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1905 Breaking Through into the Sixth Level of the Spirit Monarch Realm

Qingfeng Li's body experienced a complete transformation as his spirit nucleus began to split.

The mini sun spirit core became more radiant after it devoured the Thunder of Heaven's Punishment.

Golden light shone up Qingfeng Li's whole body, turning his blood, muscles, sinew, and bones into a golden color, which contained some Heavenly Dao Laws.

Like a duck to water, the mini sun spirit core had gained a greater speed of absorbing vital essence since it came into the Sun Mystic Realm. And shortly it finished refining the Thunder of Heaven's Punishment and turned the thunder energy into its own.

Previously, Qingfeng Li's spirit core had had only five marks and now the number of marks turned to six right after it absorbed the thunderbolts.

Six marks was the symbol of the sixth level of the spirit monarch realm.

This time, Qingfeng Li's breakthrough went smooth as silk.

Qingfeng Li's mini sun spirit core could have gained one more breakthrough after it got the sixth mark, but the Devourer Bloodline in his body seemed not satisfied yet and swallowed all the extra energy around the mini sun spirit core with a black vortex.

Speechless, the mini sun spirit core was furious but considering the great power of the Devourer Talisman, it held its anger in check.

The Devourer Talisman was condensed by the Devourer Bloodline, the most powerful bloodline that originated from the primeval times. Its power was no less than the godly bloodlines.

Frustrated, the mini sun spirit core glared at the Devouring Talisman and paused its evolution.

Even though the 1,000 Thunderbolts of Heaven's Punishment in Qingfeng Li's body were all swallowed, he didn't wake up.

His soul power had entered the unknown world of the Killing God. In this world, he began to condense and strengthen his own Killing God Lance.

Looking around the world of killing intent, Qingfeng Li's soul found that it was filled with tumbling killing intent which formed mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests, engulfing the whole world.

On the top of a mountain as high as tens of thousands of meters, a black-clothed person was battling with the Heavens. With his Killing God Lance, he stabbed at the Heaven repeatedly and pierced big holes into the sky.

Qingfeng Li couldn't go near the mountain which was condensed from killing intent. With his current strength, his soul would have collapsed and then be bounced back if he had gone too close to it.

But after activating his clairvoyance ability and channeling his x-ray power, Qingfeng Li could observe routes, and chants of the black-clothed person's Killing God Lance. He memorized them for future experiments.

While Qingfeng Li was understanding and studying the techniques of the Killing God Lance, he forgot about time and place. Meanwhile, Five-Poison City was experiencing earth-shaking transformations.

After the retreat of the wave of millions of demonic beasts, the city's self-cultivators had begun to rebuild their lives.

With the help of countless self-cultivators, the Spider Dynasty Emperor had built a huge royal palace in one night.

In the hall of the royal palace, the Emperor, Spider Princess, Mengyao Xu, Ya Yun, Peach Blossom She-Demon, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and the Emperor of Lingyun were gathered together for a meeting.

Mengyao Xue was the first to speak. With a trace of worry in her eyes, she said, "Your Highness, I just got the news from some outside self-cultivators that the royal prince of Wind Eagle Dynasty is going to marry Xue Lin today in the Sky Rat City 100,000 kilometers from here. We must stop him."

The Spider Dynasty Emperor frowned and looked at Mengyao Xu with bafflement, not understanding how the wedding between the royal prince of Wind Eagle Dynasty and Xue Lin had anything to do with him and the others.

Seeing the question on the Emperor's face, Mengyao Xu explained, "Xue Lin is Qingfeng Li's legal wife and now the royal prince of Wind Eagle Dynasty is marrying Qingfeng Li's wife. We must help her since Qingfeng Li is still unconscious."

The Spider Dynasty Emperor's expression changed, not expecting Xue Lin would be Qingfeng Li's wife.

He said, "Of course we will stop it. But we are far from Sky Rat city, and even if we can get it in time, we are no match for the royal prince of Wind Eagle Dynasty whose power is much greater than ours."

Mengyao Xu shook her head and said, "Your Highness, there is something you don't know. Xue Lin is extremely important to Qingfeng Li. If something happened to her, Qingfeng Li will definitely go on a killing spree, aiming not only at the Wind Eagle Dynasty, but at you as well if he finds out that you didn't help."

The expressions of the Spider Dynasty EmperorMonarch and the Spider Princess changed instantly since they were well aware of Qingfeng Li's unrivaled power, which could even kill the doppelgangers of the Golden Lion Demon Monarch and Nine-headed Saint Lion. There was nothing Qingfeng Li couldn't do.

Standing up abruptly from his chair, the Spider Dynasty Emperor said, "Let's hurry to Sky Rat City to rescue Xue Lin. We can't let anything happen to her."

Spider Princess's long eyelashes fluttered when she said, "One of us must stay here to take care of Qingfeng Li."

Black Puppy answered, "You go ahead while Sky-Devouring Snake and I stay here to take care of Qingfeng Li. When he wakes up, we will go find you at the Sky Rat City as soon as possible."

Everyone understood the urgency of the situation, knowing that if anything happened to Xue Lin, a tremendous upheaval would surely follow and the whole Sun Mystic Realm would probably be turned into a river of blood.

The Spider Dynasty Emperor, Spider Princess, Mengyao Xu, Ya Yun, Peach Blossom She-Demon, and the Sky Wolf Monarch all left for Sky Rat City on a flight spiritual treasure while Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake stayed behind.

With a wave of its tail, Sky-Devouring Snake warned with a worried face, "Little Black, we must wake up Qingfeng Li now. If anything happens to Xue Lin, I think he would kill us."

Thinking of the importance of Xue Lin's place in Qingfeng Li's heart, Black Puppy shivered since it knew Sky-Devouring Snake's prediction would become a reality.

With a frown, Black Puppy said, "To wake him up instantly, I must use my unrivaled Fart Super Power. But you must speak for me when he gets up and tries to beat me."

Nodding, Sky-Devouring Snake said, "Hurry up with your unrivaled fart and wake him up with it."

Black Puppy turned into a black arrow and arrived in Qingfeng Li's room shortly.

It had decided to launch its Fart Super Power and wake up Qingfeng Li with its powerful flatulence.