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1929 Rapid Breakthrough

Qingfeng Li gazed ahead toward Xue Lin with eyes filled with admiration. Ever since my wife started practicing the Phoenix Immortal Chant, he thought to himself, she's been progressing extremely quickly. In just the blink of an eye, she's already broken through to the first level of the spirit monarch realm.

All the while that Qingfeng Li was thinking to himself, the spirit energy within Xue Lin grew at an astonishing rate. Within a one-kilometer radius, massive amounts of essence qi and spirit qi gathered toward her body. Amazingly, Xue Lin was drawing all of the energy from the surrounding area toward herself. However, it was still not enough.
Qingfeng Li knew that, at this moment, Xue Lin had only just begun practicing the First Verse of the Phoenix Immortal Chant. She needed a massive quantity of spirit qi from the heavens and earth in order to sustain her.
The spirit qi inside Sky Rat City was rather thin. It wasn't enough to support her through the First Verse.
Qingfeng Li didn't hesitate. He took out the interspatial rings that had belonged to the Wind Eagle Dynasty Monarch and Sword Monarch. Within, there were more than ten thousand vitality stones and valuable elixirs.
These vitality stones contained a large amount of vital essence and spirituality. With the force of a thought, Qingfeng Li removed all of the more than ten thousand vitality stones, spirit herbs, and elixirs from the two interspatial rings and placed them all before Xue Lin. He indicated to her that she should absorb these with her Phoenix Immortal Chant.
Xue Lin had just awakened her Ice Phoenix Bloodline. Compared to the one part in ten thousand before, it was now ten times stronger. Within her body, there appeared a phantom of the Ice Phoenix Bloodline the size of a pinpoint. Although it was small, it still consumed a massive amount of spirit energy.
Qingfeng Li had taken out over ten thousand vitality stones, and they were absorbed by Xue Lin in a blink of the eye. The vitality stones fell apart into a pile of dust, all the spirit energy within gone.
As for the spirit herbs, they, too, withered into dried twigs. All the spiritual and medicinal energy within had been taken into Xue Lin's body and absorbed by her.
Within Xue Lin's body, her spirit nucleus and Ice Phoenix Bloodline had absorbed a massive amount of vitality stones, spirit herbs, and elixirs, undergoing a rapid change. The violet spirit nucleus began to spin, like a tornado, it twirled around and around.
After a few dozen revolutions, two marks formed upon its surface. However, having formed the two marks, the violet spirit nucleus still seemed dissatisfied. It continued to devour the spiritual energy from the spirit herbs and vitality stones until a third mark had formed.
After the formation of the third mark, the spirit nucleus continued to absorb the spirit energy and medicinal qualities of the spirit herbs. Finally, there were four marks.

Four marks, this symbolized that she had reached the Spirit monarch realm's Fourth Level.
Xue Lin's rapid rate of progression startled Qingfeng Li. It had to be said that even Qingfeng Li's own rate of progression, fast as it was, hadn't been like Xue Lin's. She had broken through four small realms in the blink of an eye.
When Xue Lin's power broke through to the Spirit monarch realm Fourth level, she finally stopped. It wasn't that she was unable to continue breaking through, but rather that there wasn't enough spirit energy to sustain her progression.
All of the vitality stones, spirit herbs, and elixirs had been completely used up. There wasn't even a scrap of them left. In addition, all of the spirit qi in the surrounding air for a thousand kilometers around had been absorbed by her.
As for the spirit qi from further away, Xue Lin didn't have the power to influence it yet. Besides, within the Mysterious Sun Realm, there was a suppressive force working against her.
Xue Lin opened her eyes, slowly. In her left eye, there was a sun, in her right a moon. The sun and moon revolved within. They represented yin and yang, sun and moon, heaven and earth, the Universe itself, and black and white.
Qingfeng Li's power was at the Seventh level of the Spirit monarch realm. Although he was more powerful than Xue Lin at the moment, he still felt a chill run down his spine when he looked at her. This was the power of suppression from her bloodline.
If Qingfeng Li could fully awaken his own bloodline, then he could withstand the pressure from the Ice Phoenix Bloodline. Otherwise, like any other self-cultivator, he would feel fear under the suppression of a godly beast.
If it were any other self-cultivator, they would be kneeling on the ground. Only someone as powerful as Qingfeng Li could remain standing.
Xue Lin stood up slowly. A sky-shaking energy radiated from her, tearing cracks in the air around her. Crack after crack appeared, while masses of dark clouds appeared in the sky overhead.
The dark clouds were formed from thunderbolts. They swirled around over Sky Rat City. However, they didn't descend upon them, but rather drifted away into the distance.
Xue Lin concealed the light of sun, moon, and stars in her eyes. She drew back the energy radiating from her, hiding it away.
Qingfeng Li walked up to Xue Lin. "Baby," he said, "congratulations! You skipped over four small realms in one go! That's even more amazing than me."
Xue Lin gave him an enchanting smile. Activating her Phoenix Immortal Chant, she felt like she had more energy than she could ever use. "Honey," he said, "this was all thanks to you. From now on, if we meet other self-cultivators I could help you out."
Qingfeng Li nodded. "Let's go," he said, "let's go see how the others are doing."
When the two of them left the room, they found that all the other doors were closed tight. The Spider Dynasty Monarch, Yun Ya, the Sky Wolf Monarch, Black Puppy, the Sky-Devouring Snake, among others, were still meditating.
This time, they'd acquired massive amounts of techniques, spirit herbs, and Dharma treasures. Everyone was working hard to absorb all of these and improve their own strengths. During the battle against the Wind Eagle Dynasty Monarch, they were all made profoundly aware of their own shortcomings.
This was especially true for Mengyao Xu. Although she practiced an Immortal Level technique, she hadn't yet mastered it completely. It was because she hadn't learned the technique well enough that she'd been caught by Wind Eagle Monarch.
This incident left her very disgruntled and she'd set her mind on completing the First Level of the Fairy Chant. When she'd done that, she wouldn't be taken captive again. The whole incident had been a stain on her reputation.
Xue Li furrowed her brows, her bright eyes scanned around them. "They're all meditating," she said, "What do we do now?"
Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and took Xue Lin's dainty hand in his own. "Baby, we haven't seen each other in so long. Let's go take a stroll through the city today."
Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin walked out of the Monarch Palace and began wandering along the broad streets.
Sky Rat City was one of the top ten large cities in the Mysterious Sun Realm. It was famous, like Five Poison City, and sprawled over a large area. It was several times the size of the Country of Lingyun.
The streets were wide enough to allow a few dozen horse-drawn carriages pass side-by-side. Both sides of the street were lined with stores of all kinds, Spirit herb stores, elixir stores, technique stores, and weapon stores.
Xue Lin was beautiful. She had enchanting features and her skin was pale as the petals of a snow lotus. Her eyes were bright as the stars in the night sky. Her lips were cherry red and curled up at the corners. As she walked, her slender waist swayed like the branches of a weeping willow. All the self-cultivators stared at her with heated expressions.
Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows, a touch displeased. This was his wife. He was the only one who was allowed to stare at her. He wasn't about to let these strangers gawk.

Qingfeng Li radiated a powerful aura. This was the aura of a master of the Spirit monarch realm Seventh level. It shook heaven and earth, making the self-cultivators around them quiver and look away in fear.