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2304 The Half-Immortal Level

Sensing the fluctuation behind, the Moon Fairy slightly turned her pretty eyes around. She was a bit surprised when seeing Qingfeng Li stood up in the freezing space.

The Moon Fairy blinked with a touch of confusion.

She knew her Seven-colored Moon Bottle could freeze everything in the small world except herself and block the outside attacks.

All the humans and demonic beasts would be frozen and couldn't move inside the small world.

But Qingfeng Li broke the rule and could move freely. It was quite incredible.

The Moon Fairy said in a soft voice, "Qingfeng Li, what's going on? How can you stand up in the space created by my Seven-colored Moon Bottle?"

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "Moon Fairy, I don't know. But your bottle doesn't work on me."

The Moon Fairy was shocked. She released a demonic beast from her interspatial ring. It was a white cat-like beast, with hair that reached five centimeters in length, exuding saint level laws.

It was frozen like a painting when the Moon Fairy put it into the small world created by the Seven-colored Moon Bottle. Even its hair couldn't move a bit.

Moon Fairy was relieved, for she knew her Seven-colored Moon Bottle wasn't broken.

This cat-like demonic beast had reached the level of a cat saint. Even it couldn't move in this small world. Obviously, Qingfeng Li was special.

He might be the destined one and could become an Immortal Monarch in the future. That was why he could break the normal laws. Common sense couldn't restrict him.

The Moon Fairy frowned a bit, for she had sensed the half-immortal energy from Qingfeng Li.

The energy was very strong and no less powerful than her immortal level energy.

The Moon Fairy asked, "Qingfeng Li, you can move in my small world, and you've reached the half-immortal level?"

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "Yes, thank you for the Moon Immortal Pill. I couldn't have broken through without its immortal energy."

The Moon Fairy was shocked again.

She was surprised by Qingfeng Li so many times after meeting him, but she was still shocked this time.

The Moon Immortal Pill that the Moon Fairy gave Qingfeng Li was mainly for healing. Though it contained immortal energy, it was very difficult to refine and absorb, unless he had practiced powerful immortal level techniques.

Even the Moon Fairy couldn't refine and absorb the pill this fast.

But Qingfeng Li absorbed most of the medical essence in the pill and turned it into his power source in only a few minutes.

He even comprehended the half-immortal laws and broke into the half-immortal level. This speed of cultivation was even faster than the Moon Fairy.

"What a monster," the Moon Fairy said to herself.

She had gotten more confident at the same time. With Qingfeng Li's talent and power, he could definitely avenge her and kill the Nine-headed Immortal King after entering the Immortal Realm.

Qingfeng Li looked forward and found the Five Elements Patriarch with the first glance.

Qingfeng Li also figured out that Five Elements Patriarch couldn't break the small world no matter how hard he tried.

Qingfeng Li took a deep breath. He was impressed by the Moon Fairy's power.

He had experienced the power of the Five Elements Patriarch, the famous immortal level master.

The Five Elements Patriarch could control the five elements and destroy the planets with a single slap. He was doom, and even Qingfeng Li didn't dare to fight against him.

But the Moon Fairy could easily block his attacks.

Her Seven-colored Moon Bottle was truly a remarkable Dharma Treasure.

Qingfeng Li didn't doubt that this bottle was no less powerful than his Thunder Immortal Sword.

Qingfeng Li said, "Moon Fairy, stop the Five Elements Patriarch for me. I'll go kill those old monsters."

The Moon Fairy nodded and said, "Go. I'm here. The Five Elements Patriarch can't harm you a bit."

Qingfeng Li nodded and took a step forward, leaving the small world created by the Seven-colored Moon Bottle.

With the Moon Fairy's help, Qingfeng Li didn't fear the Five Elements Patriarch at all at this moment. He even decided to kill all the surrounding old monstrous masters.

These half-immortal masters kept bothering Qingfeng Li. Without them, Qingfeng Li would enter the Fallen Immortal Arena and get the Thunder Origin long ago.

The Five Elements Patriarch showed his killing intention when seeing Qingfeng Li walk outside the small world of the Seven-colored Moon Bottle.

He opened his mouth and shot out a sharp arrow, shooting toward Qingfeng Li.

The Moon Fairy stood on the side, reaching out a finger and flipped it slightly. She shot out a bright beam of moonlight and stopped the arrow from the Five Elements Patriarch.

The Five Elements Patriarch then tried other attacking methods, even using spiritual attacks, but all of them were blocked by the Moon Fairy.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Five Elements Patriarch couldn't move freely when the Moon Fairy was here. He stayed around the small world and couldn't leave.

Qingfeng Li moved very fast and got beside those thousands of masters instantly.

Qingfeng Li looked calmly at them, but the killing spirit was gathering inside him.

The leading old monster was Wanzhong Ji, the Master of the Gravity Saint Sect. He stood there like an enormous mountain.

Wanzhong Ji looked at Qingfeng Li and said with killing spirit, "Damn peasant Qingfeng Li, walking outside the small world of Seven-colored Moon Bottle. You think we can't kill you? Today I'll peel off your skin and make you into a lamp, to comfort the soul of my brother."

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and said, "Wanzhong Ji, you are the one who will die today, as well as these old monsters around you. It's the consequence of ambushin me."

After hearing Qingfeng Li's words, those old monsters kept laughing with contempt.

They would be frightened if it was the Moon Fairy who said these words, but they were quite amused when Qingfeng Li said these.

Wanzhong Ji was also sneering and looked at Qingfeng Li with contempt.