My House of Horrors
328 Tonight, I“ll Let You See
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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328 Tonight, I“ll Let You See

The wedding candles gave off an eerie red light, making the old home look even creepier. At the bedroom door, the woman in a tattered wedding dress looked at Chen Ge. Her lips moved, and the voice echoed in Chen Ge's mind. The memories were muddled, and a weird feeling gushed up his heart. She seems to be calling my name.

When he was young, Chen Ge once heard the elders of his family say that there was a kind of ghost in the world that called passersby's names in the middle of the night and then transformed into the person who was the most memorable in the passerby's mind to approach them and harm them.

This female ghost has a similar power?

The voice that they had been hearing amplified; it disturbed Chen Ge's power of thought. He tried to focus, but his body relaxed completely. He raised his eyes to look, and the woman's face changed. There was a general outline, but it slowly turned familiar like he was looking at someone from his memory.

The wonderful memory was sewn together by threads, and the dead woman lifted her sleeves lightly to cover her face. She walked out of the bedroom gracefully. The embroidered shoes stepped on the white paper. The woman's wedding dress glowed redder. She lowered the sleeve slightly, and the originally scary face became exquisite and beautiful. The facial features slowly formed, and there was a sense of familiarity comforting Chen Ge. She should be someone important in my life.

The woman's voice sneaked into his bone marrow like strings controlling Chen Ge's body, stopping his means of harming the other party. His mind froze, and his body moved on its own. Chen Ge took a step forward like someone in his mind was urging him to not give this opportunity up lest he regretted it forever.

Such a familiar voice, who is she?

The memory buried in his heart was pulled to the surface, and Chen Ge felt like his soul was leaving his body. The voice echoed in his mind, and the hall stopped being scary. The surrounding melted away, and with the voice leading him forward, Chen Ge took his steps.

The distance between the two closed, and the woman's bright-red sleeves slowly lowered. The pale face shifted as she flipped through Chen Ge's memory and found the woman who loved him the most. The blurry facial features became clear and flawless. Even the pickiest artist would gasp and say, "Beautiful!"

With the familiar face, the exquisite expression, the woman lifted her head to look at Chen Ge in anticipation. Their eyes met, and Chen Ge, who was under the woman's spell, felt struck by lightning!

His body shook continuously, and his heart raced. An indescribable terror tore through the memory and romance. "Zhang Ya‽"

A strong survival instinct made Chen Ge jump backward. No matter how the woman called for him, it was useless. The flickering candlelight extinguished, and facing the extreme fear, the woman's voice had lost its power over Chen Ge. The woman's face turned back to normal. She was holding a pair of scissors and red string, standing the middle of the room.

She used her power to morph into the most memorable woman in Chen Ge's memory. She used that to weave a trap for Chen Ge to walk into. Initially, everything was going according to plan. The man was under her full control, so she could not understand why, when the man saw the woman who loved him deeply, his reaction would be so drastic‽

Chen Ge gasped greedily for air. This was the first time he had felt the true meaning of fear since he entered Coffin Village. He did not expect to see Zhang Ya's face when she was slumbering. The voice in his mind disappeared. Chen Ge wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and calmed down again.

That was most likely the ghost's special power. The ghost was powerful, her voice carried his own memory and could enter a normal person's mind with being noticed to make others lower their guard around her. That was a hard threat to deal with; it was because of pure luck that Chen Ge managed to survive this time.

When Chen Ge escaped the ghost's control, even the ghost herself was injured. Her voice stopped, and a part of memory was left in Chen Ge's mind. Chen Ge thus gained a new understanding of this ghost who had the potential to become a Red Specter.

She was the village elder's daughter, and the night of her wedding was also the night of the massacre. Her whole family had been torn apart, and there was not enough of them left to become ghosts. She was the only survivor. Her resentment kept her alive, and as the years passed, she became more and more powerful… until she met Chen Ge.

The ghost in the wedding dress was several steps away from Chen Ge, and her face twisted with a pair of eyes burning with vengeance. Xu Yin was battling the groom, but it was not much of a match. All the groom could do was buy time. Their original plan was probably to possess Chen Ge and then cooperate to kill Xu Yin. Unfortunately, the ghost's plan ran into some trouble.

Looking at Chen Ge, who had regained his sanity, the ghost was irrationally angered. Her hands reached out from underneath the sleeves, and her wounded palms were tied with red strings. She screamed, and the red strings that flowed out from her flesh rushed at Chen Ge.

The door was sealed, and the hammer did not have much use against the red strings. Xu Yin, who was some distance away, saw the situation Chen Ge was in, so he tore the groom's arm off and turned to fight the ghost in the wedding dress.

The red strings stuck into Xu Yin's body, but it did nothing to stop him. The greater the pain, the stronger Xu Yin got. Fresh blood spurted out, and it almost dyed his shirt. Both Xu Yin and the bride were half Red Specters, and they were equally powerful.

His senses returned, and Chen Ge could feel the weight of the hammer in his hand again. He circled the outskirts of the battle, trying to find a chance to help Xu Yin, but did not anticipate the ambush from the groom. Xu Yin was unable to help Chen Ge, and the groom realized this was a perfect chance.

His cracked face revealed a dirty smile. He walked toward Chen Ge like he planned to return all the damage that he had suffered from Xu Yin's hands to Chen Ge.

"Going for the weaker party? Then you've got the wrong target." Chen Ge did not retreat. He was also quite mad that day. "Even if you have the potential to become a Red Specter, as long as you're not a Red Specter now, you possess no threat to me!"

Chen Ge's calm voice sounded like a bluff to the groom. He hugged the torn arm and walked toward Chen Ge with a wicked grin!

"Don't believe me?" Chen Ge did not fight back as the groom approached. In fact, he put his only weapon, the hammer, down on the floor. "Actually, compared to a duel, I prefer a brawl."

Chen Ge took out the comic from his backpack. He flipped through it, and a heavy stench covered the old home. "Tonight, I'll let you see what the real meaning of strength in numbers is!"

The stench coagulated to form a large fatty, and more shadows appeared from the comic!


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