My House of Horrors
191 Did I Forget to Put on Make-up Today?
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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191 Did I Forget to Put on Make-up Today?

The security guard has carried the actor inside the box out?

Standing at the door to the autopsy room, Chen Ge turned back to look down the corridor that he had come from. His eyes narrowed. The influence of a dark environment was not that huge on him. I did not hear a shuffling sound, so they should only be in hiding.

Closing the autopsy room door, some rust fell from the frame. The props inside Tian Teng Haunted House looked old. Feeling the rust, Chen Ge stood up and inspected the tools in the room. Doesn't look like these have been painted to look old. They seem to have been taken from an abandoned hospital directly.

For authenticity, some Haunted Houses would use a low price to buy abandoned equipment in bulk and work on them before placing them into the Haunted House, examples being the surgery bed and the electrocardiograph in the autopsy room.

He could notice that because there was a hidden line of code behind the machine—2-2-1-15. This was the code the hospital used to monitor and categorize their equipment. It represented the field, a medical equipment, maintenance, and the electrocardiograph ID. Different hospitals might have different codes, but they were more or less the same.

Lingering spirits normally attach themselves to the closest item at the time of their death. If all the props inside this place were sourced form a real hospital, then perhaps this place is really haunted.

Chen Ge was merely speculating. After all, he had no evidence. Of course, this might just be another trick by Tian Teng Medical School.

There was another sickroom attached to the autopsy room. It was hung with plenty of white cloths and had a use that was unclear to Chen Ge. Chen Ge did not have any interest in experiencing it, so he walked by it. At the end of the dim corridor was a locked steel door, and there was a large lock on the door.

Looks like I'll need the key before I can move on.

The road ahead was blocked, and Chen Ge had already examined the autopsy room. There was no way forward other than to go back into the room filled with white clothes.

The white tapestries fell from the ceiling, and a large part of it was covered with blood stains. The place looked like a crime scene. After removing the thick white curtain, Chen Ge entered a room that was even darker, and the setting was quite uncomfortable. The organs and limbs that were missing from the mannequins in the autopsy room were all there, and intermixed with them were several severed mannequin heads.

Now, this is not bad. Chen Ge was the first to challenge the Haunted House so the fake blood on the floor had not completely dried yet. Stepping over it, Chen Ge's shoes stuck to the floor, and it was a very uncomfortable feeling. This room is connected to the autopsy room, and the monitor in the security stop mentioned something like illegal black marketing of organs, so this should be where it all went down.

Tian Teng Medical School had hired a specialist team from Japan to design the place. To pursue a visual horror, they would do many things that were horrible, things that designers in the local scene would not do. Walking to the pile of organs and broken limbs, Chen Ge scanned the pile and noticed something curious.

The female mannequin on the surgery table in the autopsy room was missing a heart. Even though other mannequins are also missing some organs, they're not as important as the heart. I've looked through the place and couldn't find a heart. Maybe the key is hiding inside the heart?

Where would the heart be?

Chen Ge looked at the pile of abandoned organs and limbs, and an idea surfaced in his heart. He bent down to prepare to rummage through the pile of props. Just as his body slowly lowered, a head human hiding in the pile of organs suddenly opened its eyes and started to scream!

The head was covered in scars, and her eyes were dripping with tears of blood. Her hair stuck to her neck. As she tried to stand up, the organs and limbs rolled away. However, she only stood up half way before someone pressed down on her skull!

"Shush, be quiet." Chen Ge pressed the 'ghost' back into her hiding place. With his improved sight, things in the darkness were as clear as they were in daylight. When he walked into the room, Chen Ge had immediately noticed this slightly abnormal head.

Due to the mountain of props, it was a girl of slight stature who hid among the pile of fake organs. When she was pressed back down by Chen Ge, she also did not know how to react. This was something that she had not experienced before, and there was no corresponding method that taught her how to react in the workers' handbook!

The girl then sat back down on the floor. With Chen Ge's powerful hand pressing down on her head, she had forgotten what she was supposed to say.

"Heart, heart… where are you?" They said that a serious man was the most handsome man, but as the 'female ghost' watched Chen Ge searching for his target amid the pile of fake organs, mumbling the word 'heart', she shivered.

"Found it." Chen Ge opened the heart model that was hidden behind the girl. It was hiding an exquisite looking key. After retrieving the key, Chen Ge left immediately, leaving behind a befuddled 'female ghost'.

Looking at Chen Ge's back, she tried to speak multiple times but failed. After Chen Ge left, she rearranged the props around her and reassumed her position. "Did I forget to put on my make-up today?"

After opening the door in the middle of the corridor, the place turned creepier. Due to geographical limitations, the design of Tian Teng Medical School paid extra attention to the details, and the scares were close to each other.

After walking through the steel door, the green lights in the corridor kept flashing, and the white cloth that lined the corridor fluttered in the wind.

The size of the corridor has narrowed by half a meter; there should be something hidden behind these walls. Chen Ge knocked on the wall. I'm right, the wall on the left side is hollow.

Chen Ge came across the third room after taking a few more steps. The room was filled with baby cribs that had baby mannequins inside them.

A nursery? Chen Ge stood at the door to look around. Just as he went over the threshold, the room was filled with the sound of children crying. "Alright, don't cry. Come to Uncle. Now, where are you?"

There was more than one speaker installed in the room, so the crying felt like it came from everywhere.

There's a meaning to every room inside Tian Teng Medical School. The autopsy room provided the hint about the heart, and the room with white clothes hid the heart, and the heart was the key to moving on. Therefore, this room should have something I need as well.

Chen Ge walked to the middle of the room, and he suddenly felt something pull on his shirt. He turned to look, and beside him, a baby had reached its hands out of his crib to grab at Chen Ge's shirt. The baby's face was colored with venom, and the make-up was detailed.

The baby mannequin doesn't have a rounded joint. This means that the baby's arm is probably hollow. I should be able to find some signs of wiring. Chen Ge looked around him. To be able to grab me while I was passing by, the person who is controlling the baby must be close, or else their timing wouldn't be so perfect. Based on that line of thinking, they should be hiding under the crib.


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