My House of Horrors
215 The Second Apparel
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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215 The Second Apparel

After exiting Director Luo's office, Chen Ge had a quick lunch before throwing himself back into work. He worked until 6:30 pm, and while most of the attractions at the park had already stopped working, the crowd outside of the Haunted House was still quite large.

Many visitors sat at the tent to communicate with each other. The few who survived Mu Yang High School became celebrities of sorts. The other visitors wanted to know what a two-star scenario was like, but they did not dare challenge it themselves.

Those who survived Mu Yang High School had pale faces dripping with cold sweat. However, they refused to admit that they were scared, so they exaggerated the fear factor of Mu Yang High School, making those who had not challenged it even more curious.

After a long discussion, the group of visitors joined together to form a massive team, specifically to challenge the Haunted House. They jotted down the detailed location of each discovered nametag and it had a professional flair to it. After closing for the day, Chen Ge went out and discovered what the visitors were doing. Looking at how excited they were, Chen Ge was glad.

"Hopefully they can find all sixteen nametags soon; the Third Sick Hall has been vacant for too long."

After cleaning the Haunted House, Chen Ge rushed to Boss Qian's workshop. Inside the underground workshop, Boss Qian had moved a chair to sit next to the front door. When Chen Ge arrived, he saw the man looking at the mannequins.

"Boss Qian, I'm here for the mannequins." Chen Ge patted Boss Qian on his shoulder and the latter jumped from shock.

"When did you arrive?"

"Just now. What's wrong with you? You're so distracted." Chen Ge walked into the workshop to add the finishing touches to the mannequins. Boss Qian stood beside him, staring at the mannequins wordlessly.

Sensing Boss Qian's strange behavior, Chen Ge asked probingly, "Is it because you ran into something strange today?"

Boss Qian's brow raised like someone had exposed the deepest secret inside his heart. "How did you know?"

"You were quite obvious about it."

"Since you've found out, then I have no reason to hide from you anymore." Boss Qian sidled to Chen Ge and said mysteriously, "Actually, I have Yin Yang Vision, and I can see things that others can't."

"Yin Yang Vision?" Chen Ge turned to give Boss Qian a once-over. "Have you been watching too many scary movies?"

"It's real. When I was young, a monk once told me that I came from a line of royalty, and I was even named Qian Guigen because my father believed the monk," Boss Qian explained.

"If you came from royalty, why are you in such a state?"

"Perhaps my opportunity hasn't arrived yet." Boss Qian shook his head. "Anyway, that's not important—the important thing is that I saw something unbelievable today."

"Well, what is it‽"

Boss Qian got close to Chen Ge and said in a whispered tone, "About four hours ago, this female mannequin winked at me."

He even used his hand to cover half of his lips like he was afraid the mannequin might overhear him.

"That's all? But why is it the female mannequin and not the male one?"

"Boss, the mannequin blinked! Can you focus on the main point of the problem‽" Boss Qian gripped Chen Ge's arm. "I'm not lying to you!"

"I didn't say you were, did I?"

"But you didn't react when I told you I have Yin Yang Vision and saw the mannequin blink!"

"I hear Yin Yang Vision is quite amazing. Does this mean you don't need to wear 3D glasses when you got to watch 3D movies?"

Boss Qian's mouth fell open. He thought long and hard about it before finally squeezing out, "No."

"From how I see it, you're probably too tired. Go back home and get a good rest. We still have plenty of chance to work together in the future." Chen Ge used a white cloth to cover up the few mannequins and moved them out of the underground workshop.

"Was I really imagining things?" Boss Qian started to doubt himself.

"Don't worry. Call me if anything happens." Chen Ge patted his chest to reassure Boss Qian. Then, he called a taxi and prepared to leave.

The more Boss Qian thought about what Chen Ge had said, the more unsettled he felt. Normally, when one tries to console others, they would say, 'Don't worry, nothing will happen.' So, why did Boss Chen tell me to call him if something happens?

After Chen Ge hauled the mannequins back into the staff breakroom, his expression turned serious. He placed the white cat around the mannequins. After several seconds, the white cat jumped onto the female mannequin's body. Using its claws, it toyed with the mannequin's hair like it was toying with a mouse.

"So there is really something." Chen Ge had not expected this. The mannequin that was created using the madwoman as a basis turned out to be different than others. Chen Ge placed the cleaver on the female mannequin's neck. "I'm your creator, so you're my responsibility. Hopefully, you'll listen to my orders and quietly move into your new home."

Chen Ge's pupils narrowed, and he could sense emotions like fear and anxiety from the mannequin. He thought about it before retracting the cleaver. "I'm just trying to scare you. In reality, I'm a real softie; I'll never harm any of you on purpose."

Chen Ge opened the door to the underground parking lot and deposited the mannequins inside the Third Sick Hall. "Welcome, this will be your new home in the future."

He placed the four mannequins in different areas, and using his own ideas, he came up with several mechanisms. He only finished working when the clock struck twelve. Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom. Lying in bed, fatigue washed over him. Chen Ge had not rested throughout the day.

Chen Ge pulled out the black phone to glance at the daily missions. When the tent was constructed outside the Haunted House, the message alert that he had finished the mission was received.

"Congratulations, Specter's Favored, you have completed a normal mission. Terror requires a corresponding buffer period. Considerate service will leave a good impression on the visitors. You've earned the mission reward—The Uniform of the Faceless Nurse!

"Uniform of the Faceless Nurse (Prop Apparel): Jennie is the wife of Doctor Skull-cracker, Clark. That night, she saw her husband entering the sickroom with the iron mallet. She had no idea what her beloved husband was up to. It was not until the hammer came right at her face that she realized what was happening."

A Skull-cracker doctor and Faceless Nurse, this is quite a scary story.

Chen Ge switched off the phone and turned to sleep. When he woke up early the next morning, he entered the dressing room, and inside the wooden box where he found Doctor Skull-cracker's outfit last time, there was a blood-drenched nurse's outfit.

This is too small for a male mannequin, but it should fit the female mannequin nicely.

Chen Ge took a tour around the Third Sick Hall. After he made sure that there were no hidden security threats, he opened the Haunted House's gate to prepare for business.


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