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4 Elemental Kid...

[Ding!!! Syst is suggesting host Goku, to calm down and not over thinking..]

'what do you mean calm down and also more importantly who are you???' as a baby though Goku can't talk right now still he can talk in his mind...

[Ding!!! I am suggestion system Host to help you have a smooth life]

'A system like the novels and animes right… ' Goku said with a happy smile for having his lifelong dream coming true.

[Ding!!! Yes, host, you can say that because I am almost like those systems that you are thinking about]

'Good now explain what is your funtions also please stop that notification sound… ' Goku said as he really didn't like that sound.

[Ding!!! As you wish Host notification sound is turning off]

[Notification sound turned off]

[Now explaining the functions of the system…

There are 2 functions of the system...

First- The system can explain any information that the host needs like analyze some events or setting that host is unable to understand…

The system will also help the host in his training and help correct all hia mistakes as well.

Second-The gift box…

In every birthday host will get a gift box from the system that will contain different things from fictional worlds that you have knowledge of.

For now, the system only has these two functions… ]

'So nothing more... ' Goku said with a disappointed sigh.

[Yes host only those two functions]

'So I have reincarnated, right? ' Goku asked to confirm his doubts.

[Yes host after that accident you and your parents reincarnated though your parents don't remember anything from their previous life.

You still remember everything because of the system]

'Is that so??? ' Goku asked with a confused tone and added 'So why do I have a system??? '

[No host you did not get the system but the system got bound to your soul after your death because you had met the conditions at that time.

After which you were transported to one of the anime worlds where your parents reincarnated because of their last wish you again reborn as their son. ]

'So that is why mom and dad are here...well that is also not bad at least I am not alone… 'Goku said with a nod and a little smile then asked 'So what anime world am I in… '

[You are in The world of the Anime world of My Hero Academia, Host]

'Damn this is a dangerous world, everywhere super-powered villains and no place… that is why the system said to me that about superpower huh… oh right I forgot to ask th system...' Goku thought till now and asked 'System did I get a starter pack…'

[Yes Host you are right you also got a starter package]

'Alright that is good news...' Goku said with an excited smile and asked 'So open it and show me what I got hurry it up will you…'

[Actually, you see a host that is already done by the system, as it was necessary before getting in this world for your own good.]

'what you opened it already. Then tell me what I got from the gift box… ' Goku asked because he doesn't know.

[Alright Host showing the gifts you got from the system…

1st-Saiyan bloodline low level, with unlimited potential... If you want to become strong you will have to work on your own.  ( It is already added to your body)

2nd- Sharingan from Naruto world, No bloodline curse… Though you will have to unlock all the variation of it with your own efforts. ( It is already added to your body)

3rd-Custom made Hero Dress… You will have to think of how you want it to look like. ]

' So I already have Saiyan bloodline and Sharingan to me. Though I can't feel Sharingan. Now I understand the reason why I feel an extra body part…  'Goku said as he moved his tail violently.


When all of this is happening everyone in the room is having a heated conversation in the room when suddenly Gina shouted out making everyone started suddenly "Kyaa~~"

"What happened Gina??? " Gero asked quickly his wife when he heard her shouting with a surprise and everyone got cation and prepared for battle.

"I am sorry everyone no need to get that serious. Actually, I got startled because of him… " Gina said as she pointed at little Goku who is moving his tail in his mother's hug.

"He woke up… " Rose said when she saw Goku looking at everyone with curiosity and shaking his tail.

"How cute... Sister can I hug him, please??? " Lina said getting close while smiling eagerly.

"You little monkey… " Guru said with a warm smile.

"Look at Dady my little Goku… " Gero said with a smile on his face as he got close when everyone felt light and the next moment they got pushed and few meters away from where they were.

"You are too close… " Gina said angrily when the four people almost buried their face on Goku. So she used her quark power on them to send them away.

"That's enough everyone you need to get out now it is time for Gina to feed Goku milk. " Recovery girl said to everyone when she saw Goku awake and everyone getting pushed back.

When everyone started getting out Gero didn't go out but stayed inside the room just.

As Guru went out of the room with his family he saw his son is still inside so he went in and grabbed Gero by his ears and pulled him out of the room while saying "You too Gero… "

"But dad they are my wife and son... Why should I be out… " Gero asked while getting pulled by his dad and asked helplessly.

"Because I can't stay in there and I won't let you more than me with my first grandson… " Guru said while showing full jealousy in his tone.

"But dad… " Gero got cut in mid-sentence

"Enough you two… " Rose said as she punched both father and son on their head and added "Don't forget we are in the hospital… "with a loud shout.

'Mom you are louder than them you know… ' Lina said to herself in her mind so that she doesn't get involved in as well. Then she said "The news reporters are already here... What do you guys want to do now??? "

"Right let's go give the world the good news… " Guru said and went out with his family with a big smile on his face.

When they went out they saw hundreds of reporters waiting for them and after asking a lot of questions one of the reporters asked "So what are you going to call Your grandson Mr. Flame??? "

"Until he grows up enough to get his own name he will be known as elemental kid… hahaha…." Guru laughed loudly when he finished his sentence.

After he said that everyone laughed with the joy of the news that the strongest Hero family got a new member in their family.

"You heard him, everyone we have a new member in the elemental Family… Son Goku AKA Elemental Kid…" a reporter said with a smile loudly as he turned toward the camera.

This is how Goku got Famous worldwide… within just a few hours after birth.