My House of Horrors
296 You Want to Scare Me?
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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296 You Want to Scare Me?

If it was just a suicide, it would not have been so scary, but the dead man's detached arm still had not been found. No one dared move in—what if an arm poked out at them when they were cleaning the place?

"I still want to take a look," Chen Ge said calmly, like this was nothing serious to him.

"Okay." There was a patch on the back of the man's shirt that was wet, drenched by cold sweat. "Actually this place is not bad. The same model at Electrical Plant's residence is four times the price."

After the door opened, a weird stench flew out—it smelled like mildew. The man tried the light in the living room, but perhaps because it had not been used for a long time, he had to work for it for some time before the light came on. The light banished the darkness and seeped into the room. Chen Ge walked into the room. He did not want to do anything extra; his purpose was to look for that drawer.

The black phone provided a description of the drawer. It sounds like it belongs to the desk in the bedroom.

Before the man standing at the door could stop him, Chen Ge had already entered the bedroom. However, he searched both bedrooms, but there was no table, only a large dresser.

The description is different to what's described by the phone.

Chen Ge walked out from the bedroom and glanced at the agent with confusion. "Brother, are you sure this is Room 304?"

"That is what it says on the key; it can't be mistaken." The man showed Chen Ge the key. There was no desk in the bedroom, but there were tables in the other areas of the place. It'll take time for me to go through them. Will I really need to stay here tonight?

"What do you think of the room? We can still discuss the price." The man was afraid; he stood at the door and did not dare enter.

"I like this room a lot. Can you let me stay here for a night?" Chen Ge reached into his backpack to search for something.

"A stayover? We don't provide that service. If you're not satisfied, how about we look at the room next door?"

"There's no need; I want this one." Chen Ge interrupted the man. He took out his ID and 500 from his bag. "500 for one night, and this is my ID. I will not destroy anything in the house. If nothing weird happens tonight, I'll take this place."

The agent had not seen this kind of customer before. "I'm sorry, but the company has rules that I need to follow."

"Are many people asking for this place? If you don't sell it to me, this room will remain vacant for who knows how long." Chen Ge finally managed to persuade the man to give him the key.

"There are security cameras around the residential area. If you need help, just run out. I'll be back tomorrow morning at 8 am."

"You'd better come sooner because I have something else to do in the morning." Chen Ge sent the agent out. Looking at the key in his hand, he felt something was off. The key itself was old, but the tape was new.

This is weird.

A sound in the kitchen interrupted his thought. He took out the hammer from his backpack. Chen Ge walked into the kitchen and saw that the cleaver on the chopping block had fallen into the sink.

Where was this cleaver earlier?

He picked up the cleaver to take a look. Then he opened the gas stove. Holding the wooden handle, he seared the cleaver. Baleful Specters should be afraid of fire, right?

The bright knife was burned until it was charred. Chen Ge then dropped it back into the sink.

There are so many drawers, but one of them has to be one I'm looking for.

He turned on all the lights in the room and started to search for that drawer that could not open. Night had fallen, and the residential area was freakishly quiet, like none of the rooms were occupied.

One hour passed without Chen Ge noticing. Chen Ge sat in the living room, looking at the drawers that had been pulled out.

All of the drawers in this place can be opened. There's nothing out of the ordinary with them.

Leaning against the sofa, Chen Ge felt drowsy. He had not had a good rest in a long time already.

This is different from my previous draws at the wheel. Is it because the Specter is particularly powerful? Or does it have a special power?

He placed the recorder beside him and fell asleep on the sofa, hugging the hammer. He was about to close his eyes when his phone rang.

The real estate company? Why are they calling? Chen Ge answered the call, and it was the familiar female voice. "Hello, I'm sorry but I just received the news that the agent responsible for Third Hospital's Staff Residence just ran into an accident while he was on his way to find you. He's currently unavailable to provide his service. If you're still interested in that room, please come back in three days."

Car accident‽ Chen Ge lost his desire to sleep instantly. The agent had gotten into an accident, so who was the man who had shown him the room? A baleful Specter that haunted the residential area or the agent's soul? Either way, the result was the same; he had met a ghost!

"Can you describe the appearance of the agent?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm only responsible for customer service. I'm not really familiar with the individual agents in Jiujiang."

"You're not familiar with your own company's employees?" Chen Ge looked at the key in his hand. This key had been left behind by the soul. The more he looked at it, the more off he felt about it. The tape was new, but the key old. He pulled the tape back, and there were three crooked numbers written underneath—305.

The room that the man tried to recommend me earlier was the real 304! The one that he wanted me to buy is the real haunted room!

Chen Ge's lack of rationality surprised the man. Normally, people would avoid haunted places, but that 'customer' was the complete opposite and was adamant about entering the haunted room!

"I'm sorry, is there anything else I can help you with?" The woman on the phone was very nice, and her tone was polite.

"Since you're with the agency, you should have the information on the house, right? Can you help me check the information on the former tenants of Room 304? I know it's haunted, but I'm interested in it because the price is low, so there's no need to hide anything from me."

"Okay," The agent answered quickly. "There were three former tenants in Room 304. The third tenant was a gambler, and the loan sharks chopped one of his arms off because he didn't have the money to pay his debt. In the end, he was cornered and jumped off the building. The second tenant was an English teacher who mysteriously disappeared in the house. The first tenant…"

Chen Ge focused on the phone when there was a knock on the door.

Someone is outside? At this time? Chen Ge grabbed the hammer and muttered into the phone, "Please snap a picture of that information and send it to me. I'm definitely taking this place!"


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