My House of Horrors
228 The Devil“s Story
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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228 The Devil“s Story

Han Qiuming only managed to shout once before something clamped on his lips. Endless terror swallowed him whole. Unable to see anything clearly, the icy feeling shot through his body and was carried in a certain direction. The door closed, and the corridor returned to its original state.

The Third Sick Hall was huge, and all of the corridors were quite a distance from each other, but Ye Xiaoxin still heard some commotion. She hesitated before leaving the director's office. This courageous girl was very careful with her every step. She turned the corner, but there was still nothing.

Where has that man disappeared to? Did he trigger some trap? Ye Xiaoxin continued to move through the dark corridor.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Han Qiuming's footsteps are weak and light; this person's are stable and powerful, like someone who has a purpose and knows what he's doing.

Ye Xiaoxin hid in the nearby sickroom and snuck a look through the slit.

Not long after that, an incredibly scary monster emerged. He was wearing a bloody doctor's outfit, and his face was sewn together. He was covered in a murderous aura and holding a horrific-looking hammer. The hammer was covered in blood splatters, and it dragged across the floor. It did not look like a prop but like an actual murder weapon.

The actor inside the Third Sick Hall? The actor only appears after twenty minutes?

The first time Ye Xiaoxin lost her cool was when she saw the person on Han Qiuming's back, and the second time was now. The monster was slowly advancing, and Ye Xiaoxin's fair fingers gripped the door tightly. This was something she had not experienced in other Haunted Houses, and she could not understand why.

Why am I so afraid? Looking at the monster wave the hammer about expertly, Ye Xiaoxin's instincts told her to hide. Actors in other Haunted Houses are just putting on a show, but looking at this doctor, it feels like he has really done something sick with that hammer before.

It was not until the doctor left that Ye Xiaoxin silently exited the sickroom. She jotted down a brief few words on her notebook before starting to follow behind the doctor.

In the deepest part of Third Sick Hall, Guo Miao and Song An stood before the door to Room 10.

"The numbering on this corridor is different from others, and Rooms 8, 9, and 10 are the most unique because their doors are made from steel."

Guo Miao shared his findings with others. "We should focus on investigating these three rooms. Take care to not lose sight of one another. If you discover anything, call for help and do not touch anything on your own."

The group went into Room 8 first. The window was installed with anti-theft gauze, and there were detaining straps attached to the steel bed on both sides. The whole room gave a weird feeling, but it was not noticeable at first glance.

"This room…" Guo Miao stared at the bed for a long time and said uncertainly, "Looks like everything here is uneven."

With that reminder, the other visitors saw that as well. Half of the dresser had been destroyed but the other half was perfectly preserved. The left side of the bed was fine, but the right side was heavily twisted. Even the floor was half dirty and half clean. "What is the meaning of this room? The clue to clearing the scenario is unevenness?"

The patient Room 8 housed was Xiong Qing, a patient with Hemineglect. Harmony in the eyes of normal people would be twisted in his perspective, so the world in his eyes was sick and twisted and thus required correction. The group searched for a long time inside Room 8 but came up with nothing. They left Room 8 and entered Room 9.

Room 9 was the cleanest room in the Third Sick Hall. There was no trash or rubbish, and there was no weird drawing on the wall. However, inside the Third Sick Hall, this only made things seem weirder. The group searched the room and still came up with nothing.

"What is Boss Chen trying to say? This design is difficult to understand." The patient in Room 9 was Wu Fei. This was someone even Men Nan's main persona had thought was dangerous.

Pushing open the last steel door, the group who stood outside the door were assaulted by a pungent stench. Everyone had their hairs stand upright and they prepared to run.

When Chen Ge was doing his Trial Mission, Room 10 had been locked, so he had not been inside this room in reality.

"Should we leave?" Su Luoluo asked outside the door with her hand over her nose.

"The smell is not as strong inside the room, but you and Xiao Du can stay outside." Guo An and Song An entered Room 10, and the decoration inside this room could only be described as madness. There were no windows—it was a completely enclosed area. There was no bed or furniture like tables or chairs. Only several dilapidated and smelly mattresses were left on the floor.

When Guo Miao and Song An's gaze moved to the wall, even they were spooked. All the surfaces in the room were covered in blood letters of various sizes. They were so overlapped with each other that it created an illusion that they were moving.

The scariest thing was, opposite from the room door was a man's face, embedded in the wall. It was just a thin layer, and he looked like he was smiling and was not at the same time.

"Boss, that face doesn't look like a prop—manmade rubber wouldn't be able create this kind of feeling."

"I know."

Guo Miao took several steps toward the human face. He raised his hands to touch it to confirm, but his hand hung several meters away from the face, and he could not move forward anymore. "So be it, I feel like the clue won't be related to this face. It's probably hiding among the blood letters."

Guo Miao looked at the letters around the human face and realized with a shock that unlike the words out in the corridor, the sentences had basic logic to them, as if they were telling a story. Using his phone as light, he read them aloud.

"My wife accused me of being a killer, my parents refused to talk to me, the neighbors pointed at me, and everyone abandoned me.

"I shouldn't be alive, but I found no reason to die. I am the killer of my own children. Yes, I have never denied that fact.

"I shouldn't have left him alone at home. I shouldn't have left the fire on and rushed to work.

"Three lives, three children.

"What can I do to seek salvation?

"I wish to tear out my heart for you to see.

"Please stop blaming me. I'm sorry, it's all my fault.

"I shouldn't have argued; I should accept my mistake silently. If I didn't argue with my wife that night, perhaps she wouldn't have left late at night to find her parents, and she wouldn't have been harmed by those people.

"I'm sorry, this is all my fault.

"I wish to atone for my sins, but who would accept my atonement?

"There's a needle inside my body, standing over my heart. Every breath I take, it pierces through my heart.

"What should I do? Try my best to live.

"I've moved to a completely new place, but the situation hasn't changed.

"Guilt torments me. I am a killer, an unforgivable killer."


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