My House of Horrors
269 Turning into a Red Specter
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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269 Turning into a Red Specter

Wei Wu's sudden reaction surprised not only Kong Xiangming but also Chen Ge. "From the beginning, it's your friend that has been under pressure, but why is it you who chose to run first?"

"Wei Wu!" Kong Xiangming yelled with bloodshot eyes. He was surrounded by three baleful specters and one madman. He did not expect his teammate to abandon him so easily. In the blink of an eye, Wei Wu was already several meters away. Chen Ge had the two specters take care of Kong Xiangming while he and Xu Yin ran after the deserter.

"Xiao Gu has already opened the door; I cannot let him slip away."

Chen Ge chased after Wei Wu, and after he left Western Jiujiang's Private Academy, he realized that the three students had already left. There was nothing left for him to worry about anymore. "Stop struggling, you're not going to escape!"

Hearing the call behind him, Wei Wu ran faster. The face behind his head kept screaming, urging him to run faster!

The distance between them grew. Chen Ge did not have any good idea to catch up. Running in the Haunted House with the hammer hindered his speed. To be able to follow the man so closely was mainly because of his good physique. Wei Wu ran with all his might. There was a voice in his mind saying, Faster, faster!

He remembered the exit was just several corners away and hope lit up in his heart. I mustn't fall into his hands! Yes, I can definitely make this!

He ran out of the corridor adjacent to the deep well. Wei Wu was about to charge forward when he suddenly realized the tight corridor was filled with numerous mannequins!

"Shouldn't they be inside the classroom? Why are they here‽"

With intertwining arms and teetering bodies, the mannequins' faces with creepy smiles looked at Wei Wu, causing him to shiver.


Whenever he wanted to do something, there would be people or things trying to stop him; that had happened several times already that day. Wei Wu dashed into the group of mannequins. As he knocked the mannequins down, they gripped his clothes, pulling him down with them. If this was any other time, he could have used to the blood face to slowly escape the trap, but Chen Ge was close behind him.

As Wei Wu fell down, he turned to look, and the scary-looking hammer was closer than he expected. He was reminded of the first time he created his real ghost story. Once, I chased innocent people like this before…


His other arm was incapacitated, and the large pound sent Wei Wu sprawling across the ground. Not giving him any chance to escape, Xu Yin jumped on the man's back and poked his hands into the back of Wei Wu's head to yank the blood face out!

A blood-curdling scream reverberated through the Haunted House. After dealing with Wei Wu, Chen Ge dragged him to a corner. The blood face on Wei Wu was torn apart by Xu Yin, and the blood that splattered all over the place became nutrition for the many mannequins.

"Not bad, very clever." Chen Ge was never stingy with his praise, and he could sense joy coming from the group of mannequins. Bringing Xu Yin along, Chen Ge returned to Western Jiujiang's Private Academy.

Kong Xiangming's thin monster had harmed many innocent people, so it was incredibly powerful. There was a long trail of human faces on its body, and it did not show any sign of being cornered even facing three baleful specters.

Unfortunately, this was just a battle between ghosts. While the thin monster had a handle on the ghost situation, Chen Ge was already chasing Kong Xiangming all over the place with the crazed hammer.

"Save me! Save me!" he yelled inside the scenario, but the thin monster was unable to do anything. After Kong Xiangming took a hammer strike to his back, the monster was forced to leave Kong Xiangming and escape on its own. With the lesson from Wei Wu, Chen Ge was prepared this time. The three specters jumped on the monster and apprehended it tightly. Several minutes later, the monster was shared among the three specters, and its host, Kong Xiangming, fainted.

"There's no notification on the black phone. Looks like these three aren't patients from the Third Sick Hall either." Chen Ge looked at the baleful specters who were feasting, and he mumbled to himself, "Seven left…"

The thin monster soon disappeared down the specter's stomach. The fat specter held its stomach like it had not had enough yet. It wiggled its large body around to look for more food when it noticed Chen Ge looking at it. It panicked and immediately dispersed to merge into the stench that covered the scenario.

Am I that scary? Chen Ge turned to look at the other specter. The hanging man was even more shameless. After it had its fill, it leaned and fell to the ground like nothing had ever happened.

The two specters probably did not eat much since Chen Ge was there. Most of the thin monster had been consumed by Xu Yin. This time, Chen Ge could see the obvious change in the man. Xu Yin's shirt bloomed with a large blood stain, and it was still growing. "A Red Specter?"

Chen Ge knew that Red Specters were stronger than normal specters, but he did not know how they were formed.

One-third of Xu Yin's outfit is bloodied, so normal specter can change into Red Specter? He looked at the hanging man lying on the floor and compared it to Xu Yin. He had a feeling that things were not that simple.

Perhaps only a certain type of baleful specter has the ability to turn into a Red Specter. Chen Ge thought long and hard before he came up with this speculation. He had seen many ghosts before, but other than Zhang Ya, only Xu Yin, this specter that was surrounded by hatred and resentment, showed any chance of becoming a Red Specter.

I should use other ghosts inside the Haunted House to give it a try when I have the chance next time. He imagined Xiaoxiao in a red dress slashing her claws, and he silently shook his head. Even when she's a Red Spectre, I have a feeling she'll still be bullied. I should use the Pen Spirit to give it a try.

Chen Ge realized that Xu Yin had reverted to his original form. He lowered his head, and his eyes were hollow like everything that was reflected in them would lose their color. Taking out the recorder, Chen Ge walked toward Xu Yin. He was about to speak when Xu Yin, who sensed his approach, disappeared. The tape stopped moving, but the blood on it seemed to have deepened.

Looks like more communication is in order. Chen Ge understood the source of Xu Yin's pain, but he had done everything he could. The rest depended on Xu Yin.

Dragging Kong Xiangming out of the Western Jiujiang's Private Academy, Chen Ge returned to the corner where he had left Wei Wu. From afar, he saw Gu Feiyu standing in the middle of the junction with a flashlight. The young man was worried about Wei Wu's safety. He wanted to help Wei Wu, but the group of mannequins made him hesitate. He paced where he was and did not dare to move forward.

"Xiao Gu, come and help me!" After removing the skin mask, Chen Ge waved at Gu Feiyu. "Have the three medical students been sent out?"


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