My House of Horrors
268 Value of Your Life
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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268 Value of Your Life

There were weird noises coming from the belly of the scenario, and the stench in the air seemed lighter than usual. They're of equal power? Looks like these two members from the society are quite powerful.

Chen Ge upped his pace. He did not see Wei Wu along the way; the poor sap had probably run straight for the deepest part of the scenario after being spooked by Chen Ge.

Where can you run to? This scenario is completely sealed, and there is only one exit.

The ghost stories society's members had come to create trouble at his Haunted House during his working hours. This created a great sense of danger in Chen Ge. If he did not terminate the society, they would return in the future, so Chen Ge did not hold back. After walking ten meters, Chen Ge finally saw the fighting.

Kong Xiangming had a dark expression on his face. There was a thin monster standing on his shoulders, but the monster was longer and stronger than the ones he had seen at the Third Sick Hall. Most likely, it had consumed many innocents. The monster on Kong Xiangming was almost four meters long, and the crying faces on its body made it look like a twisted centipede!

Facing the monster was a mannequin with a rope around its neck. There was obvious damage on the mannequin's body, but it kept charging at the monster.

"The more savage the soul, the greater it tastes."

Kong Xiangming looked at the mannequin, and there was a playfulness in his eyes. The monster on his shoulders did not pay the mannequin much attention but was looking in another direction with alarm.

The stench that covered the scenario had congregated to form a shadowy version of a large man. The fat man had a blurred face but extremely high strength. However, his agility left much to be desired, and he could not do anything in the cramped corridor.

The fat man and the mannequin did not know anything about combat, and with the tactics from Kong Xiangming, the battle was one-sided. Slowly, the wounds on the mannequin and the fat man increased. Their bodies turned blurry, and the stench in the scenario slowly dissipated.

Are they that weak? Chen Ge thought about it and could understand why. Most of the powerful and resistant baleful specters at Western Jiujiang's Private Academy had been consumed by Zhang Ya already, and only the two weaker ones remained.

Wei Wu was hiding behind Kong Xiangming. When the blood face saw Chen Ge approach, it screamed!

"Be careful! Our target is coming toward us!"

Even though Kong Xiangming had the upper hand, he was still facing two enemies, and if Chen Ge joined in the fight, it would not be good for him.

"Why did you lead him here?" Kong Xiangming could still maintain the calmness in his voice, but his words came out faster than before.

"I didn't want to! How about we swap places? You go and deal with him while I take care of these two?" The blood face on Wei Wu had a special power, and like Pen Spirit, it was not suitable in combat—Kong Xiangming understood that much. "Fine."

This was not the first time they had cooperated. They stood back to back as they moved. Blood vessels surged out from behind Wei Wu's head, and the expression on the face slowly morphed to mimic the mannequin. Weirdly enough, when the blood face changed to mirror the mannequin, the savage mannequin suddenly became quiet, and its eyes turned hollow.

Wei Wu had stopped the mannequin, but he could not do anything toward the fat man. He could only watch on as the fat man's body slowly recovered, and the stench in the scenario returned. Leaving the specters to his teammate, Kong Xiangming and the thin monster on his back both turned to look at Chen Ge.

Wearing Doctor Skull-cracker's outfit, the skin mask, and holding the hammer, it was hard to tell who the scarier party was. The things that Kong Xiangming told his victims when he created his ghost stories did not seem appropriate. Compared to the 'monster' before him, he felt like he was the more normal one.

"Actually, we can talk this out," Kong Xiangming said very naturally. "Neither one of us came with malicious intentions; we're here because someone ordered us to."

Chen Ge did not respond. The man had managed to survive for so long inside that crazy society, so this meant that none of the words that left his lips could be trusted. He raised the hammer. Perhaps Kong Xiangming was telling the truth, but he did not dare bet on it, nor did he want to bet on it.

"Think about it first before you make your move. I know you have gone into the world behind the door already. I can tell you a secret about the door, but you must promise me one condition." Kong Xiangming increased his talking speed because he sensed the danger. "This is a valuable opportunity. We can cooperate, and you only need to promise me one condition; this is my bottom line."

"Bottom line?" Chen Ge took one step before suddenly increasing in speed. "You dare to talk conditions with me inside my Haunted House? You really don't understand the value of your life! Xu Yin!"

Following Chen Ge's call, a melancholic young man covered in wounds appeared beside him. Both the man and the ghost rushed toward Kong Xiangming.

Kong Xiangming's lips twitched as he realized an issue. The thin monster could stop his opponent's specter, but who was going to stop the madman with the hammer‽

"So painful!" His legs landed on the floor, and the wounds on his body opened to pour out blood. Xu Yin, with his face twisted from anger and resentment, charged at the thin monster. The monster's power was stronger than Chen Ge had expected. The faces on its body started to cry and wail, causing Xu Yin's speed to decrease. The thin monster's arms gripped Xu Yin's neck, and the human faces on its body chewed on Xu Yin's clothes.

The thin monster used the faces to apprehend Xu Yin temporarily, but the key problem was, after he got entangled with Xu Yin, who was going to protect Kong Xiangming?

Chen Ge, who had battled similar monsters before at the Third Sick Hall, knew its weakness. After the thin monster left its host, its power would decrease by at least thirty percent, so the thin monster was not Chen Ge's target to begin with.

"Wait a minute!"

The hammer cut through the air, and Kong Xiangming's face paled. Desperate, he forced the thin monster to ignore Xu Yin to come protect him. The monster also knew the importance of its host, so it immediately let go of Xu Yin to shield Kong Xiangming.

Without the restraint, Xu Yin landed on the ground and charged at the thin monster again. He bit ravenously on the thin monster's neck. The more he consumed, the brighter the blood stain on his shirt.

At the same time, the hammer also made contact with the thin monster. Chen Ge did not slow down to check the effect of his attack or give Kong Xiangming any chance to speak. He took the hammer and went ham on his opponent!

Kong Xiangming tried to block, but Wei Wu behind him was losing ground. The hanging man was controlled by Wei Wu, but the key problem was that he could not do anything to the fat man that was slowly recuperating.

"If we stay here, both of us are going to perish. Ol' Kong, good luck!" Wei Wu yelled and then chose to abandon the war. He turned around and ran past Kong Xiangming and Chen Ge!


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