down. I'd better return as soon as I can. Chen Ge found the Zhu woman to discuss the issue regarding Ah Qing's son with her. In the end, Chen Ge did not take the baby away but left him to be taken care of by the Zhu woman.

Ol' Wei also asked the woman many questions, but the woman sided with the Red Specter in the well. She did not reveal any information. She said that this was just a normal village with a unique ceremony during that time of year. Ol' Wei felt like he had forgotten something. It was as if he had drunk too much the night before and could not remember what had happened.

Chen Ge was afraid that Ol' Wei was affected by the society, so he led him to a room and had his employees check on him. They discovered that he was just fine. The gunfire from the night before should have come from Ol' Wei's gun. He must have seen something and fired. It was probably that thing that stole his memory. Only Ol' Wei had seen the thing that stole his memory, but he could not remember what that thing was.

Chen Ge told Ol' Wei to be careful and advised him from going out alone. He was worried that the death of the investigator might repeat itself.

The villagers hated the outsiders—probably because they were afraid that others would see their abnormalities—so they stayed far away from Chen Ge's group. At 6 am, Chen Ge, Ol' Wei, and Master Bai led the two children out of Coffin Village. They walked for one hour through the forest before Ol' Wei and Chen Ge's phones rang.

"Finally, there's signal!" Ol' Wei recovered and called to report the situation to Captain Yan. The two kids had been discovered, but the doctor at the Children's Home had disappeared. Based on Ol' Wei's understanding, he suspected that this was a premeditated kidnapping; the two children had probably been kidnapped by Doctor Chen to be sold.

Captain Yan also relaxed when he found out that Ol' Wei and Chen Ge were safe and the kids were found. He had them bring the kids to the station.

When Ol' Wei reported the situation to Captain Yan, Chen Ge logged into his social account. He realized from 1 am to 3 am, He San and Gao Ru Xue had messaged him many times. They seemed to have urgent things to tell him.

Chen Ge called He San and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Boss! Why didn't you answer earlier? Something big has happened!" He San was so loud that even Ol' Wei could hear him.

"Don't act so flighty, slow down." Chen Ge walked ahead to introduce some distance between them.

"Do you still remember Gao Ru Xue? It was the senior who joined me to visit your Haunted House. Someone has disappeared from her dorm!" Even though He San had lowered his voice, it still caused Chen Ge's ear some pain.

"In that case, you have to go to the police. Why come to me?"

"The person didn't disappear. I don't know how to explain this. The person looks the same, but the personality is completely different, like the soul has been exchanged!"

"A ghost possession?"

"Yes, just like that! Boss, do you want to come to our school to take a look tonight? This thing is just weird, and now my senior really needs your help."

"Temporarily, I don't have time." Chen Ge thought about it but did not reject directly. "I'll call Gao Ru Xue to ask for more details."

After hanging up, Chen Ge took out the black phone. The last side mission for the four-star scenario School of the Afterlife was at Jiujiang's Medical University.

I should give myself some time to rest. At least I have to wait until Xu Yin wakes up first.


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