My House of Horrors
208 This Is a Love Song
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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208 This Is a Love Song

The woman's face was startlingly white. When she was agitated, her features twisted dangerously. Her slender arm curled around Gu Feiyu's neck, and her icy finger slid down the man's face.

Licking away her bright lipstick, her thin purplish lips leaned against Gu Feiyu's ear and continued to mumble, "Two of us have fallen in love with the same thing, so the fairest way is to cut it into half so that we can have one half each."

The cleaver cut through the uniform's button, and the woman's movement was gentle and soft. The security guard tried his best to open his eyes. He had not completely fainted.

"Both me and my sister got our love; he was the first for both of us." The woman leaned against Gu Feiyu's chest. "You have a personality that's similar to his. Initially, I wanted to wait for a few months before asking you to come up, but those people have already found me, so I need to leave this city as soon as possible."

Listening to Gu Feiyu's heartbeat, the woman raised her head to say, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

She walked into the bedroom to retrieve the black suitcase from the top of the closet. From within, she took out an ancient tape recorder. Kneeling beside it, the woman picked out a tape that was covered in dust. She kissed along the edge of the tape slowly like she was doing some sort of ritual.

She put in the tape and pressed the play button, and a boy's voice drifted out from it. The woman held the cleaver and listened to the song quietly. The boy had a clear and warm tone. It was filled with love. It was a love song.

"I've made about ten copies of this tape, but most of them have been lost."

The familiar melody surrounded the living room, and it seemed to bring the woman back many years. She tossed Gu Feiyu's uniform aside and took out the bundle of rope from underneath the sofa. After securing the knot, she dragged Gu Feiyu into the bathroom.

Hiding inside the closet, Chen Ge saw everything. "The locked freezer, the large bathroom… this woman has prepared everything. This is pure madness."

Chen Ge knew he had to make his move soon or Gu Feiyu would be in mortal danger. He lowered the volume on his phone and stood beside the bedroom door. He grabbed the chair from the make-up table and called Gu Feiyu's number.

The woman dropped Gu Feiyu into the bathtub, and the man's phone in the living room rang. "Why at a time like this?"

The woman walked out of the bathroom barefooted and picked up the security uniform that was left in the corner. When the woman was looking through the uniform for Gu Feiyu's phone, Chen Ge walked silently behind the woman.

As if sensing something, the woman turned. However, before she could turn fully around, Chen Ge already swung the heavy chair at her.

The woman did not expect another person in the room. She collapsed to the floor, and the top of her head was bleeding. Her pair of eyes glared at Chen Ge like they were bulging from the socket.

"Why are you here‽"

Chen Ge was not one to waste time talking, especially when his target was not incapacitated. The chair went down once more on the same spot. The woman's head lulled to the side. She was already weak to begin with, but now she could not even stand up.

Chen Ge untied the ropes from Gu Feiyu and used them to tie up the woman's legs and arms. "Who would have thought the two missions are overlapping? Then again, this makes thing easy for me."

He pulled out his own tape and placed it inside the recorder. The singing stopped, and only white noise could be heard.

"Those who disrespect life will be disrespected by life."

Fresh blood dyed the woman's face. She was lying on the ground, but she kept her eyes glaring at Chen Ge. The expression on her face was curious. There was no fear or worry but plenty of surprise and shock. Taking out his phone, Chen Ge called Inspector Lee. Just as the call was picked up, the lights in the room went off.

The woman came out from the Third Sick Hall, so she should carry a monster from inside the door on her.

Chen Ge opened the flashlight function on her phone and retrieved the cleaver from his backpack.

The red cloth fluttered to the ground, and Chen Ge cautiously looked around. After some time, there was a sound coming from the front door. It sounded like someone was scratching at the door with their nails. It sounded shrill to the ears. Chen Ge got quite unsettled listening to it.

It's that white shadow!

The first moment Chen Ge heard the scratching, he knew who it was.

"Is anyone home?" There was a rather ambiguous voice coming from beyond the door, and it had a weird tone. It repeated the same question. Holding the cleaver, Chen Ge did not know whether to answer or not.

When it repeated itself the seventh time, the voice said, "Is anyone home? If no one's home, I'm coming in."

The front door creaked open, and a white shadow about the size of a normal person stood at the door. This was the fourth monster Chen Ge had come across after the mirror monster, the thin monster, and the broken-arm monster. It had a blurry face and incomplete facial features, but it moved very fast.

Chen Ge blocked the cleaver before his chest. The monster gave him plenty of pressure; this creature was weaker than the thin monster but much stronger than a normal mirror monster. When he was at Third Sick Hall, a thin monster had chased him all over the place. If not for Zhang Ya, Chen Ge might not even have survived.

The white shadow faced Chen Ge and morphed to his side in the blink of an eye. Chen Ge waved the cleaver, and when it cut through the white shadow, it screamed like it was injured. It then glared at Chen Ge.

The white face morphed before Chen Ge's eyes. It finally changed into the face of Patient No. 2. However, the facial features were unstable. It felt like the result of too many plastic surgeries. The whole face was fragile like the features could come loose if the woman made too many facial expressions.

As the face leaned closer, Chen Ge used the ballpoint pen in his pocket to poke the ghost. He struggled as best as he could. Caught in their fight, no one realized a man's painful scream was echoing through the room.

"So painful…"

The tip of the pen stuck into the white shadow's forehead. The monster gripped Chen Ge's wrist tightly and slowly moved its face toward Chen Ge's face. It seemed like it was trying to steal Chen Ge's face!

"So painful, so painful, so painful!"

Just as the white shadow was about to touch the tip of Chen Ge's nose, its body was pulled back by an unknown force, and its hair was pulled taut.

"So painful!" When the scream appeared behind the white shadow, the expressions of both Chen Ge and the woman on the floor shifted.

"Xu Yin! Is that you‽" The woman's reaction was bigger than Chen Ge's. Since she was all tied up, she used her forehead to move forward; she was trying to sit up.

When the woman was distracted, the white shadow's face disappeared, and its presence weakened.

"What's going on? It was the woman who was controlling the white shadow?" Chen Ge was the only one who maintained his calm. He kept his eyes on the white shadow. Realizing it had weakened, he made use of this opportunity to injure it.

The Tape Ghost had incapacitated the white shadow, so it was the perfect chance to give it a heavy blow. However, to Chen Ge's surprise, at the last minute, the Tape Ghost let go. It seemed to have recognized the woman on the floor.

"So painful…"


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