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2281 Black Fire Saint Killed

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Plenty of sect masters, elders, and self-cultivators flew towards the Immortal Palace, and their leaders were Black Fire Saint and Yifan Feng.

They were the two who first found Qingfeng and others' position, and so they arrived at the fastest speed, but they were both perfect saints, and weren't half-immortal powers.

Qingfeng looked at these two, and hints of murderous intent appeared in their eyes, because they knew the opponents' disciples were Sky Fire Saint Son and Black Wind Saint Son.

When they were inside the Fallen Immortal Arena, the Sky Fire and Black Wind Saint Sons has always wanted to kill Qingfeng, and has caused a lot of trouble for him, but Qingfeng killed the two of them in the end.

Now, their masters were here, and naturally Qingfeng wouldn't let them go either.

Qingfeng stepped forward with incredible speed, and he stepped in front of them with just one step.

Black Fire Saint roared with laughter, and said, "Qingfeng, you didn't take the open road to heaven, yet you dared to come to hell without any doors. Today is your death date, I'll avenge my disciple's death."

A ray of cold light appeared in Black Fire Saint's eyes, as he suddenly pulled out a big blade. This was a black blade, two meters or so long, and four fingers wide, and several black talisman script were sculpted on it.

The talisman script contained horrific force; it shook the void just as it appeared.

The Black Fire Saint shouted loudly, as he activated his internal saint vital essence, and transferred it into his blade. It shattered open the air, and slashed towards Qingfeng, as he wanted to slash Qingfeng's body into half.

Qingfeng stood there nonstop, until the opponent's black blade arrived right in front of him, and then he slightly raised his right index finger, and shot out a ray of nine-coloured lightning bolt.

Just as the nine-coloured lightning bolt appeared, the heaven and ground lost its colours, and the space shattered.

The nine-coloured lightning bolt shot onto the black blade, and with a 'snap' sound, it shattered the black blade into half, and without any blockade, it shot onto the Black Fire Saint's body.

Splatter, splatter…

The Black Fire Saint was toasted into black, as he cried out in pain, he heavily fell onto the ground, and his body trembled nonstop. He died gruesomely.

The nine-coloured lightning bolt was truly too powerful, he killed the peak-level Black Fire Saint with just one attack.

Yifan Feng on the side was terrified, and his face changed. His skills were similar to the Black Fire Saint, and so when he saw that the Saint had been killed with one attack, he turned around to run.

Yifan Feng knew that it won't be long until Tianxing Ming, and Sky Rock Elder has arrived. Only they could kill Qingfeng before him. He was Qingfeng's opponent, so it was best to run.

Qingfeng coldly laughed, and said with disdain, "You want to run? Do you think you could get away?"

Qingfeng unleashed a ray of nine-coloured lightning bolt again, and it charged towards Yifan Feng.

Splatter, splatter…

Nine-coloured lightning bolt clashed onto Yifan Feng's body, and it suddenly shattered his body, and he turned into ashes.

The Blood Immortal and Sky-fighting Immortal General's face lit with joy when they saw this.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They were just worried about Qingfeng, but now that they've seen how powerful Qingfeng's nine-coloured lightning bolt was, they finally relaxed. Instead they felt bad for these sect masters and elders.

Not long after Qingfeng has killed the Black Fire Saint and Yifan Feng, Tianxing Ming, Sky Rock Elder, Grandma Plum Blossom, and Yibing Han led over hundred sect masters and elders here. They surrounded Qingfeng.

Suddenly, Tianxing Ming slightly frowned, because he saw Black Fire Saint and Yifan Feng's corpse.

Tianxing clearly knew of the two peak saint sect elders' powers.

These two have already reached perfect saint peak, and has nearly reached half-immortal grade, but who knew Qingfeng has killed them. This Qingfeng was truly difficult to deal with.

Tianxing looked at Qingfeng before him, and said, "Your power is truly very powerful, you've killed the Black Fire Saint and Yifan Feng, but today you're doomed without a doubt. Hand over your Thunder Immortal inheritance, and I'll leave you in a full corpse."

Sky Rock Elder on the side said, "Sect master Ming, even if you leave this guy a full corpse, you still must let me kill him. I've to personally kill him to avenge the Gravity Saint Son."

Yibing Han also nodded, he thought the same as the Sky Rock Elder, and has wanted to personally kill Qingfeng, and wanted to steal Qingfeng's treasures.

Whereas those sect masters and elders around, they all looked at Qingfeng with desire, because not only has they seen the Thunder Immortal Sword on Qingfeng, they've also felt the Thunder Immortal Chant's energy.

It was very clear that Qingfeng has already acquired the Thunder Immortal's two great treasures, and each would cause a great turbulence when taken out.


Not even those universal sect masters and elders, or even those immortals of the immortal realm could withstand this kind of attraction.

The Thunder Immortal was a powerful immortal in the abandonment era of the universe. He controlled the punishment within the heaven and ground. If the chaotic Devil God didn't kill him, then he would've been in immortal king realm by now.

Bright-moon, and Three-coloured Saintess looked at Qingfeng with hints of joy. They knew that Qingfeng would die soon, and this excited them.

Not only has Qingfeng defeated them in the Fallen Immortal Arena, he has also humiliated them, and has nearly killed her. Now that Qingfeng has became everyone's enemy, they couldn't be happier.

Bright-moon Saintess looked at the Three-coloured Saintess, and said, "Great, once this guy is dead, no one would come after us for what we've done."

The Three-coloured Saintess wasn't as happy as the Bright-moon Saintess, because she knew that the Bright-moon Saintess' master was Tianxing Ming. The Sky Rock Elder might not cause trouble for Bright-moon Saintess, but he would definitely cause trouble for her.

The Three-coloured Saintess' master, Grandma Plum Blossom, might be half-immortal power, but they were still drastically different from the Sky Rock Elder and Yibing Han.

However, the Three-coloured Saintess was also very happy to be able to see Qingfeng's death, because she hated Qingfeng, and wanted to kill him herself.

However, the Three-coloured Saintess also knew that Qingfeng's current power was much more powerful than her and Bright-moon Saintess. Even the Black Fire Saint and Yifan Feng were killed by Qingfeng, which meant that Qingfeng's combat ability was already reached half-immortal grade.

However, there were several half-immortal powers around. Even if Qingfeng's power was stronger than anyone, death was inevitable for him in the end.

Hints of worry appeared in Sky-fighting Immortal General and Blood Immortal's eyes behind Qingfeng, because they clearly knew Tianxing Ming and Sky Rock Elder's powers.

Blood Immortal walked in front of Qingfeng, and said, "Master, let me help you to defeat them."

Qingfeng shook his head, and said, "Blood Immortal, step back, and don't intervene. You should protect Linglong Saintess and others instead, I'll fight those people alone."