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2160 Help from Linglong Saintess

Seeing Qingfeng Li looked pale, kept spitting blood, and had become miserable with many of his bones broken, the Nine-headed Golden Lion laughed with excitement, cruelty, and conceit.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion looked down coldly at Qingfeng Li, saying, "I've broken half of your bones. You're no match for me at all. You're doomed today."

Qingfeng Li didn't respond, withstanding all the conceit and arrogance of the Nine-headed Golden Lion silently.

He looked severely injured in appearance, but his power wasn't influenced much. His organs and dantian were intact without damage.

He was channeling his saint vital essence and healing himself. Meanwhile, he was tempering his spirit energy and bones underneath the force from his opponent's Saint Lion Fist. His bones became harder, and his force became more powerful.

However, of course, only Qingfeng Li knew this. Others hadn't noticed it yet.

Not far from him, the Vast Sky Saint Son, the Linglong Saintess, the Furious-blade Saint Son, and the Heavenly-sword Saint Son all looked at Qingfeng Li with pity.

They all thought Qingfeng Li would lose the fight, for they sensed the powerful force of the Nine-headed Golden Lion, which was beyond Qingfeng Li's limit.

Yun Lan walked by the side of the Clear-wood Saintess, saying in a low voice, "Saintess, should we help Qingfeng Li fight the Nine-headed Golden Lion?"

The Clear-wood Saintess nodded and said, "Though we are low-grade Saints and no match for The Nine-headed Golden Lion, we should help Qingfeng Li regardless of our lives, because he once saved us."

Seeing The Clear-wood Saintess and Yun Lan was about to help, Black Puppy hurriedly stopped them, saying, "Don't go there."

The Clear-wood Saintess said with anger, "You big black dog, how can you be this heartless? Qingfeng Li consumed lots of his energy to save you. But you don't help him at all and even stop us."

Black Puppy rolled its eyes and said, "How can a Saintess be this stupid? The Nine-headed Golden Lion is an upper-grade Demonic Saint. With your power, you'll die from a single slap of him."

The Clear-wood Saintess said firmly, "Even so, I have to help Qingfeng Li and strive for his chance to survive."

Black Puppy rolled its eyes again, "Can you at least think it through? I've known Qingfeng Li so long, and I'm very close to him. Why don't I save him? Only because The Nine-headed Golden Lion is powerful?"

The Clear-wood Saintess asked with confusion, "Then why, can you enlighten me?"

 Black Puppy then sent a voice transmission to her, "To tell you the truth, Qingfeng Li hasn't used his full power. He is polishing his body strength with The Nine-headed Golden Lion's Saint Lion Fist. Don't you see? Although he is heavily injured, his eyes are bright. Those wounds can heal quickly, and he won't be in danger."

The Clear-wood Saintess looked forward and found Qingfeng Li looked energetic despite being severely hurt. He was not dispirited, and the wounds were healing quickly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Clear-wood Saintess remembered Qingfeng Li's left ribs were broken a moment ago, but they had recovered completely with no signs of injury.

There were still some broken bones in his chest and back, but those were no big deal, for Qingfeng Li could heal them very soon.

The Clear-wood Saintess and Yun Lan were finally relieved. They believed Black Puppy's words. Qingfeng Li could surprise them every time.

Qingfeng Li had killed the Golden Sun Saint Son with the sword not long ago. He might be able to find a way to fight with the upper-grade Demonic Saint.

On the other side, Qingfeng Li was refining his saint vital essence, absorbing the energy from the Saint Lion Fist and tempering his body.

His Mortal Purgatory Body released black talisman scripts of Hell, running through his meridians, muscles, and bones.

Qingfeng Li's body was rapidly changing, as well as his Saint Nucleus. It had only one mark before. But it split at this moment and was turning into two marks.

Technically, Qingfeng Li's body strength and bone strength had already reached middle-grade. He only lacked the nomological insight.

Qingfeng Li closed his eyes, trying to tell the direction of the Saint Lion Fist based only on the wind sounds and the fluctuation of talisman scripts of Order in the void.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion got mad and said, "You damn human, dare to close your eyes? Are you looking down on me? I'll kill you."

The Nine-headed Golden Lion directly used the Talisman scripts of Laws. He had reached upper-grade and was operating the upper-grade laws.

The sky was filled with Talisman scripts of Order; the void collapsed; the Time River showed up and rushed toward Qingfeng Li from every direction.

Although Qingfeng Li closed his eyes, he had sent out his spirit energy, sensing those Talisman scripts of Order in the sky and comprehending his saint laws.

Lots of black Talisman scripts gathered above his head gradually. Those were tadpole-liked black Talisman scripts of Hell.

The Talisman scripts were mutating, with every tadpole splitting into two, and the color got darker and more profound.

Qingfeng Li's body, saint nucleus, and soul were all evolving, as well as his laws.

The Linglong Saintess kept looking at Qingfeng Li without a blink. She sensed something unusual and found Qingfeng Li seemed to be practicing.

The Vast Sky Saint Son saw it too. He frowned and said, "Interesting, this human is not ordinary, practicing his techniques in the fight with the Nine-headed Golden Lion, and it's very likely that he will breakthrough soon."

The Linglong Saintess smiled charmingly and said, "I told you Qingfeng Li is no ordinary man. Now you believe it?"

The Vast Sky Saint Son smirked and said, "I just feel Qingfeng Li is becoming a more powerful threat. I don't want him to break into the middle-grade. I'd better intervene his cultivation to avoid further consequences."

The Vast Sky Saint Son took a step forward and was about to attack to prevent Qingfeng Li from the breakthrough.

The Linglong Saintess turned stern and stepped forward, blocking the Vast Sky Saint Son's way, saying, "That's not good. He is at a critical moment. It's very unethical to interrupt."