My House of Horrors
248 A Game That Can“t be Cleared
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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248 A Game That Can“t be Cleared

During his lunch break, Director Luo personally came to pay Chen Ge a visit. Seeing how full the resting tent was, he was satisfied. "You have so many visitors waiting during lunch—that's not easy."

Director Luo sighed. Several weeks ago, the Haunted House had been the most deserted place at the park, but now it was the park's main feature and saving grace.

"Director Luo? Why are you here?" Chen Ge held the box of rice that Xu Wan had bought for him in one hand, and his other hand used a pen to make his accounts.

"I'm here to tell you two pieces of good news." Director Luo inspected the rough-looking tents and handed the document he was holding to Chen Ge.

"I've not received good news in a long time already." Chen Ge opened the file. Inside was the resting hall proposal that he had drafted, but underneath the amateur drawing was a detailed blueprint, filled with notes and explanations.

"This is?"

"Even though the park is not as big as it once was, we can still provide this much monetary support." Director Luo seemed like he was in a good mood. "Take a look at the edited proposal, and if anything needs amending, come to me."

Chen Ge dropped what he was doing and looked through the blueprint closely. He was very satisfied with the updated blueprint; it was much more detailed and thought-out than the one he had drafted.

"Director Luo, what is the other good news?" Chen Ge raised his head. He was intrigued.

"Starting from tomorrow, the ticket price for park entry will be lowered to 60 RMB, and we'll start pushing promotions and discounts for those who buy in bulk or groups." Director Luo had finally made the decision. The futuristic park was giving him too much pressure. Lowering the ticket price was a marketing strategy and, at the same time, taking a step back.

"Lowering so much?" Ever since it opened its door, New Century Park's ticket price had been rising; this was the first time it would fall.

"Actively lowering it now will be better than being forced to do so later." Director Luo had an open mind about this. "If the ticket price for the park is falling, then the admission for your Haunted House has to rise. I've discussed this with other managers, and we believe 50 per admission sounds about right."

"50‽ Won't that be too expensive?" Chen Ge had inherited the Haunted House from his parents, and he had not changed the pricing.

"As long as your quality matches it, 50 is the most reasonable pricing. Now that the park's ticket price is dropping, those who are unwilling to spend the extra money will be interested, so be prepared for a large crowd in the next few days." Director Luo was confident.

"But the doubling of the price might cause some of the visitors to leave. There is never going to be enough money to earn, so why not take it slow?" Chen Ge treated the Haunted House as his own home. He had finally seen life return to it, so if the bounce up in ticket price chased people away, he would be greatly saddened.

"I've come up with the solution for that as well." Director Luo took the document from Chen Ge and flipped it to the last few pages. It was not a blueprint but a proposal to promote the amusement park. "The futuristic park will be starting a large promotional period soon, so we must be ahead of them and make use of this opening to invest in a large promotion! The main selling point will be the lower ticket price and your Haunted House!"

"We're tying the park with my Haunted House for the promotion?"

"Currently, New Century Park's only selling point is your Haunted House." Director Luo said something that made him grimace. "If the effect is less than desirable, this will most likely be our last promotion."

Chen Ge suddenly felt an increase in responsibility; he was bearing the survival of the entire park on his shoulders.

"Don't feel too much pressure. To increase the attraction of the Haunted House and to make sure the visitors are willing to take the first step, I'll be there to aid you." This was also the last stand for Director Luo; they could not hold anything back.

"But none of you know how to design or operate a Haunted House." The Haunted House was Chen Ge's territory. It was hiding too many secrets for other people to intervene.

"That might be true, but I do not how to manipulate the visitors." Director Luo seemed to already have a plan. "I hear from Ol' Xu that when you decided to separate your scenarios into levels, you offered 20,000 as a cash prize?"

"That is true." At the time, Chen Ge had been left with no other option. The separation was a safety net for the visitors as well. Pushing unprepared visitors into a three-star scenario directly might have led to some unforeseeable problems.

"That was a great idea, but 20,000 is too little to call it a prize." Director Luo pointed at the empty space before the Haunted House. "Tomorrow, I'll have the men build a banner here, saying the first one to clear all of the scenarios in your Haunted House will get a reward of 200,000 cash!"

"200,000‽" Boss Chen did not even have 50,000 in his bank account. "Isn't that too much? What if someone really succeeds in doing so?"

Director Luo walked forward and lowered his voice. It was different from his normal generous and kind image. "That's why I need you to design a game that cannot be cleared. I'm telling you, if someone manages to win the 200,000 within this coming week, I'm only paying for half of it; you're handling the rest."

"So, you're telling me to cheat?" Chen Ge felt troubled by the dishonesty.

"Why would you think that? We're an amusement park; the reason of our existence is to entertain our visitors. When they find out that the first to clear the Haunted House will get 200,000, will they be happy or not?" Director Luo explained it patiently to Chen Ge.

"They definitely will. They get to visit the Haunted House and have a chance at winning the reward."

"Then, when they find out that the cash prize has been taken by others, will they still be happy?"

"They will probably be disappointed."

"Therefore, to ensure that all the visitors are happy, you have to help me design a game that cannot be won." Director Luo was satisfied with Chen Ge's attitude. "Xiao Chen, you're a smart kid, don't disappoint me!"

If this was several years ago, 200,000 would have been nothing for Director Luo, but things were different. Chen Ge had heard from Uncle Xu that to keep the park running, Director Luo had remortgaged his own house to the bank.

"Don't worry, Director Luo. Other than myself, no one will be able to clear my Haunted House. It itself is an impossible game."

"Then I'll leave this to you. The promotion will officially start tomorrow." Director Luo looked at the crowd outside of the Haunted House and walked away. He seemed several years younger.

That was indeed good news. It seems like after I help the lingering spirits or specters resolve their issues or after I've killed the monster behind the door, my luck will improve.

Chen Ge stood at the steps of the Haunted House. He had felt something similar after he killed with mirror monster.


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