My House of Horrors
293 Drawer
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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293 Drawer

Sunlight fell on his face as Chen Ge stared at the phone screen. When the spinning needle slowed down, his heart tightened. One hundred screams was not a small number; if he won something useless from the lucky draw, it would have been such a waste.

I purposely picked early morning to do the draw. It shouldn't be a baleful Specter this time. Just from the perspective of probability, it's time for me to see what other things the Wheel has to offer, right?

Chen Ge could not remember the last time he had been so nervous. His heart rose with anticipation while he kept his eyes on the phone.

It stopped!

"Lucky Spin completed. Congratulations for having won a Rare Special Item: The Drawer that Cannot Be Opened (Chance of Winning: 1/100)!"

When he saw the message, Chen Ge sucked in a cold breath. A series of nouns appeared in his mind. Cursed Love Letter, Crying Tape, Drawer that Cannot Be Opened. They sound like they're from the same series!

Chen Ge continued to read.

"I felt like someone was watching me. He was probably hiding in this room. I searched all the corners that someone could hide in, but I could not find him. I grew afraid. Whenever I worked at the table with my back facing the living room, the feeling of being watched returned. He was spying on me. I was so afraid that he would sneak to stand behind me when I was not looking.

"To save myself, I hid a knife inside the desk's drawer. One night, the feeling of being watched reappeared. I couldn't wait any longer and pulled the drawer open to grab the knife. But when the drawer was pulled open, I realized the man wasn't hiding in the living room.

"Congratulations, Specter's Favored! You've won another rare Baleful Specter.

"Warning! If you win five Baleful Specters from the Wheel of Misfortune, your title will be upgraded!"

The morning breeze touched his face, and the sun was warm. Chen Ge slowly moved his gaze away from the screen. Why is it a drawer this time?

When Chen Ge saw the name of the reward, he knew it was a baleful Specter. He had spun the wheel four times already and won three Specters. His title would be upgraded soon based on his luck.

I have a feeling I won't be seeing anything else in the wheel. Then again, how is a drawer going to help me fight the ghost stories society? Chen Ge felt like he needed a bigger backpack. The probability of drawing Zhang Ya's love letter was one in one thousand, and this drawer was one in one hundred. It should be weaker than Zhang Ya but slightly more powerful than Xu Yin. It's at least a rare item, which is better than nothing.

Chen Ge ran into the Props Room. When he earned any reward from the wheel, the item would appear inside the wooden box that his parents had left behind. Chen Ge kept the box inside the Props Room. However, Chen Ge searched for a long time, but he could not locate that drawer that could not be opened.

Could the black phone be referring to the actual drawers inside the Props Room?

He pulled open the drawer one by one and found a rental notice in one of them.

"Room 304, Jiujiang Third Hospital's Staff Residence.

"Room model: 2 Bedrooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Bathroom.

"A brand-new home! Upscale furniture! 46-inch LED television! Large sofa! Wooden floor! Can move in immediately!

"Rental: 900 per month

"Phone number…"

Chen Ge was made confused by the string of exclamation marks that were used on the flyer. Two bedrooms and one living room. The location is not bad. Normally, it should cost 3,000 per month, so why is it so cheap?

The notice looked old like it was from several years back, but even so, it should not cost 900 per month. There's something fishy about this room; it's probably haunted.

Although Chen Ge could not find the drawer, he did find this notice. Chen Ge understood what the black phone was trying to say.

This new friend requires me to go find him personally. Chen Ge leaned the hammer against the wall. He looked at the time. I can take a half an hour nap before the park opens at 9 am. In the afternoon, I'll go to Jiujiang's Children's Home to visit Fan Yu and Jiang Ling. On the way home, I'll go deal with the drawer.

After changing his clothes, Chen Ge prepared to feed the white cat. He tried to use the cat food as bait to train the white cat to find the food itself. He tried for long time, and he came to the conclusion that taking care of Xiaoxiao and the Pen Spirit was more convenient.

Since I can't train the white cat to look for its food on its own, perhaps I should train Xiaoxiao to feed it. Chen Ge rustled Xiaoxiao's head and suddenly felt like there were many abilities of his current employees that he had not yet discovered.

The Haunted House opened at 9 am, and the number of visitors was obviously bigger than before. Director Luo's promotional tactic was good, but Chen Ge believed that the power of his Haunted House played a bigger part.

To match the promotion, New Century Park had made a lot of adjustments. One could purchase tickets online, and the visitors could also share the link on social media to enjoy a greater discount. After the discount, New Century Park's ticket did not cost much anymore.

This meant that those who had tried one-star scenarios before invited their friend to challenge harder scenarios. After all, visiting a Haunted House alone was a vastly different experience to visiting with friends.

With the growing popularity, there were guides to Chen Ge's Haunted House appearing online. The number who cleared the two-star scenarios increased, but none of them had a perfect clear. The highest record was held by a group of students from Jiujiang Medical University and normal visitors. Twelve of them worked together to find 21 nametags in twenty minutes.

It was to Chen Ge's regret that when one group finally gathered to challenge a three-star scenario, the Third Sick Hall, they swiftly retreated when Chen Ge opened the door and they saw the mattresses that littered the corridor like mass graves.

Some visitors are already challenging the Third Sick Hall. Looks like I need to unlock a new scenario soon.

Chen Ge finally got time to rest when the park closed at 6 pm. After Xu Wan left, Chen Ge grabbed the rental notice and left New Century Park. He stopped at a supermarket to purchase a bunch of snacks and toys before arriving at Jiujiang's Children's Home. The president thought Chen Ge finally decided to bring Fan Yu away, so he came out personally to welcome Chen Ge.

Of course, he was disappointed by the result. Chen Ge carried the bunch of snacks into Fan Yu and Jiang Ling's room. The two kids, who did not know that he was going to visit them, were drawing quietly in the room.


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