My House of Horrors
267 Please Forgive Him!
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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267 Please Forgive Him!

The appearance of Chen Ge in Doctor Skull-cracker's outfit not only scared Wei Wu but also the three medical students. They were not sure who that sentence was directed at; after all, who would care about those details when their lives were on the line? The need to survive compelled them to start running for their lives!

Yang Chen and Lee Xue squeezed next to Wei Wu as they ran down the corridor to head into Western Jiujiang's Private Academy.

"Wait for me!" Wang Dan, who had been shoved to the ground, screamed. He was surprised to find the energy returning to his limbs as he climbed up from the floor.

"Why are you guys running as well‽" Wei Wu looked at Yang Chen and Lee Xue, who had run ahead of him. He was both angered and anxious. "Get out of my way!"

The blood face on the back of his head screamed. This was the first time he had seen the monster on his back react in such a drastic manner. Blood vessels seeped out from his back and trailed down his arm to reach toward Lee Xue, who was in front of him. He felt deeply threatened and knew he had to meet up with Kong Xiangming no matter what.

Chen Ge's pupils narrowed, and his Yin Yang Vision allowed him to see clearly in the dark. He caught the changes that happened to Wei Wu's body. "It is you, ghost stories society!"

There was still a distance between him and Wei Wu, but the blood vessels were almost touching Lee Xue already. In his desperation, Chen Ge picked up the rolling head and lobbed the head, which now had a shocked expression, at the back of Wei Wu's head!


The mannequin head knocked into Wei Wu, causing him to lose balance. He staggered unsteadily, almost collapsing to the ground, and the mannequin head rolled to the side. The blood face at the back of Wei Wu's head was smashed into a messy pulp. The large crack stunned the three students. Whacking one's head with another head? Even a stunt actor would not dare do that!

"Still want to run?"

Wei Wu's speed slowed down after he was hit by the mannequin head. Chen Ge rapidly closed in on him. The blood face had not even used its power, and it had already been injured. Seeing this, Wei Wu did not dare stay any longer, "Get out of my way!"

Lee Xue, who ran before him, did not have the chance to evade and was shoved roughly to the side. Yang Chen, who stood before the glass door, frowned with confusion.

"Wait! Isn't he an actor? Why is he running faster than we are?" Yang Chen had several answers in his mind. "Is still part of the experience? Some kind of insider drama?"

Seeing how Lee Xue was shoved to the side, he was rather angry. "If that's the case, that's so rude. How can they disrespect their visitor like this‽"

Wei Wu charged ahead savagely, but Yang Chen did not let him past. Instead, he purposely moved to block the door. "If this is part of a performance, please stop. Your earlier action has…"

"Get lost!" The blood vessels seeped out from Wei Wu's skin to knit on his face. It was very dark underground, so Yang Chen did not catch the changes on Wei Wu's face. However, it did not escape Chen Ge's Yin Yang Vision.

He sprinted, and before Wei Wu attacked Yang Chen, he raised the hammer to swing at Wei Wu's left arm!

The bones snapped, creating a crisp sound. All five visitors, including Wei Wu, seemed to petrify. This was especially true for Yang Chen, who blocked Wei Wu's way. He was closest to the man, so he heard it the clearest. As a forensic science student, he could even hear the tearing of the cartilage between the humerus and scapula. Yang Chen had forgotten what he wanted to say. He was dazed. Losing the control of his arm, Wei Wu gritted his teeth until it was bloodied. Using his other arm, he pushed the glass door open and ran down the corridor.

"That's a dead-end; I'll see where you're going to run this time!" Chen Ge put down the hammer and turned to look at Yang Chen. "Are you alright?"

"Y-yes." Yang Chen shivered. If he was not leaning against the wall, he would have been sitting on the floor already.

"Great. Normally, I'm a gentle person, but that visitor is not a normal visitor—he's different from the rest of you." Chen Ge tried his best to explain. He had to turn to violence earlier because he was afraid Wei Wu might harm the innocent.

"I understand. That big brother was the employee at the Haunted House, right?" Yang Chen stated his thought.

"Employee?" Chen Ge did not know why Yang Chen would come to this conclusion. He thought about it and admitted 'honestly', "You guys knew that already? The new actors don't know how to do their job. He acted too harshly earlier; I apologize on his behalf."

The three students looked at Chen Ge holding the hammer. They could not believe their ears. How could this person be so insouciant after severely injuring someone?

"We don't mind it." Yang Chen was screaming internally, Compared to us, shouldn't you be more worried about that actor that you assaulted‽

"Okay, when you go out, go find the uncle who sells tickets. When you come again in the future, I'll give you an eighty percent discount." Chen Ge took out his phone to call Gu Feiyu. "Xiao Gu, you can stop blocking the door now. Come in to help me lead these visitors out."

He had asked Gu Feiyu to block the door because he was afraid the two from ghost stories society might escape. However, now that both of them were inside the Western Jiujiang's Private Academy, which was a dead-end, there was no need to block the door anymore.

"Block the door…" The three students wiped their cold sweat. It looked like they were not going to make use of that discount any time soon.

"The three of you, wait here. An employee will come get you. I'll go and take revenge for you." Chen Ge waved the hammer around. "As a service business, we should always put the visitors first!"

As if sensing the murderous aura on Chen Ge, Yang Chen quickly advised him, "No, no! We're all really fine. Please don't take any revenge on our behalf!"

"Yes, actually, that brother is not that bad." Wang Dan also walked over, but he did not dare get too close to Chen Ge. He grumbled in his heart, At least he looks much friendlier than you do…

"Stop trying to make excuses for him. If he's made a mistake, then he needs to be punished."

Chen Ge opened the glass door. The three students felt guilty, so they stood outside the scenario and yelled.

"Boss, we're really fine!"

"Punishment is one thing, but you broke his arm!"

"We've already accepted your apology, so please forgive him!"

There was a faded stench in the air. Chen Ge sighed as he heard the shouts coming from behind him. These few visitors sure are good people. Western Jiujiang Medical University produces some wonderful students. They are helping the people who harmed them earlier.

After turning on the recorder, Chen Ge walked deeper into the corridor.


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