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My Dad Is the Galaxy“s Prince Charming

Author:You Qian

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What would you do if your planet ceased to exist after a nap?

Once upon a time, there was a princess…

Scrap that.

Once upon a time, there was a hermit called Yao Si.

She was an orphaned hikikomori who lived a peaceful and mundane life in her cosy little apartment.

Just when she thought she“d live out the rest of her mundane days... she died.
《My Dad Is the Galaxy“s Prince Charming》 Volume 1
1 My Friend, You Are Dead
2 Where Do You Want to Die?
3 Say Your Last Words
4 An Innocent Bystander
5 Planetary Fission
6 Lady Bloodling
7 An Endangered Species
8 The Baby Isn't Happy
9 The Foodies' History of the Galaxy
10 Weakling on the Rise
11 A Different Galaxy
12 The Enlightenment School
13 Attack of the Fatty
14 In Order to Learn
15 Courting Death
16 The Refined Interests of the Ancestor
17 The Hares You Desired
18 What a Scoundrel
19 Ask My Sword
20 The Common Language of the Galaxy
21 The Old Butler
22 The Great Elder has Arrived
23 Let Me Deceive the Ancestor Firs
24 You Can Go to Eternal Sleep
25 Can I Beat Him Up Again
26 I'm Your Great Uncle
27 Strike a Cow from the Other Side of the Mountain
28 Damn Single for Billions of Years
29 Your Majesty Please Come to Your Senses
30 Inter-species Melee
31 Great God, Please Advise
32 I want to See Your Parents
33 Let's Go and Fly a Kite
34 The Advertising Dogs of the Galaxy
35 Boss, Pamper Me
36 VIP Customers
37 The Hostage is About to Die
38 Being Good, Doing Good
39 An Outbreak of Bad Luck
40 One Use Ability
41 Testing the Ability
42 Inverse Ability
43 The Galactic Beas
44 Fan Meeting
45 God Mu's Die Hard Fan
46 Goodbye Caterpillar
47 Yo-yo Plane
48 Galactic Academy's Entrance Exam
49 Through the Academy's Gate
50 Student Union President's Election
51 Organized Trouble Causing
52 Galactic Academy's Lucky Charm
53 Student Union's First Meeting
54 Nephew Gu Missing
55 On the Enemy's Heels
56 Ability Opposite to Mind Reading
57 Plug-in Stopped Working
58 Research Base
59 Intruders Detected
60 The Reason for Research Base's Existence
61 The Controlled Bloodlings
62 One-sided Pressure
63 Euphoria
64 Bloodline Suppression
《My Dad Is the Galaxy“s Prince Charming》 Volume 2
65 Formal Declaration of War
66 Human Transport Machine
67 Cold War Within the Household
68 Bad Habits Need to Be Changed
69 Revealed Identity
70 A Low Profile Life
71 The Cub Is Going Solo
72 Flaunting Love is Prohibited
73 Tourism in the Lands of Celestials
74 Celestials' Transportation Methods
75 The Advertising of Celestials
76 The Training Plane
77 Mini Galactic Beas
78 The Map of the Virtuous Plane
79 Flying out of the Shadow Plane
80 Journey to the Service Centre
81 Traitor of the Sec
82 Tell Me the Story
83 The Service Crew
84 Four Dummies
85 Beginner Guide
86 Unqualified Paren
87 Mishaps While Doing Basic Training
88 Di-di-di, Calling Transpor
89 Battle of the Pig Heads
90 The Little Group of Balls
91 Rescuing the Silly Kid
92 Actual Combat Practice
93 Inflicting Mutual Harm
94 Chatterbox VS The Jinx
95 Meeting the Paren
96 Return to the First Academy
97 Fan Antics
98 First Timer Piloting a Real Robo
99 Robot Training Battle
100 The Robot Destroyer
101 The Robot Competition
102 Revoked Qualification
103 Encounter with a Maniac
104 The Counter of Foresigh
105 Luo Ying's Crisis
106 Doomsday Virus
107 The Highest Order
108 Yuan Han's Tea Se
109 Fourth Elder's Eternal Hibernation
107 Guider's Identity
108 Converted Earthling vs Cub
109 Traces of Yuan Han
110 Crisis in the Heavenly Bestowed Yard
111 The Sick Must Be Treated
112 The Highest Order
113 Yuan Han's Tea Se
114 Fourth Elder's Eternal Hibernation
115 Did Anyone Miss Me
116 Revenge of the Thousands
117 The Hidden Area
118 Origins of the Virus
119 Euphoria's motives
120 Explosion of a Satellite
121 The Celestial race Heavenly Demon
122 The Jarring Sight of Heavenly Demon
123 The Boss Behind the Scenes
124 The War to Save the Red Plane
125 The Real Aim
126 Don't Take Revenge
127 A Fake Bloodling
128 Li Zheng's Pas
129 Second-Time Inheritor
130 The Real Inheritor
131 The Loathsome Inheritor
132 Emergency in the Pugilistic World
133 The Addicted Youngster
134 Poetic Saga
135 The Prettiest in the World
136 Please Devote Your Life
137 Galaxy-Wide Love
138 Intergalactic Tour
139 The Merman's Seduction
140 The Calamity and the Beauty
141 You Are the Pretties
142 Leaving the Aqua Plane
143 The Ore Plane
144 The Unlucky Boss
145 Extremist Beasts
146 Dear Warrior, You're Pregnan
147 Double Happiness
148 The Financial Whizz
149 The Queen who Seeks a Child
150 The Queen's Forceful Pairing
151 Congratulations on Your Prize
152 Off the Charts Luck
153 Queen's Studies
154 The Proud Queen
155 What's Your Family Name?
156 Real Bloodling
157 Breaking Up the Heterosexual Couple
158 Beast Harvesting Farm
159 Dad About to Erup
160 Accumulating Experience
161 Enemies Love the Red Plane
162 The Blood Contrac
163 The Opposition's Cultivation
164 Radical Without a Bottomline
165 The Radical and the Ancestor
166 Pure Breed Single Dog
167 Creation of the King of Galactic Beasts
168 An Explanation
169 Bloodling from Elsewhere
170 Post-Traumatic Stress
171 Bloodling Coming of Age Ceremony
172 A Plus One
173 First Checkpoin
174 A Pro Sent by a Monkey
175 Last Checkpoin
176 You Became Me
177 Please Return To Being An Earthling
178 Your Family Will Bring Trouble
179 Hide and Seek
180 An Ancient Dog Leaves his Singlehood
181 The Amazing Queen
182 A Team of Kidnappers
183 Let's Have a Talk
184 No Title
185 Toward a New World
186 Bloodlings' Grand Prince
187 Traitors of the Clan
188 How Dare You Harm My Man
189 A Great War is Coming
190 The Reason Behind the Conversion
191 The Absurd Grand Prince
192 Stop the Intruders
193 For the Bloodling Honor
194 The War Begins
195 Return of the Victor
196 The Growth of the Queen
197 The Bloodling Migration
198 Personal Time is Needed