My House of Horrors
332 Fight for the Well
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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332 Fight for the Well

Without Master Bai and Ol' Wei holding him back, Chen Ge ran much faster. He raced through the village filled with monsters and screamed Xu Yin and Yan Danian's names. Zhang Ya was hibernating, so she gave no response. Xu Yin did give some response, but he was in the middle of a crucial transformation, so he could not help Chen Ge.

Yan Danian was the only ghost Chen Ge could rely on, but this Lesser Red Specter was cowering in the corner of his comic. He picked up his pen and drew circles on the floor, pretending not to hear anything. It was obvious that he was more scared than Chen Ge.

It was understandable. The uncle had locked himself inside the drawer and refused to interact with people. The first time he had chosen to trust some and exit his comfort zone, Chen Ge brought him to Coffin Village. The village that was filled with monsters and danger unsettled the uncle. The world that he had in mind was not like this.

The ceremony had reached its end. All the monsters inside the village had awakened. He could turn down any corner, and he would see dangerous monsters.

"There are only two relatively safe places left in this village. One is the small building next to the ancestral hall. The Red Specter cares about the old lady who lives there, so none of the ghosts dare get close. The second is to meet up with the ceremony procession. Jiang Ling and the Zhu woman are there. Based on the loud commotion earlier, they're probably fighting with the ghost stories society."

Chen Ge thought about it and decided to head to the loud noise. There was an old lady living inside that building next to the ancestral hall. If something happened, the old lady would suffer with him. Therefore, he decided to bring this chaos to the ghost stories society. Chen Ge ran for his life, and the monsters behind him continued to gather. Chen Ge was feeling wronged; all he did was wreck a coffin, why were these spirits so relentless?

The people who were fighting probably also did not expect Chen Ge to cause the whole village to chase after him. Seeing the group that grew behind him, Chen Ge stopped caring about the red crosses on Ah Qing's map. He ran past them; his only wish was to leave as soon as possible. This caused the group trailing behind him to get bigger.

Gradually, the chaos that he had caused was not smaller than the commotion near the outskirt of the village. The cold wind caressed his face, and the wails echoed endlessly behind him. Chen Ge forced his way through the Coffin Village. Probably because it had taken down so many spirits, blood trails appeared on Doctor Skull-cracker's hammer, and it looked even scarier.

Chen Ge leaned against the wall and took in big gulps of air. Even if he was physically stronger than most, he was fast approaching his limit. He turned to look back, and what he saw made his scalp tingle.

The quantity was unbelievable. In this situation, even Xu Yin broke through to Red Specter, it would not change the situation. Chen Ge needed Zhang Ya's help. "I knew a three-star scenario wouldn't be so simple!"

There was still some time to dawn, but Chen Ge did not think he could hold on any longer. "If I fail to unlock this three-star scenario, it won't appear again. I have to give it my all."

With a grit of his teeth, Chen Ge raced down another street and finally reached the western side of the village, the place where he heard the sound of fighting. Dragging the hammer, leading the host of ghosts, when Chen Ge exited the street, the two forces that were fighting stopped at the same time. When they saw Chen Ge, Chen Ge also saw them.

There were four wells around Coffin Village. The ceremony started at the western well. The ceremony then rounded the village and ended back at the western well.

The Zhu woman was hugging a Red Specter ghost baby with no facial features but few apertures on his face. Jiang Ling and Fan Yu were standing behind her. Facing them were two people wearing black robes. Their whole bodies were covered by the robes.

Ghost stories society!

These words appeared in Chen Ge's mind when he saw the black robes.

Two at once? Could the chairperson be among them?

The continuous murders, the trek into the mountain, it looked like the ghost stories society was determined to finish something that night. For the sake of their goal, they even went head-to-head with law enforcement.

Since it's something so important, the chairperson who has been hiding behind the veil might do this personally.

The situation was chaotic. The ghost stories society and the Zhu woman seemed to be fighting for the well. Standing next to the well, wearing a white and red shirt, was the spider-like Zhu Xinrou who was fighting a uniquely-shaped thin monster.

The thin monster, which symbolized human desire, was the most common monster inside the society. The stronger the monster, the longer its body and the more human faces it had on its body. However, this monster that was fighting Jiang Ling's sister was slightly different. It was sewn together by 6 shadows, but they shared the same lower body. It looked weird but was very strong. It had the upper hand when fighting Jiang Ling's sister.

The fight was bloody, and both had numerous wounds on their bodies. However, Zhu Xinrou, who had less fighting experience, was slowly losing. These two Specters looked to be stronger than Xu Yin, but they're not Red Specters.

Chen Ge initially thought that Zhu Xinrou was a Red Specter, but in comparison to the ghost baby, the difference was quite obvious. When the ghost baby showed up, the whole street's lanterns turned red; the presence was completely different.

Looks like I've underestimated the terror of a Red Specter.

Due to Zhang Ya, Chen Ge thought Red Specters were quite common. However, after witnessing the fight between these two Specters, he realized the gap between Red Specters and normal ghosts.

Jiang Ling's sister was barely hanging on, but the Zhu woman held the ghost baby tightly. It did not seem like she was going to help Zhu Xinrou. She did not turn to look at the adjacent battle. Her eyes were on the black robes.

The only threat that can make a Red Specter cautious is another Red Specter. The black robe opposite from the Zhu woman has to have a Red Specter on them.

The society's power surprised Chen Ge. The patient known at the Devil had two Red Specters, and now this black robe had another Red Specter. The society had three remaining members, but there were only two before him—the most dangerous one was probably still in hiding!

The two parties stood around the well; they were trying to feel each other out, and no one made a move.

Their plan was probably wait for Zhu Xinrou to lose, and then the situation would be bad for the Zhu woman. However, neither party anticipated Chen Ge's arrival. The scariest part was, this intruder was leading half the village's ghosts with him!

In just a few seconds, Chen Ge understood what was happening. He waved the hammer and yelled over his shoulder, "Come and get me!"

With numerous ghosts following behind him, Chen Ge led them to rush at the two black robes.


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