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@@Without a doubt, the entire afternoon's meeting was very depressing.

Every top manager stayed anxious and did not utter a sound.

The affable and kind President was gone, and he was again the workaholic who made everyone miserable.

So everyone decided to hate Meng Ruya who had ruined the President's mood.

It was seven p.m when Fu Hanzheng's phone rang.

He finished speaking and checked his phone.

[Are you coming home for dinner or attending a banquet?]

He replied quickly [Home].

One minute later, the girl texted again [Then let's eat noodles tonight, good for your stomach].

Fu Hanzheng's cold lips raised.

[Okay, you decide]

When the top managers saw him smiling, they suddenly felt so moved that they almost burst into tears.

Fu Shiqin rolled his eyes and complained inwardly – a man in love, so fickle!

The meeting lasted until eight p.m and then Fu Hanzheng dismissed the meeting. For the first time, he did not ask the staff to amend the plans or work over time.