My House of Horrors
234 No One Else
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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234 No One Else

Looking at Chen Ge's back, Inspector Lee felt worried. He called for Ah Yong to come in. "I have something to do tonight, so I'll be leaving now."

"Is it related to Chen Ge?"

"Yes, after his parents disappeared, he has managed to keep a cool head no matter what happened. This is the first time I've seen him react so harshly to something." Inspector Lee placed the file back on his table. "Inform the officers on night shift to not let their guard down. There might be an emergency tonight."


Inspector Lee changed into his casual clothes and left.

After leaving the police station, Chen Ge called a cab to return to New Century Park. He locked himself up in the staff breakroom. The killer who forced Zhang Ya to commit suicide should be searching for the ghost stories society as well. He was last seen at the third building of Fang Hwa Apartments. There's a high chance that he has entered the 24th floor and found the society.

Chen Ge knew nothing about the society, and the flyer he had only introduced the address.

Zhang Ya's death happened many years ago, and too much time has passed since then. Even if the police catch Zhu Xiu, it will be difficult to prove his crime. They'll need concrete evidence. Chen Ge was not a law student and had not done anything related to law, so he was not sure what the punishment would be for a man who forced a girl to commit suicide.

If you make a mistake, you have to face the consequences. Chen Ge took out the flyer. Perhaps I should let Zhang Ya handle this herself. My mission now is to locate that bastard.

The blood red door that was half-open caught Chen Ge's attention. This was the society's logo.

Taking the elevator at midnight, repeating at every floor and press the button for the 24th floor will bring me to the ghost stories society.

There were other warnings written at the bottom of the flyer.

"This has to be done at midnight and alone. If other passengers enter the elevator in the middle of the process, you will need to start from the beginning. No matter what you see in the corridors during this process, you cannot step out of the elevator.

"Whether you find the society or not, you have to bring a mask with you. Every member of the society has to hide their real identity, and they are forbidden from revealing their own information or asking about others.

"The last and most important point is, no member is allowed to reveal any information about the ghost stories society, and they cannot let a second person know they're looking for the society."

Chen Ge could satisfy all these requirements.

I can go alone, but they didn't say I can't bring the undead with me. Chen Ge took the ballpoint pen and the tape with him. He thought about it and still believed it was not enough.

There is too much of a limitation on Xu Yin's power. He'll only be useful when the tape is playing, but it's too inconvenient to carry a tape recorder.

He walked around the Haunted House and decided to carry Xiaoxiao with him. It's unclear whether the members of the society are people or ghosts. Carrying Doctor Skull-cracker's hammer and the cleaver might cause them to be unnecessarily alert.

But it's better to be careful.

Chen Ge used a piece of string to tie the cleaver that was covered in red cloth around his calf. He decided to give up on the hammer; that thing was too eye-catching. That's everything I can do for now.

After inspecting all his gadgets, Chen Ge went online to order a thin recorder, but he needed to wait until tomorrow for this order to arrive. Chen Ge took a pen and some paper to jot down everything he needed to pay attention to that night.

At 10:30 pm, his phone finished charging, and Chen Ge left the Haunted House to head for Fang Hwa Apartments.

The night was dark; there was no moon or stars. It was a different world inside and outside the taxi. Chen Ge felt like he was a visitor, passing through a colorful world.

Chen Ge arrived at Fang Hwa Apartments at around 11 pm. His plan had been to sneak through the backdoor, but when he glanced at the security post, his plan changed.

"Gu Feiyu? You're already back at work?" Chen Ge saw the young man inside the post wearing his security uniform and was surprised. It had only been one or two days since the madwoman captured him, but he was already back at his post.

"Brother Chen, why are you back here?" Gu Feiyu was embarrassed. Facing Chen Ge again, his attitude was completely different.

"Something to do here and came to check up on you." Chen Ge smiled. "How are you recovering? Why don't you take a few days of rest?"

"I came to the city with my uncle. One day of hospitalization costs three days of pay. In fact, it was my uncle and family who helped me pay the medical fees for that night." This shamed Gu Feiyu. "I've been here for a month already. I haven't collected any money but keep creating problems for others."

"That's nice of you to think about them." Chen Ge took out his phone. "I'll be leaving for the third block in a minute, and I have a favor to ask of you."

"Sure, anything you need." Chen Ge had once saved his life, so naturally, Gu Feiyu would not reject.

"Listen closely." Chen Ge changed both of their call alerts to the simplest vibration mode. "If you receive my call after midnight, do not pick it up. If I hang up after it rings three times, I need you to do something very simple for me."

"What is it?"

"Call the police immediately."

Gu Feiyu had more questions but was stopped by Chen Ge. "Just follow my instructions. Remember, do not answer the call, just call the police."

"Understood." Ever since Gu Feiyu was saved by Chen Ge, he had felt that Chen Ge was destined for something big.

After leaving the security post, Chen Ge entered Fang Hwa Apartments and headed for the third building. The building looked so normal on the surface, but it played host to the ghost stories society.

If I run into anyone else during the process, I'll have to start over. If this were any other building, the chance of failure would be very high, but this building is different. According to Wang Xin's adopted mother, none of the tenants use the elevator at night because the place is cursed. Thinking about, the supernatural experiences they had are probably related to the ghost stories society. They probably came across people or 'ghosts' looking for the society.

Chen Ge hid inside the stairwell until 11:30 pm. The floor that the elevator was on had not changed, meaning that the elevator was vacated. Perhaps it was the changing of the day, but as the time moved forward, Chen Ge felt the temperature in the building continue to drop.

The temperature inside the building is even lower than outside. Have all the tenants gotten used to this?

At 11:50 pm, Chen Ge exited the stairwell to walk to the elevator. I shouldn't run into anyone else now.


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