My House of Horrors
266 Stay a Little While Longer
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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266 Stay a Little While Longer

In the crazed doctor's outfit and with a scary hammer in hand, Chen Ge stood at the first junction. This time, he entered the Haunted House not to save the visitors but to use the Haunted House's unique environment to capture the two potential ghost stories society members. Now where have they run off to?

Standing quietly in the junction, Chen Ge strained his ears. Not long after that, he heard something from the corridor that led to the deep well. A human head was rolling toward him like it was pushed along by some unknown force.

"You're out to play again?" Chen Ge walked toward the mannequin head. He assumed that the head could not find its body, so it had rolled out to seek help. However, before he got close, the head rolled in another direction. It was neither fast nor slow, just fast enough for Chen Ge to keep up.

"You're going to be my guide?"

Chen Ge did not hesitate to follow. The draft fluttered his bloodied doctor's coat. Chen Ge wore the skin mask and held the red large hammer in his grasp as he followed the rolling human head deeper into the Haunted House.

When Yang Chen saw Wei Wu and Kong Xiangming, his heart jumped with joy. From his perspective, whether they were real visitors or Haunted House employees, it was only beneficial to him.

"You guys just came out from that place?" Wei Wu looked at the three students. His tone was cold. Since he felt the threat, he did not plan to keep up the pretext anymore.

"Yes." Yang Chen wanted to ask Wei Wu for help, but he found Wei Wu's attitude grating. It made him uncomfortable. It did not feel like an attitude an employee in the service business should have.

"What did you find in there? Why are all of you in this state?" Kong Xiangming also walked over. The two's questions confused the three students. They had assumed that Wei Wu and Kong Xiangming were the employees at the Haunted House, so their questions confused them.

Are these two really clueless about the layout of the Haunted House, or are they toying with us?

Before the students could reach a conclusion, Wei Wu and Kong Xiangming did something weird. They both suddenly turned their heads to look at the glass door that led into Western Jiujiang's Private Academy. Their actions were weirdly unified.

"What are you two looking at?" Yang Chen was unsettled. He retreated to his friends. Things appeared more complicated than he had initially thought. After two seconds, the glass door opened on its own, and a faded stench drifted out.

"Other than those mannequins, there are other souls trapped inside this Haunted House. This is quite surprising." Wei Wu kept his voice low. If not necessary, they would not reveal their identity to outsiders.

"The one on me has already awakened, and it's hungry." Kong Xiangming stood where he was as a pair of arms appeared around his shoulders, and then a shrunken head climbed up from his back.

"Have you lost your mind? There are other people here!" Wei Wu wanted to stop Kong Xiangming, but it was already too late. The three medical students had seen everything.

"I have no power to stop it when it's hungry." Kong Xiangming's voice was calm like this was not the first time he had experienced this. "It's fine if they see it. We'll just take care of them as well. Too bad this identity is going to waste though."

Wei Wu did not expect that the normally reticent Kong Xiangming would be so direct when he made his move.

"Fine, after all, the one on me is also hungry already." There were blood vessels moving on the back of Wei Wu's head. He turned to look at the three students, and to his surprise, they did not show fear but gave a look that said, See, I thought so.

"They're not afraid of us?" Wei Wu did not know what the three students had experienced. In comparison to the things they had been through, the monsters on the members looked rather cute.

"I'll leave the three to you." Kong Xiangming walked into Western Jiujiang's Private Academy alone. In the dark, something else seemed to crawl out from his back. Seeing Kong Xiangming walked into the scenario alone, the three students had different expressions.

"Shall we go and warn him?" Lee Xue felt sorry for the man.

"Stop worrying about him, these two have to be employees."

Normally, when one saw a ghost inside the Haunted House, one's first reaction would be to think they were workers. Wang Dan climbed up using the wall as support. He was scared, but his tone still had not changed too much.

He sighed and stumbled toward Wei Wu. "We give up, please bring us out."

The face was almost forming on the back of Wei Wu's head, but when he heard what Wang Dan had to say, the process stopped. "You want me to lead you out?"

"Yes, the three of us have given up already."

What is going on? To complete the ghost society's mission, Wei Wu had created quite a number of ghost stories himself. Whenever his victims saw his real identity, they would be too scared for words.

"Let's go." Wang Dan's legs were shaking. He held his head with one hand, and his other reached out to hold Wei Wu's arm. "Boss, can we go now? My head is spinning, and we have class to attend this afternoon."

Wei Wu tried to shrug Wang Dan off, but he failed. "Are you blind? Do you not see the blood face on the back of my head? How about a little respect?"

"We've already surrendered, what else do you want from us?" Wang Dan was annoyed; he had lost much of his confidence and pride that day.

Wei Wu thought that something was wrong with these students. In any case, he decided to end it as soon as possible. "Looks like none of you will be leaving."

The blood vessels knitted into a scary face. The face was blurry as the vessels moved about to slowly form a face that looked suspiciously like Wang Dan.

"Brother, can you please stop with the tricks‽ We're tired after leaving the hidden scenario. If you continue to be like this, I'm going to give you a negative review on the internet." Wang Dan's head was hurting, but holding Wei Wu's arm, he felt weirdly secure.

"What are you talking about?" Wei Wu gathered his strength to shove Wang Dan aside. His two faces had the same dark expression. "The plan was to finish this as fast as possible, but now…"

Wind picked up in the corridor, and Wei Wu was halfway through his speech when the face behind him screamed!

Wei Wu turned around and saw a monster in a bloodied outfit and giant hammer running at him as he followed a rolling head!

Wei Wu's head went numb as a giant sense of danger gripped his heart. "Not good!"

He turned to run instinctively to meet up with Kong Xiangming, but the 'monster' did not give him the chance.

"Since you're already here, why the rush to leave‽"


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